Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No Ustream Tonight....

Hello All!

Just wanted to make sure you all knew there will be no Take Out Tuesday Class on Ustream tonight.  Hopefully by next week the flooring folks will be done and I will be moved back into my studio.  At least I'm praying for that anyway!  I'll keep you posted...

Hope everyone is doing great....

The Gentleman Crafter

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dog Gone It! Thank You!

Hello All!

Going to take a moment and say Hello and Thanks!  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the AH-MAY-ZING...Amazing comments and well wishes!  I truly feel blessed and honestly overwhelmed by such kindness!  From my heart...My most sincere THANKS!  So sweet of you all!

I am really not trying to go down the "poor pitiful me" road.  All is well here and all will soon be even better.  It is a trying time, but there is ALWAYS light around the corner.  ALWAYS!  So cool!  For example the house is empty now and I can trike away until my heart is content!  The boxes have been removed so I am totally happy! 

I will give you an update later for those you who may be interested...Just scroll down.  If not here is some creativity that happened today....

I was feeling really awesome when I got up.  The packers were packing, the movers moving and I was banished to my bedroom-cum-studio....

Today, it was another thank you card for my friend Kim who blessed us with a bounty of food last weekend...I finally was in the mood to create and had a great time doing it! 

Here we go....A Dog Inspired Card for one who loves Dachshunds....

A card for my friend Kim, to in a very small way, say Thanks for her kindness to us!
The card base of course was made from chipboard.  It wouldn't be from me if it didn't have a little of that on it!  LOL!  Then I added a selection of Graphic 45 papers to the background.  I then cut out the little dachshund with my digi cutter and glued it together leaving room for a pocket.  I cut a tag down to fit and embellished.  The sentiment tag is attached by a chain that goes from the collar to the pocket.  I added my signature Top Hat and called her a day....Hope you like...and Hope Kim does too.  I cut a chipboard easel from Tim Holtz/Sizzix die for it to sit on...


Today's adventures in The Gentleman Crafter's CRAZY household...

All seems to be moving along pretty fast.  The packers came and packed all day. I tried to hide in the bedroom but couldn't stand it any longer and had to go out and at least look like I wanted to give instructions.  Which I really did!  I would be all up in this if I could...

I'm still sitting here wishing we could take the opportunity and paint, clean blinds, shutters, windows and maybe rethink where we could put the big French Armoire in the living room and how to redo the studio.  I mentioned this to Cesar and all he could do is roll up his eyes like I was totally off my rocker!  We could try right?  A  nice Vintage Photo color on the walls....No?

The packers worked all afternoon in my studio.  I just had to not look.  First, I pity the poor ladies who have this duty.  I can't imagine packing up trillions of pieces of paper, inks, tools, projects, embellishments and God knows what else in there.  Bless them.  I prayed they were still sane when they left!  Then, I looked down the hallway at what they were packing and yelled out a couple of times..."Can I keep that out?"   They weren't too thrilled at these outbursts of panic, so I just put my tail in between my legs and walked back to the bedroom to replace the ice packs on the old guy.

The movers came and moved all the furniture out and I guess it now resides in a LOCKED pod out in the circular drive.

I actually did get to help for a second and hold one of the armoire doors and finally felt useful.  It's so tough not being in there to help out.  But such is life at the mo.  I just have to deal and think about getting healed up so I can go to Italy!

The good news is that they are gone for the day.  I finally have room to run anywhere I want in the house and I cannot tell you how freeing this is. Yahoooo! 

Well, The Trail Boss Arrived!  My big bad blue ALL TERRAIN Mega Trike is in the house! This baby can plow through the yard, take stones and gravel in a single leap and even get me down to mail box at the street!  I couldn't be happier with it.  Not really a good indoor trike, but an excellent outdoor off road knee stroller!  Now I think I could use Trail Boss and grab a push mower and try to do the lawn.  Maybe my neighbor has a push mower and would let me borrow it!  LOL! 

Well, that's it from Camp Craziness....All is well here!  Hope you have an AWESOME Weekend!

Thanks again for your kind words, and thanks for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stressed? Don't be....

Hello Everybody!

I just made it to my comfy double-wide chair in my bedroom.  Sweat pouring off my body!  I just got stuck in between some boxes and a wall on my trike! 

Oh let me fill you in...Cause I'm in the mood!  This Air Conditioner saga just gets more and more involved and complicated.  Little did I know that a single, 2 year old  A/C unit that leaked into the house could cause so much trauma, drama, damage and frustration!  I'm really laughing here as I write this...and I don't know why!  Bahahaha!

