Friday, March 28, 2014

The Convertibale Mini Desk and Ustream Class!

Good Evening Everyone!

Guess What?  It's the weekend!  That means CRAFT TIME BABY!  Yahooooooo!  I've been having a great time in the studio crafting a new project for us to work on!

It's The Convertible Mini Desk...A little laptop sized desk that you can easily take with you to a comfy chair and scribble a note, a list or a letter.  Why convertible?  If you don't want the additional storage of the desk compartments for pens, stamps or paperclips,  remove the attached book and jot your notes in it with ease...

Here's a look at a couple of different versions using one of my favorite Tim Holtz Collections, Lost and Found Paper Stash and of course the AWESOME Graphic 45 Typography Collection....

So, please grab a copy of this pattern in my Etsy shop and join me next Tuesday, April 1st (No, I'm not kidding!) for a Fun and Always CRAZY Ustream Show at 7:00 p.m. Central Time U.S. on how to put this project together!  I will be doing the desk in the GORGEOUS Graphic 45 Botanical Tea Collection Tuesday night!...Love this paper collection!  It's a quick project to construct and makes a great gift for Mother's Day (It's what I'm making my mom...shhhhh!  Don't tell!) or for any occasion!
The Gentleman Crafter

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Project: I Care Update!

Good Morning Everyone!

Just wanted to give you all an update on Project:  I Care.  I'm so grateful to all of you who have contacted me and said that you would participate!  That's sooooo AMAZING!  Thank you!  The cards will all go to such great use at The Breast Care Center!  You ROCK!

The cards are starting to come in the mail!  I received three parcels full of beautiful cards today!  I'm so proud!  I understand from Kathryn that she has received several hundred! WOW!  I know your time is precious, and I am so blown away by your giving hearts and the time it took to make and send these amazing cards!.  I just have to say this again... I am honored to be apart of this amazing online family of crafters!

I can't say thanks enough!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!
The Gentleman Crafter

Monday, March 24, 2014

Class Time News!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Just a quick post to ask you to mark your calendars....

Class time is here!! Just wanted to give you all some class news and invite you to come play in Waxahachie, Texas this April!  It's going to be a blast of a weekend at The Crafty Scrapper.

Here's the lineup:

On Friday, April 11th I will be teaching the Good Old Sport Trophy Class!  It's going to be an award winning night!

On Saturday, April 12th The Crafty Scrapper will be celebrating with their annual Birthday Bash with the ever so fun Make and Take Madness!!...There will be 8 to 10 of us teachers offering cool Make and Takes!  You can do one or all of them!  Hop from one project to the next!

On Sunday, April 13th I will be teaching the ever so requested Lynn's Lighthouse!  Yes!  I said Lynn's Lighthouse!  After what?  Two years of people asking...It's finally here!  Yahooooo!

So, please mark your calendars and contact The Crafty Scrapper to sign up or to grab a kit.   Its going to be an exciting weekend of FUN!

The Crafty Scrapper

308 South College
Waxahachie, Texas 75165
Phone: 972-923-3151
http: //www.thecraftyscrapper. com

Have an Awesome Week!

The Gentleman Crafter


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Graphic 45 Peace and Love Project Reveal!

Good Morning Everyone!

Graphic 45 asked us if we would be willing to create a project that that would offer our creative view on World Peace and Love.  I couldn't have been more excited to do this project, in fact I think I started it as soon as I received the invitation.

I would be honored if you would join me in taking a look at these cool projects created by the Graphic 45 Team on G45's Blog this morning! Today we have the amazing Miranda Edney's beautiful banner.  They are also featuring my project... Hands Around the World Canvas....Please take a look by clicking on the following links... or by clicking HERE for more pictures, supplies and steps for creating this canvas.

Here's a peek...

Thanks for coming by and make sure you go over to Graphic 45 for some amazing World Peace Inspiration!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Splash of Canvas Craziness!

Hello Everybody!

Hope that you all had an amazing Friday and are ready for a GREAT WEEKEND! 

