Friday, January 18, 2019

New January Kits and Preorder Furniture Projects

Good Afternoon Everyone!  Warning...Long Post with a lot of pictures and projects...

I hope you all had an amazing Holiday Season and that this New Year will be a Happy Healthy one.  Here's to 2019!  Boy, have I been having a absolutely great time in the studio designing new projects to kick off the New Year!

Valentine Victorian

The Thin House Mini's seem to still be popular so I have continued with the fourth in the series...The Valentine Victorian.  It is chock full of Victorian Gingerbread detail.  For this house I ordered Authentique's Romance Collection which has 24 sheets of paper unlike the past collections that had 12 sheets.  So that will be nice.  It does have a mini inside...Just not pictured.

To give this month's Valentine Victorian a try please click the link below:

Steampunk Mixed Media Figure on Stand

I am going back to my roots of Steampunk Goodness.  I have designed what I call Steampunk Mixed Media Figure.  Cut mainly from Chipboard but has cut wooden elements and embellishments to add dimension and rigidity.  The Figure hangs from a FOB watch head that is actually a frame to add your own little picture.  The base holds a tiny drawer to hold all your Steampunk goodies.  Hope you like it!  I know I've had a lot of request for more Steampunk...

To give The Steampunk Mined Media Figure a try please follow the link below:

New Furniture Pieces!  I love these furniture pieces.  My Dad was an amazing carpenter...He was an engineer and smart as a whip!  There were so many times he made furniture for each of us and our house.  So I thought of him quite a bit when making these next couple of pieces..

These are preorder kits as I am sooo low on supplies and need to reorder...However, I think I can get these out mid February.  I have also listened to my friends who would like kits without paper.  So I am going to try these out without paper.  Cutting your own paper will be so easy as all the cuts are straight.

The Kitchen Hutch

The Kitchen Hutch is full of storage.  It has two upper cabinets, two drawers and two lower cabinets.  So fun and easy to make.  If you can make a box you can speed through this one.  So cute!

To give the Kitchen Hutch a try please click the link below:

The Tall Armoire

The Tall Armoire is one of my favorites.  It's thin and tall and like the hutch holds a ton of goodness!  It comes with 10 wooden hangers to hold optional but included Kraft hanging tags.  Would be great for storing your ATC's on the hangers!  The Tall armoire shown in the picture WILL include (2) acrylic panels for the door.  Sorry, I have a whole box of acrylic and couldn't find it in time for the photos.  The Armoire has two upper doors, two interior drawers and two sets of lower drawers.This really is just precious sitting in y house.  I love it!  LOL!

To give the Tall Armoire a try please click the link below:

Well, that's what I have for you for January...Hope you like the projects..Thanks for looking through everything!  Again, Happy 2019 to ya!

The Gentleman Crafter