The leak from the A/C line where you flush it with bleach is the culprit.  Backed up and I guess flooded under the wooden floors, the baseboards and some of the sheetrock.  The adjuster came and the damage is thousands of dollars.  And we aren't talking 5, 10 or 15 thousand....much more! Good Lawd!!

Well friends, we've had the folks out for the water damage, the insurance adjuster, the flooring people and today the packers who just started packing up everything....The boxes...glad you asked....They are everywhere living room, washroom and HALLWAY!!!....This is just the beginning.  They will be back tomorrow to pack up my beloved studio....(More about that later)...the kitchen and the living room.  Then I understand there will be a delivery of storage pods perched on the lawn in which the furniture movers will come and move out all the furniture and boxes....Then the work will be done on any sheet rock that needs to be replaced...and then....the floor people will come to replace the floors!  Good Lawd Again!

Me?  Glad you asked...All I want to do is be able to trike my way around to just survive and not break anything left on my bod that still is in one piece LOL!....Visualize an older balding dude navigating through 1/2-inch utility cords, fans, blowers, dehumidifiers and now scores of boxes on his trike, leg somewhere following behind safely in tow.

The moving and packing up of every single thing in my studio has sent me into a tail spin!  As I said above, the hallway has about 18-inches to navigate through because of the boxes.  Yes indeed I got my trike stuck with no one around to hear and see the fancy foot work and  words I'm not proud to mention here.  Now, I'm triking through the front yard in my NOT so all terrain trike to get to the studio to grab essentials before they are packed away and "podded!"

What do I grab?  What will I need to survive this...this...challenge?  I better trike back through the yard to the studio to grab chipboard, Scor-tape, Idea-ology, trimmers, cutters, bone folders and more! 

Better run....

The Gentleman Crafter

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Few Things...

Good Evening Everybody!

I have a mixed bag of things to share tonight.  So let me get started before I forget what in blazes I was going to say....

First up, Yes, Take Out Tuesday's Ustream Class is on.  We will be working on The Leisa Traveling Wine Box.  If I can get the box built tomorrow, I will doing good!  Still not back into the swing of things in the studio and no real good way to keep my foot up!  Who knew that keeping your foot elevated was so important!  So if you come by, please be patient with me....We will try it out.

Here's the details:

The Gentleman Crafter - Take Out Tuesday Ustream Show



7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time -US

Next up, drama strikes this household once again!  The A/C unit backed up and leaked (flooded) into the house and under the wood parquet floors in the dining room, studio and hallway!  GREAT ME THINKS!  WHAT ELSE!?!  Better not ask that question, as I'm sure there are many things that could be worse.  It is what it is and that's why we have insurance right!  My natural thought would be to pull them up and just replace them.  I love to do stuff like that!  Then, I remembered that I'm a peg leg...what was I thinking!  God knows I'd give it a try!

And then we come to the bats...See I told you it was a mixed bag tonight!  Last night, on the way back from Barnes and Noble, the Mexican free-tailed bats came out from underneath the bridges in Round Rock, Texas.  I was able to grab my phone and capture a few shots.  No, I was not driving LOL!.... The dark drifts are tons of the bats out for their evening flight for insects...Fascinating....


Well, That's it!  I will see you tomorrow night!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Thank You Card...

Good Evening Everybody!

After my foray back into the world of driving this morning, I hit the studio....It was so good to get outside and feel independent!  Just like old times, (like last week) while driving, I began to think of things I need to do, things I want to do, and projects I want to make....Today's driving thought....A Thank You Card....

Once we made the studio a bit more handicap friendly...which believe me was a trip... I found my way back to crafting!  Ahhh, so good!  However, everything is kept in different areas in my studio in my attempt to be organized.  You really need to WANT to get up, get on the trike, roll across the room, grab what you are looking for, stick it in your basket, roll back over, dismount the trike, sit down and then and only then grab the idea-ology keyhole to glue it in place!  Bahahahaha!

Anyway, here's what I came up with today.   A simple travel inspired thank you card...

I used two pieces of chipboard to make the card.  I cut the pieces to 5 x 9-inches and covered the front and back with Theresa Collins, Far and Away paper collection.  Next, I cut some hinge pieces and adhered them around the spine of the card to the front and back.  I then used my digital cutter to cut out the Leaning Tower of Pisa and glued that to the front of the card. I used some of the cut outs from the paper collection and embellished the front a bit.  This is where the Idea-ology key hole comes in....LOL!  I applied wet glue to the back and placed it on top of everything.

On the inside, I made a simple pocket and placed the tag on which I will write my greeting, into the pocket.  Next, I used the letters from the collection to spell out, "Thank You!"