My Friday....I had a meeting today (In which I showed up an hour early...NO!  I didn't get the memo!) and tried my best to look like I was something other than a bum living in a box.  I said I tried!  I had on my suit pants, left the jacket in the car...It was actually HOT today... nice white heavily starched shirt, DID I SAY WHITE?  What hair I have left was coiffed, and my shoes were shined to perfection!  I felt pretty good!  I may have even had a swagger when I walked.  I was cleaned up and feelin' good...for about an hour and 15 minutes!!  Oh by the way, lunch was served!  A beautiful lunch of MY VERY FAVORITE...P-A-S-T-A!!!  of which you could choose the red sauce or the white sauce, Italian sausage, meatballs or shrimp.  A gorgeous salad and a bread sticks were also included.

I know you all know where I'm going with this, so I might as well cut to the chase.  How IN GOD"S GREEN EARTH do you eat red sauce with fettuccine in a white shirt!  OK, no joke here...first it was a little red spot on my shirt!  Just a little dot..."No one will notice," I said to myself!  Then, I took my first real attempt at a bite of this succulent Italian Culinary Delight!  That's exactly when the fettuccine slipped from my forklike utensil and splattered back onto the plate which flung red meat sauce ALL OVER THE FRONT OF MY SHIRT!  Not splatters, but BIG OLD HONKING SPLASHES!  I tried to, ever so gingerly and discreetly, wipe the red glutinous gluck from my shirt whilst not causing a scene...

Before I knew it, ALL eyes are on me...a lady across the table handing me her Tide pen while the woman next to me said...."Always Go For The White Sauce...It's So Much Safer!"  Other's just shaking their heads like, I just can't take Jim anywhere!  Well, Hells Bells...You live and learn!  I'm going for the white sauce if they ever invite me back! 

So, with thoughts of color added to ones life, I thought I would share a couple of canvases with you all!

My canvases are like my journal.  Trials by fire.  Just doing and seeing what happens for the fun of it.  Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad.  But they are just for you to express and learn huh?....I think these canvases are just crazy.   I of course may be insane enough to share them with you.  But who cares.  I love to try! 

So, for the most FAR OUT one....A Dylusional Sun!

And another...Heart Wings!


Last words for this Friday:  Thank you so much for the AMAZING SUPPORT on Project: I Care!!  I've already received several cards in the mail!  So Excited!!  I also thank you for sharing this project with others!  You ALL Rock! 

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

The Gentleman Crafter

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Good Old Sport Trophy Tutorial Is Done!

Good Morning Everyone!

I have been in the tutorial writing business this weekend.  Well, KINDA!  I get sooo distracted by each and every thing... Be it the wind blowing outside or a noise from the other room...I'm up and off looking and doing instead of writing and concentrating.  I haven't decided whether it's just my ADD or a good old case of procrastination!  Hmmmm... so, it's always a pleasure to announce that I actually have a tutorial up and ready to go! 

I am so EXCITED to announce that the project I did for Graphic 45's CHA booth, The Good Old Sport Trophy tutorial is DONE!   I have it up in my Etsy store here:

And for the first time, I'm also selling a VERY limited quantity of the laser cut chipboard trophy pieces if you didn't want the hassle of cutting them out.  They can be found here:

The Good Old Sport Trophy

The Good Old Sport Trophy with Mini. Size: 7-1/2 x 13-1/2-inches.

The tutorial includes the template in both .PDF for printing the trophy pattern, as well as a .SVG file for cutting the trophy shape with an accepting digital cutter.

The Good Old Sport Trophy makes an excellent gift for the Sportsperson in your life!  The base has a drawer for holding Blue Ribbons and Gold Medals and a the little mini at the top is an awesome place to preserve the moments and memories of the win! A great decorative piece to add to your Champion's room!

OH Yeah!  You may want to see what it looks like!  Sorry!  Here ya go...


Hope you give it a try!  It's a fun project to make!  I promise!
Have an Awesome Day!
The Gentleman Crafter

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's and Project: I Care Info

Top Of The Afternoon To Ya!

You know when I try to do an Irish Brogue, it sounds more like Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean!  "Aye Aye Walk the plank!"  So instead, I will just wish you all a Wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

In the office today, we couldn't let St. Patrick's Day go unnoticed, so I brought in the green mustaches and goatees for us all to try on!  Sadly, no one sent me their pictures, I guess I'm the only nut case that will share mine!

Never too late to act like a kid!  That's what I say!


