Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fast Ustream Tonight

Hello Everybody.

Just wanted to give you a heads up on my Ustream tonight.

I will be streaming at 7 p.m. tonight, however its just going to be for a bit as I need to get ready to go to Chico Scrapbooks In California early Thursday Morning.  Actually making kits up for the next weekend in Tumwater....LOL!

So no project, just a wee bit of a chat and to check on y'all to catch up....

See you tonight if you make it...


The Gentleman Crafter

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm a RANGER GRAD! Yahooo!

Good Evening Everybody!  Day Three Ranger U!

My last blog in New Jersey!  What a beautiful place this is!  I will miss all the AMAZING blooming trees that can be found up and down the street!  Too beautiful really!

Well, Guess What????  I graduated Ranger U!  Yahoooooo!  I am now a Certified Ranger Instructor!  yep....happy dance...actually, I'm  wigglin' my toes in happiness.  Everything else is too tired to waddle, wiggle or wobble...WOW Folks!  Today was one tag after another in all  things Distress....Distress Inks, paints, pens, stains and embossing powders...Fantastic day!  So much fun!  So many cool techniques!  I can't wait to go into slow-mo so I can have time to pull things out of the cluster of what we learned today...Thank God for all the technique tags we did for reference. 

Well I'm on a jet plane out of here tomorrow afternoon!  Looking forward to getting back home for a few days in my own bed, in my own studio.  Ahhhhh!  Can't wait!

I leave you with a few pictures of today...To be honest, we were so busy today that I didn't even think about cameras or cell phones so I tried to grab what I could for you all....

Here we go.....


 I have had so much fun the last few days...I've learned so much, made so many new friends  (Just for fun...and a cool thing to note...There were 11 countries represented in this Ranger U class!  Too cool huh?!)  Thank You Tim, Dyan, Mario, Patti, Jackie and Ranger for an absolutely AMAZING experience...

Have an Awesome Week and Remember...Come on over to Chico Scrapbooks in Chico, California and join me as I show you how to make the Quote Wallet for National Scrapbook Day!  Sounds like the whole weekend there is going to be fun! So come on down and join us!

That's all the juice I have left y'all...My energizer battery has finally ran out of power...LOL! 
Have an awesome night and thanks for following me along on this cool adventure...


The Gentleman Crafter


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ranger U- Day 2

Good Evening Everybody...

Well, I cannot even begin to tell you what we did today!  LOL!  Totally serious!  So many things to take in and so many things to learn....But loved every minute of it!  I have been so blessed with meeting some AMAZING new friends from around the world!  It's been the coolest experience of my life!  For those of you who have applied...keep applying...for those of you thinking about applying...DO IT!  You will never have another experience quite like it...It's just been...Looking for words here.....Incredible...Just Incredible!

OK, where was I?  I had to stop to dig a pieces of ink covered Gesso, covered Glossy Accent, covered Dylusions from the tip of my finger it was impeding my typing...Maybe it would have made my writing more colorful...LOL!...There are multi colored layers all over my hands and I couldn't be any more proud than I am to display these stains of love. 

I wont go into the details of today really because I am pooped, but here is a quick rundown of the day's schedule....

Claudine Hellmuth in the morning.... Lunch....Adirondack paints and inks with Tim....and Dylusions with Dyan the rest of the day....30 tags in total today.....here are a few pictures that I took through the day...

Oh Yeah!  We had the Square Pizza Today!  YAHOOOO!  Pizza Heaven!  Man, I'm still thinking about that pizza!  Yummo!


Claudine Hellmuth and myself...LOL!

The Infamous Square Pizza!  Yahooo!  It needed a little bacon though!  LOL!

Annette's tag that came out so amazing!

Our Beginning Kit...
My New BFF, Annette...She really kept me in line today!  LOL!
My Other BFF...Ellen!  I accidentally sprayed her arm with Bubblegum Pink...Kinda...:)
Dyan being Dyan....LOL!
A really blurry picture of Claudine...
The tag collection about 10:30 this morning...It keeps growing!
Outside Ranger...Gorgeous...

Tim giving Dyan an intro.... 

Thanks Tons For Coming By!  I'm off to bed!
The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, April 26, 2013

Rapture At Ranger...

Good Evening Everybody!

I'm finally back to my room and I actually have both feet up on the coffee table sipping a latte while blogging!  I'm  in heaven!  My creative craftiness has cracked from creating continual cool creations!  Got that?  Let me define...I'm pooped!  But, BOY what a fun day today!!  I Love Love Love to learn new things and folks...I did! 