Last, I punched a hole in the top right corner of the card and again "triked" over to the ribbon box for some black cording and a hinge clip...I threaded the cording through the punched hole and tied a bow on one end.  I then knotted a hinge clip to the remaining end to clip the card shut.  That's It!

Of course this wouldn't be a card I could send through the mail, but hand delivered with a huge hug!

Well that's it for tonight!   Have an awesome weekend!

The Gentleman Crafter

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Good Evening Everybody....

Just wanted to stop in and give you all an update on the ankle...Then I'm going to stop talking about it!  LOL!

I came home early from market as I was able to get a doctor's appointment today.  On the way up to Dallas, it didn't stop me from going to the Bakery in West!Look at that happy face!  Anything for bakery goods!

Then it was off to market...I do miss the motorized scooter that I had when I was there.  You talk about fun!  This is the ticket!  Then it was back home...

Now on with the story...

I went to the Orthopedic Doc today.  Several rounds of good news.  The best of course was that I needed no surgery.  I honestly didn't even know this was a possibility.  The Doc said that little zinger before he left the room to go look at my X-ray.  I had visions of hot knives, sterile gowns and hospital beds with me in traction for a second...could have been the painkillers....THEN, He came back and said, "Nope, no surgery.... a boot it is."  The cold sweat resided...

It was so amazing to get the big heavy plaster splint off!  I was a bit swollen but who cares!  It was off!  For a second anyway!  Can you say pigs in a blanket!

The Aircast or Air Boot...  The good thing about the boot is that I can take it off to shower, etc.  For me, it's a way to escape...just in case. Mild case of Claustrophobia me thinks... I swear I was going for the Tim Holtz Tonic Shears a couple of nights ago!  If they had been next to my bed the deed would have been done.  However, crawling across my living room floor to the studio with one leg up in the air behind me and my tummy acting as a "FLOATATION" device, just sounded too exhausting...so I sat with my thoughts singing Kumbaya softly in the night..,LOL!-

Oh back to the air-boot.  This sucker has more Velcro on it than the Velcro kingdom in Velcroland!  Ahhh, I have a thought,....I can upcycle the Velcro when I get this puppy off.  I'll have enough Velcro to projects for YEARS! :)   Once this humongous instrument of supposed self healing is applied, you can pump the blue thing up to add more pressure.  Whatever! 

So, looks like six weeks in this contraption.  Doc says to put no weight on it yet, but that will surely come later.  I'm really very happy that I have this boot.  I would rather have this than a fiberglass cast in the 104 degree hot humid Texas Summertime!

Now for the fun....For my mobility issues....THE KNEE WALKER!  I LOVE THIS THING!  It's like a scaled down 10 speed bike! I've been zipping through this house like a mad man!  It even has brakes and a handy dandy little pouch to hold stuff on the go...Still trying to figure out how to put a cup holder on it for coffee...Then it will be perfecto!  Honestly, think I need to go to Home Depot and rig that up somehow.  I am so grateful to have this.  I've really had a time with the crutches, walker and wheelchair...This seems to be the key along with the crutches and walker. 

Me giving it a go....

You can even get this thing going fast enough you can take your right leg off the floor and cruise from the living room right into the bedroom!  Too cool!  LOL!

Well, that's it from here.  Doing just fine and feeling so much better than yesterday!  My spirits have been lifted!  Yay! 

Have an amazing day y'all!

The Gentleman Crafter

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall!

Good Morning Everybody!

OK, here's the story!  A true story! LOL!  Yesterday I spent the whole day outside and did things that needed to be done for sooooo long! You've had those moments where you just can't stand it any longer and JUST HAVE TO DO SOMETHING about it!?!  I was so there.... I repaired rocking chairs, weed whacked flower beds, pulled down wasp nests, power washed the two porches, trimmed back the plants, and re-potted some spring plants that the summer heat had gotten to.

Last night, all the sudden the wind came up and the clouds darkened to black and we had a downright gully washer complete with thunder and lightening!  I ran around in the rain trying to put up all the tools.  That done, I came in and got cleaned up, put on my UT flip flops and decided I would go back out and proudly look at what I had accomplished.  The rain had stopped.  I did my inspection, turned back toward the house... My flip flop had other ideas and got stuck in the mud. Wouldn't cha know it!   Me going one way and my flip flop the other.  Don't ask...It just happened!  LOL!  Next, I knew I was going down, but still couldn't release my foot from the shoe.  That's when I heard the crack as I came down into the mud puddle!  That's what happened!  Too weird! Thank God Cesar was around and looking out the window...By the time we made it into the house we looked like two pigs that had a nice little mud bath in the pigsty!