My Boss came through and posted her picture on Facebook!  I nabbed it!  Here we go...She's beautiful in anything!  Right? 
On to more news....
Thank You So Much for all the personal emails and comments on Project: I Care!  I'm so thankful to all of you who want to participate.  It truly is an honor...So Thank You from the bottom of my heart!! 
My friend Kim Stirrett, aka Peanut, was kind enough to bring some cards over last night to get the project wheels going!  They are AWESOME CARDS KIM!  Thank You!
I went by the post office today (Love my little Weir Post Office) to make sure the P.O. Box was all set up!  It's set and ready to roll....
Just a bit of info...
You can send the cards directly to me, however, if you would like to be entered into the Crop Out Cancer Prize Drawing on April 12th, Please send your cards to Kathryn Krieger as she will enter you into the drawing by receiving (6) of your cards.  OK...OK...Please visit her blog for more information.  You can find it here:  or click the LINK HERE.

I would love for this to be an ongoing project.  So if you are ever feeling crafty and want to make a card for the project, I'll take it!  :)  Please send them to me and I will take them proudly to the Breast Care Center...Here's my address:

Jim R. Hankins
The Gentleman Crafter
P.O. Box 279
Weir, Texas 78674-0279

Thank You all so much again!  I appreciate your help!  Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

The Gentleman Crafter


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Project: I Care! Help Needed!

Hello Everyone!

You may not know me, but I would rather give than receive.  I love to give to others because it makes me sooo very happy!   It honestly brings me joy! Now, I'm going to ask for your help...

As you may know, I was personally challenged with opening up the Breast Care Cancer Center Boutique at one of the hospitals where I work.  It's been such a blessing in my life.  I am so deeply honored to be apart of this amazing project!  In the few days we have been open, we have seen survivors come in who have been so grateful for our shop and friends and family of the amazing people who are going through this horrible disease come in and be so thankful!  So Amazing!

Anyway!  Enough of the mushy stuff... sorry... I was thinking... I have SUCH AN AMAZING ONLINE CRAFTY FAMILY!  We love to give and make things for each other... I've seen it and been apart of it!   You have been so very good to me and other crafters!  You all are so caring and giving... It's totally....well...AWESOME!  So, what the heck...I... thought I would ask if you are willing to give back with..Project: I Care...

No, I'm NOT asking for money!  Please send No money!  LOL!  I am asking this....Would any of you be willing to make a card/cards that we (the staff and volunteers of the Breast Care Center) can send out to our patrons THANKING them for coming to the Breast Care Center Boutique and purchasing an item in which the proceeds go directly back to the Breast Care Center

Cards Details?

It could be made by a five year old or a ninety year old, it could be fancy or simple...If you would be kind enough to try to make the cards A2 (4 1/4"x5 1/2") sized cards...preferred (but not required). Please line dark cards with white or cream cardstock. Envelopes are appreciated.  You can make one card or a zillion....Whatever makes you happy!   I would just ask for a Thank You card or a card with NO sentiment on the inside that we could send to the patrons of the store thanking them for supporting the Breast Care Center.  Use your them when you can...It would be an ongoing project, so whenever you find time....I would be sooo very grateful for your participation not to mention, so very proud!  I will keep this post at the top of my blog with a tab under Project: I Care.

Special Note:  Kathryn Krieger, aka, Kathryn Scraps was so AMAZING to include Project: I Care in her Crop Out Cancer Campaign.  Thanks Kathryn!  She will kindly enter your name into the prize drawing for the April 12th crop if you make (6) cards for the Seton Breast Care Center!!!  Please visit her blog here:  or click the LINK HERE

To enter into the drawing on April 12th, please send cards and envelopes to the below address. Be sure to include a card with your name and email address so we can give you your prize entry. You will receive one prize entry for every six cards you send. Cards will be accepted at any time, however, to earn entries for this crop cards must be post-marked by April 5th (USA) or March 29th (international).

Seton Breast Care Center
c/o Kathryn E. Krieger
4222 Fortuna Center Plaza #150
Dumfries, VA  22025-1515

As this will be an ongoing project, after April 12th, I would be grateful if you would send the cards directly to me. I will update you tomorrow night with my mailing information.  PLEASE CHECK THE TAB, PROJECT: I CARE AT THE TOP OF MY BLOG FOR UPDATED INFORMATION.

Once again, I personally thank you in advance for taking the time to not only read this post, but to possibly participate in... Project: I Care or one of the many other amazing projects created to stamp out this horrible disease.

Thank You so Much!  You Rock!

The Gentleman Crafter

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Love Leftovers!

Good Morning To You!

Yesterday, I had some time to play in my studio.  It was awesome! The cats slept and I created! It was a blast!