Here's how the day played out...The morning started out with a tour of the Ranger Factory.  I have no idea why this was one of the many highlights for me, but it was!  I don't know whether just being around all the product gave me itchy hives of happiness or if it was the fascination with the amazing equipment that bottles, straps, labels, and packs!  Too cool!  Just too cool!  Can I say that twice? 

Then it was time to roll up our sleeves and get the love on...It was Perfect Pearls, Stickles, Liquid Pearls, Ultra Thick Embossing Powder or enamel (more on this awesome product later), Super Fine Detail Powder...Y'all RANGER HEAVEN...Trust Me Heaven! So many cool techniques and amazing ways to use these incredible products!...Can't wait to get home and try them all over again.

Next up, Vintaj... with the ever so cool and amazing Patinas and Glazes!  I actually made jewelry and wore it proudly throughout the day...Yes, I really did except for the earrings!  However, I did wrap them around my shirt buttons!  Why not!

Lunch came and it was awesome!  No, not the infamous square pizza's just yet...I hear that comes tomorrow!  Yahoooo!  But a wonderful lunch with great people!  Can't beat that!

Then it was back to work!  We finished up with Vintaj jewelry which my take on this would be some really cool and amazing embellishments for books and paper crafts!  Thanks Vintaj for all the goodies!

Next, we were back with Tim doing probably my very favorite thing of the day...The Melting Pot.  Y'all I had a total knock out blast with this!  The techniques and the things you can do with this amazing little machine are endless.  I always loved UTEE...Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel and knew you could do amazing things with it, but dude!  This just Rocks!  Molding embellies, mosaics, amazing agates (swirled with the cool colorants!), and something I completely missed in my shopping excursions...Texture Treads!  I'm in love with these!  So cool! I'm going after these when I get home too!  I may order them tonight even! Probably my favorite part to the day!  To neat!

Last but not least, an amazing barbecue dinner once again with some amazing new friends!  Thanks Tim, Mario, Dyan, and Ranger for such an amazing day!  Can't wait for day two!

Here's some snaps of today....Note...Tons Of Pictures Here!


See, don't I look happy with my melting pot???

Annette actually trying to take a picture of herself...Thought I would help....

The Vintaj Ladies giving us the scoop!

And I thought my desk at home was full of stuff!  LOL!

Dyan, Monica and Marjie
Tim The Amazing Teacher!

I had to steal a kiss from my VERY favorite red head!

OK, I couldn't keep my hands off Dyan!  Bahahaha!

The Maestro Himself!  Man, I wish I had his teeth!  You know, Tim just Rocks!!

My New Pal...Annette Green

Dyan in the background and Claudine in the foreground.

Fellow Ranger U Students chowing down!

More new fiends!

Just because I didn't get a chance yesterday...Here are some pictures Zandra took yesterday!  It was so good to finally meet the sweetest lady around Zandra!  Got to love her!

At The Scrappers Cove!

Zandra and I at the Scrappers Cove..

Ellen Vargos and I

Zandra, Jim, Ellen, Marjie and Annette

The Sweet Zandra and Jimbo

Thanks Zandra for the pics!

Thanks for coming by! Better Get to bed for Day Two!  Yahoooo!

Night All!

The Gentleman Crafter

Good Morning New Jersey!

Good Morning Everybody!

I got the wake up call a 6:15 a.m. and I jumped out of bed like I was ready to go!  At Home, with the time change it would have been 5:15!  Am I nuts!  You want raring to go??...I got it! I think it's a bit of adrenaline.  LOL!  So excited about today...I know there will be a lot covered and I truly think it's going to be fun.  No doubt I will be on overload and my brain will be exhausted by the end of the day!  But soooo looking forward to learning all the goodness that Tim, Dyan and Claudine will show us.

So, to walk off a bit of energy this morning, I ran outside to grab a few shots to show you just where I am and what I see...

Here are some 6:30 a.m. shots of Tinton Falls, New Jersey....

Some Gorgeous Blooming Trees In The Hotel Parking Lot...

LOL!  The Front Door Of The Hotel...

The Trees Just Beginning To Leaf Out....

Believe It Or Not...You See The Corner of The Hotel (brick) On The Right?? See The Building In The Background???  RANGER INDUSTRIES....Talk About Close!

The Sun Coming Up For A Wonderful Day!
OK, there ya go...Now to grab a shower so I can get ready to get GRUNGY and Inky!..LOL!

Have an awesome day and see y'all tonight!

The Gentleman Crafter