 I waited around a bit to see what would happen....Like my ankle would be miraculously healed once the mud had been removed...You never know right? 

But I knew it was broken.  It's a weird feeling...So off to ER we went....

Here are some not so flattering pictures mostly of my backside!  LOL!....

First, there was a shot in the hiney!!  Why?  I have no idea! The nurse said to rub the spot where she gave me the shot or it would be sore for weeks...Is this really true?  LOL!

Then there was the X-ray!  Yep, a spiral break at the ankle!  So, a temporary splint was put on until I could get to the orthopedist for a real fiberglass cast...For 6 WEEKS!!!!! Good Lawd!  I already have claustrophobia with this VERY HEAVY contraption on!  OK!  I'm not going to complain!  It is what it is!

This is where she bent my foot into a natural angle!  I could have killed her and everyone around!  THAT HURT!
Now if you really want a show...you should see me trying to walk on crutches!  It's Hilarious!  'Bout near took out half the furniture in the house in one single blow!  I've been trying to figure those suckers out, actually, I'm trying to figure out a lot of things today....Like getting dressed, taking a shower, etc.  I've decided that the palms of my hands hurt so much from the crutches, that I would  grab the office chair on wheels.  Been having fun gliding through the hallways!
Well, that's the story....
Have a Sensational Saturday!
The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Leisa Traveling Wine Box!

Good Morning Everybody!

Happy Fantastic Friday To You!  The weekend is almost here!  Yahoooo!

This morning I would be honored if you would take a gander at my latest project....A re-do from my Graphic 45 DT days...Yes, It's been in the making for quite a while now, but it's finally done.  The tutorial for this project is now up in my Etsy store HERE or you can find a fast link to it at the top of my blog under The Gent's Store tab...I hope you it a go.  It would be a great gift to get started on for the upcoming holidays...

Here we go...

The Leisa Traveling Wine Box

Thank you for coming over!  HAVE AN AMAZING WEEKEND!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Re-release of Transatlantique!

Good Morning Everybody!

I wanted to take a second and share this with you....I made a comment in my YouTube Video on the Traveling Hostess Gift that Graphic 45 was re-releasing the Transatlantique Collection....Everyone emailed me wanting info....This may be old hat to some, but for those of us who didn't know.....

I honestly don't know who sells the collection but here is a bit more info...

Graphic 45 re-released the collection with Echo Park.  My friend Joanna said it was a Photo Freedom Line....

Here are some of the papers...

 Such a great collection!  Hope this helps!
Happy Thursday Everybody!
The Gentleman Crafter

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Eileen's Canning Jar Organizer!

Good Evening Everybody!

Just wanted to stop in and say, THANKS FOR COMING TONIGHT!  I am so thankful that you took some time away to come over to Take Out Tuesday's Ustream show!  I hope you liked the project, Eileen's Canning Jar Organizer.  I know I will use it on my desk and I hope you make one for yourself.

I love Eileen Hull's Canning Jar die like crazy and wanted to use it in some way as organizer.  Something that would hold tools!  So that's where my mind went last night and I was off...

Here is what I came up with....(Sorry about the quality of the pics folks!)

I will not be writing a tutorial on this project, however I did record the Ustream tonight and gave out all the measurements.  You can check that out HERE.

Thank you once again for coming over!

The Gentleman Crafter

Monday, August 5, 2013

From Wine Bottles To Mason Jars!

Good Evening Everybody!

I wanted to share a few things with you all real quick.....

Here's the story and I'm sticking to it...I was going to teach the Leisa Traveling Wine Box tomorrow night on my Ustream class, Take Out Tuesday.  Well, the Traveling Wine Box is done, the tutorial is written, but the pictures didn't make it yet!  I use Flickr to upload all my photos and resize them.  I don't know if you do any "Flickring," but they have changed the format that I was so accustomed to.  We couldn't get the pictures to upload.  Thankfully, we have found another program and will add the pictures to the tutorial this week.  OK, long story longer....So, tomorrow we will NOT do the Leisa Traveling Wine Box but hold off until the tutorial is complete with photos.  I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but I have tried.....

So what to do now?...No problem....Once again I find my work surface cluttered with cups and jars full of knives, bone folders, tools and more tools! So... I thought I would pull out the new (to me) Eileen Hull/Sizzix Canning Jar die and make an organizer that will not take up my whole work surface and would provide plenty of organization.  Of course I say this now as it's still just a thought in my head....but as soon as I finish this post...I'm going to let the creativity began!  I Can Do It!  Let the sample be made!

OK, don't panic if you don't have the die.  You can purchase the die from Scrapadabadoo.com, or Carol from Scrapadabadoo.com was kind enough to cut the dies from chipboard and package however many you will need into a kit. 