I had several stations set up with different projects going.  The kitchen bar was full of stamps, ink, copy paper, overhead projector film for lack of it's real name...the scan and cut and it's mats etc.  By the way, I managed to cut completely through the mat yesterday as I wasn't watching the controls!  This little machine is mighty!

The studio's main crafting table was full of lighthouse parts and pieces, laptops, pens, pencils, cutters and a huge mug of coffee as I continue to write the tutorial...Outside..The bed of the truck also became a mobile studio, if you will... Dy's inks, Gesso, and paper towels ( rolls...I forgot!) for  a canvas I am working on. 

My last station is the lower table in my studio that I draw on.  This table was full of LEFTOVER parts and pieces from past projects.  I cleaned up all these little bits of paper, tags and embellishments and thought....

I'm going to use up these leftovers and make a tag.  My friend Sharon Young sent me a picture of a beautiful card she made using my Beach Hut tutorial and I was inspired to use up the sample I made for the YouTube video I did on the Beach Hut Wall Hook....Why Not!  Another project!  I love it!   Now, it looks like a patchwork quilt of colors, but once again...why not!  It's leftovers!  Use 'em!

Here's the video on how to make the Beach Huts...

Here's what I came up with....

I used a old Staples Manila file folder and cut the tag from it.  I spritzed Dylusions Inks on it creating the background and doodled and lightly stamped the background as well.  I placed a piece of 1-inch Scor-tape at the very bottom and added some little tiny glass beads to the tape. (I had been wondering what to do with these.)  I called it sand!  LOL! I then placed the Beach Hut on the tag with some adhesive.  I took some little people that I had leftover from a project (that you all will see soon on G45) and adhered little wooden spools to the back to add some dimension.  I then applied them to the beach hut.  I couldn't resist trying to make little swimming costumes for them.  I thought the bottom "sand" needed something, so I cut a couple of bamboo skewers and glued those on with a few seashells.  Last, I added "Beach Time" to the top with a pen and black embossing powder as obviously, I had ruined my mat trying do it with paper and the digi-cutter!  LOL!  ... and I called it done!

Now, that it's almost 11:00 a.m. and the ugly cloud of CLEAN UP looms, I better get at it!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

The Gentleman Crafter


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Graphic 45 Eggstravaganza!

Good Morning Everyone!

As you know it's National Craft Month and the AWESOME Graphic 45 team has pulled together some amazing projects from their designers this whole month to keep you crafting!  I would be honored if you would please join me over at Graphic 45's Blog today for an Easter Eggstravaganza project that I created in celebration of this amazing crafty month!  You will find a supply list and a little tutorial on how to make the flowers.  So go on over...
The Graphic 45 Sweet Sentiment Floral Egg

A fun decorative Easter Egg covered with die cut flowers from the gorgeous Sweet Sentiments collection. Take a peek inside the egg to see the Eater Rabbit back-lit by a flickering tealight.  A great way to greet Spring!

Thanks so much for coming by!  Have a WONDEFUL Wednesday!
The Gentleman Crafter

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Winner Of The Dylusional Delights!

Good Evening Everyone!

Thank You to everyone who so kindly left a comment and joined in on the Dylusional Delights Giveaway!  I know that Dyan was honored by all the wonderful birthday wishes!  I would have been!  My Gosh!  We do love her, huh?  WOW!  So kind of you all!  Just shows that Lady Dyan is an AMAZING woman and loved by all!  We all wish her good thoughts as she heals and also pray that she is up and going in full Dylusional style soon!!

So, I guess I need to get to the point huh?  The winner right?

Well, let's see.....



OK, OK!  The Oscar Goes to.......

Drumroll Please.......

The Dylusional Delights Go To.......

Congratulations Fourshelties!!!  I hope that you get your Dylusions on with all these goodies!  Yahoooo! So happy for you!  It's a guaranteed Good Old Dylusional Time... I promise!  Here's her comment:

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Dyan! Happy Birthday to You! And Many, Many More. You are such an amazing inspiration to many of us out here in creative-craft-land. Love, Love, Love the colors of your sprays. Love, Love, Love your Journals! I have 3! Although I've never met you, you lift my spirits high whenever I see my colorful sprays and journals. Thank you so much for being YOU!

Congratulations Again Fourshelties, please email me at with your address and I will get the Dylusional Delights Goodies out to you in the post....

