Monday, July 31, 2017

The Ladies Vanity and New Fall Projects!

Good Evening Everyone!
It was so good to get back in the studio after vacation, I have been going full guns getting some new project done for you all!  Yes, finally some Fall projects.  You asked, and here is a start...

Please know I haven't forgotten about all my Village Collectors.  I'm just running a bit late on July's house.  It's coming!  LOL!  But, for now, I would be honored if you would peruse the following projects that I have just added to the shop.

First up is a project I made for Graphic 45's booth in the Spring.  I call it The Ladies Vanity...

The Ladies Vanity

This beautiful and delicate ladies vanity is a great addition to any room as a decorative piece.  The vanity stand proudly on cabriolet legs, has three faux drawers in the front and a cool mirror fame that is made to hold a picture or a piece of mirrored film.  The right side has a drawer that pulls open to reveal a small mini book for collected memories such as pictures, journaling or ephemera.  Really an easy project to make.

Kit Contents:
All chipboard pieces cut to fit
Hard to cut paper pieces cut to fit Graphic 45's Portrait of a Lady
Extra Papers to Make the Mini
(4) Hitch Fasteners for drawer handles
(1) Piece of Acrylic for Frame
(1) Mini Bottle of Glossy Accents
(1) Emailed Tutorial


NOW...I couldn't help it, with all the fun and cool new Halloween releases, I wanted to start doing some Halloween projects!  First up is the...

Halloween Cat Cart

This is a fun reproduction of a Halloween toy from days past.  I love the Fall, old toys and Halloween when it wasn't so scary or gory.  The Halloween Cat Cart fits the bill.  A really cool cat cart with a an old witch riding the black cat.  A great piece to decorate for Fall.  Just add your own imagination, glue and paint and Voila!  Easy to Assemble! 

Kit Contents:
All wood pieces shown in picture
Tiny Tutorial to help you put it together

Or Here:

Continuing with the Halloween theme in fun project to make... one of my favorites...

Halloween Chalkboard Pumpkin Puppet Kit

I love this kit!  I have made it in several styles including a wall clock with a sugar skull that I hope will please you.  They will be available in the next couple of days...

The Halloween Chalkboard Pumpkin Puppet has a really spooky pumpkin head that will need to be painted with black chalkboard paint, (Easily found in your craft store.) or you may choose to just paint it the traditional orange and paint or paper cut a face for it.  I love the idea of a chalkboard as you can either leave a message on it or keep drawing different faces on it throughout the holiday.  This easy to assemble project hangs on the wall.  Add your own paint, embellishments, brads, paper and a bit of imagination to make this a classic you will pull out year after year. This is a pretty cool and large project.  Totally easy to put together

Kit Contents:
All wood pieces shown in picture
Tiny Tutorial to help you put it together

Or Here:

Thank you so much for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter

Monday, July 3, 2017

Dastardly Deeds Book and Puppet Vignette kits-Done!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Today, I wanted to share some new projects I created.  For one of them I showed a sneak peak video of on Facebook.  I was overwhelmed by the great response, Thank You so much!  It makes one feel like what you are doing is worth doing!  Again, I thank you!  The new project has a long name. LOL..The Case of the Dastardly Deeds Mystery Book...

It was such a joy coming up with this project for a class in New Braunfels at Scrapbook n' More this past weekend.  Today is my first day back in the studio from the weekend and I can assure you, everyone enjoyed making it.  We even finished it before I thought we would!  So Yay!

I love this book! This is a fun and interactive book that is an easy project to make! You are basically making four boxes with interactive lids and latches. The fifth box holds a precut jigsaw puzzle from the paper collection. If you are not into jigsaw puzzles, take it out and place something mysterious within. I want to tell you honestly, This book is a blast to pull apart and reveal each new section and then putting it back together, truly is just as much fun.  I think you will really enjoy making this one. 

Here are some pictures:

The Case of the Dastardly Deeds Mystery Book

If you are interested in making this fun project you can follow the Link By Clicking Here...

or by the link below:

Puppet Vignettes

I have been having the BEST time making the Puppet Vignettes from wood...If you haven't noticed, I love to make old fashioned toys...And these fun interactive projects just make me HAPPY!  If you would like to give them a go I have just added four puppet kits to the shop.  They are:

Uncle Sam Puppet Vignette Kit

If you would like to make this project Click the Link HERE

or follow the link below:

Frida Kahlo Puppet Vignette Kit

If you would like to make this project Click the Link HERE

or follow the link below:

Sugar Skull Puppet Vignette Kit

If you would like to make this project Click the Link HERE

or follow the link below:

And one last project that brings back so many memories to me of being a child and huddling around the large BOX television that received four channels and being just magically taken away to OZ....

OZ Vignette Kit

To give this project a try, Click the LINK HERE

or follow the link below:

Well, That's it for now!  I hope you like the new kits!

Have an awesome 4th of July!

The Gentleman Crafter