Things you will need:

The Mason or Canning Jar Die/Cuts
Medium/Heavy Weight Chipboard
Theresa Collins Far and Away Paper Collection
The Usual Scor-Tape-ATG or your favorite adhesive
Glossy Accents
Heavy weight cardstock
A few pulls or knobs (still don't know how many yet)
Your Basic Tools

Here are some details about the show:

The Gentleman Crafter - Take Out Tuesday Ustream Show



7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time -US

Also, I am in the process of uploading the Traveling Hostess Gift (I blogged about that yesterday)video to YouTube if you would like to see the gifted Book Box in 3-D...So please check my YouTube channel later tonight.

Well, better go hit it!  See y'all tomorrow night!

The Gentleman Crafter

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Hostess Gift...I Hope!

Good Evening!

We met up with my friends Kay and Barb this weekend to talk about an upcoming trip.  I guess you could call it a planning session.  LOL!  Well, being the gent my mom taught me to be....(Yes, I try!) I wanted to go over to Kay's with a little, "Thank you for having me and making your AMAZING chicken salad!" gift.

I decided to hit the studio and try and dream up something...Quick!   I had no idea what to make, but I was just going to go for it. Tonight, I wanted to recreate the thank you gift and take you along for the ride....Ready?  Let's get started....

OK, I know I have boatloads of chipboard...check!  I also know I have a ton of Configuration box inserts...Check....What can I do?  OK, why don't I make a little book using the config inserts...Yeah!  That's what I will do.  A little book that she can keep her smaller special souvenirs in.

Now I'm going to lay it out, take a few measurements and just go for it.  It it can either be really bad or OK.  Either way, they will probably be grateful I at least tried....If not, I know she has a fireplace..She can burn it...LOL!

I decided on (3) of the 2 x 3 inserts from Tim Holtz Configuration Boxes.  Now to think how to attach them to the cover....I'm going to double the thickness of my covers.  I'm cutting (4) 3-1/8 x 6 covers from chipboard and laminating them together forming (2) 3-1/8 X 6 COVERS.  I also cut (2) pieces of chipboard to 1-3/4 x 6-inches for the spine piece. I rounded the edges to the (2) cover pieces with a 1/4-inch corner chomper and sanded the edges.

I matted the inside covers with one of my favorites... no longer in print...Graphic 45's A Proper Gentleman.

Now for the front of the covers....Once again...MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE COLLECTION that G45 did...Transatlantic Collection!  I so wish they would bring this amazing collection back....Here's for wishing!

Once this was done, I punched a 1/8-inch hole into the covers with my We R Memory Keepers Big Bite, coming 1/2-inch in from each side.  I  took some seam binding and "strung" it through each hole and glued the ribbon about 1/2-inch in from the cover edges to the interior.  (Sorry, forgot to take a picture of this)....

Next, I needed to paint the boxes black....

I added Scor-tape to the backside of the config box inserts....

And then I matted the config boxes.  The longer sides at 1-1/2 x 2-3/4 and the ends at 1-1/2 x 1-3/4.

Next, I cut some little doors for the front at 1-5/8 x  2-5/8 and matted them.  I then punched a small half circle at the top of each door with a gift I received from my pal Artedar.  It's an amazing punch that I'm sure was not intended to do what I am doing with it, but it works!  Thanks Artedar!  If you get a chance, check out her blog HERE! She's amazing....Here is the punch...

Then I cut some structure strips to 1 x 2-5/8  and adhered the strip to the bottom edge of the door.
If you want to make structure strips and don't know how, head HERE.

I then adhered the door to the config box.

It was time to adhere the configuration inserts to the covers.  I lined them all up to the cover and pulled the tape backing off the top box and adhered into place.

Next, I pulled the tape backing and adhered the bottom box.

Last, I adhered the right box to the right cover.

Now it was time to add the spine piece.  I cut a piece to 3 x 6 and rounded the corners with We R Memory Keepers Scallop Punch and ink distressed the edges with Vintage Photo.

Next, time to score the edges.  I scored them at 1/2-inch and again at 2-1/2-inches.  I folded the paper on the score lines and added Scor-Tape to the backside of the score lines.

I pulled the tape backing and adhered the piece to the spine....


Time to add the interior spine piece...

Now that is done, I thought I would add some 1-7/8 x 2-7/8-inch mats to the spaces in between the boxes....

 Last, I tied the seam binding into a bow on the side to close it.....

...and added some embellishments...

That's it!  A little hostess gift....Hope you like it as much as my friends did!

Have an Awesome Day!

The Gentleman Crafter