Honestly, I thank you ALL for playing along!  I so appreciate your help in giving this grand lady a delightful day! What an honor for an amazing person who has taught us soooo very much!   Once again, I want to Thank Carolyn Martin Ross at Crafty Scrapper for her generous donations for the giveaway!  You guys ROCK!  I love this amazing store! Not just saying that!  They have it ALL!

Tomorrow, please join me on my blog for a Graphic 45 Easter Eggstravaganza! 

See you tomorrow!

The Gentleman Crafter

Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Dyan!

Good Morning Everyone!

 It's Dyan's Reaveley's Birthday! Yahooooo!  Happy Happy Birthday Dyan!

She is the Queen of Dylusions!  An Amazing Red Head!  An Awesome Artist! She's Funny, Witty and last but not least...A Beautiful Lady Inside and Out!  Thank You Dyan for being such a HUGE inspiration in my life!



Today, in honor of Lady Dy's Day, I wanted to make a birthday present using her amazing range of products!  A bit of a back story here...When I think of Dyan, not only do I think of bright, fun and happy stamps and inks, but I also think of her traveling around the world sharing her joy of teaching all things Dylusions.  Which made me think of...Airplanes?  Trains?  Automobiles? ...Or, I guess it was more like thinking and looking around my studio and finding a HUGE Styrofoam ball that was desperate for someone to do something with it...

So...A Dylusional Hot Air Balloon was born....Yep, there is no mistake it's been dyusionized!

The hot air balloon basket was made from a round paper mache box that was covered with stamped and sprayed paper from my spare Creative Journal.  (Love the paper in these journals!) The Huge 8-inch Styrofoam ball that I mentioned above, got a couple of coats of Gesso and then was spritzed with London Blue Dylusions Ink Spray.  The uprights that hold the balloon up and attached to the basket, are 3/16 dowels covered with raffia. Then came Dyan's characters, flowers and pennants.  Let me tell you, it's been a while since I've done this much fussy cutting!  LOL!  It was a blast to make and I hope she likes it!

Once again, I want to remind everyone to visit yesterday's blog post to not only wish Dyan a Very Happy Birthday, but grab a chance to win the Dylusional Delights Birthday Giveaway!

Follow this link Here:

Happy Birthday Lady Dy!  Thanks for being such a sweetheart and of course bringing the Wonderful World of Dylusions into my life!

Thanks For Coming By Everyone!

The Gentleman Crafter

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Dylusional Celebration: Birthday Giveaway!

Good Sunday Morning To You!

Today's post is all about being Dylusional!  I found Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions at CHA a couple of years ago.  I sat and watched Dyan transfixed by the amazing things she could do with spray ink and stamps.  At that point, I had never been into stamps, stamping or inks until I met Dyan... Her fun bright colors and funky fun stamps just made me Happy and I've been in love with her and her products ever since.

I have the privilege to call Dyan friend as many of us do.  She has been such an inspiration to me and I will always be appreciative of the new window she opened up for me with Dylusions!

So, why the Dylusional Post?  Tomorrow, Monday, March 10, 2014 is Lady Dy's Birthday!  Yahoooo!  I wanted to help celebrate this amazing woman's Big Day on this side of the pond. 

Here's what I was thinking...

I have gathered some Dylusional happiness together with the AMAZING help of The Crafty Scrapper who was kind enough to donate items for this Dylusional Birthday Giveaway!  THANK YOU CRAFTY SCRAPPER

The package includes:  (1) Large Dylusions Creative Journal, (1) Dyan's book, My Creative Journal Journey, (14) Dylusions Ink Sprays, (3) Dylusions stamp sets, (1) Ranger Glue Stick (1) White Uniball Signo Pen and a cool kit with (2) stencils, some book paper an a Black tag that Dyan gave to me last summer.  This awesome Birthday Bash Giveaway is a $200.00 Value!!!

I want to add to your stash or get you started in the WONDERFUL WORLD OF DYLUSIONS...Want to win this awesome package of Dylusional Delights?  Please leave a Birthday Greeting for our gal Dyan in the comments section below.  (I want her to know how much she is loved by all of us!)  On Tuesday night, March 11th I will do a random number drawing and pick the winner!  Sound like a plan?  So, let the birthday wishes flow....

Join me tomorrow for a Birthday Blog Post with a project I created for Dyan!

The Gentleman Crafter