Friday, June 16, 2017

June Village Piece and Getting Groovy!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Well, it's finally getting to those miserable temps in Texas!  High of 98 degrees today and Sunday it looks like we will already hit our first 100 degree mark...It's HOT folks!  Speaking of hot and sun baked, I want to introduce to you this month's Village piece.  The Tuscan Villa...

The Tuscan Villa brings back memories of traveling to Tuscany and looking out over the rolling hills and seeing these types of villa’s spotted over the landscape.  Our villa’s walls are baked by the sun and bedecked with lots of wooden looking windows to allow the breeze to waft through.  Look out the second story balcony and hear a trickling lion fountain that can be found in the courtyard below…sure to cool you after a long day in the vineyard.
The Tuscan Villa

If you would like to continue adding to your village collection this month or just have fond memories of visiting Tuscany please follow the links below for the kit.

or here:

Getting Groovy
I am starting to pull out and sell all the kits I have done this year, so keep looking  here on this website or Facebook if you've been looking for that kit you have seen on either my FB posts or blogs.  Today, I am starting with a really cool VW Van...Getting Summer Groovy Man!  I love this van!
A really hip project that brings back memories of the Swingin’ Sixties! This Groovy 60’s VW Van is all decked out with two outta site surfboards on the van’s roof! There’s also a neato place in the back for (8) journaling cards to capture photos, memories and far-out collectibles. 

or here:

Again, please keep checking back as I will be adding new things soon. 

Thanks so much for coming by!
Happy June Y'all!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, May 26, 2017

May's Village Collection: Retro Drive-In

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I know you have been waiting and I so appreciate your patience! This one took me a while to design.  I've been on this retro jag for awhile and had to do one last project with Authentiques Cool Paper Collection, Saucy!

As we continue to build the village, this month's Village Collection is a fun and Retro Drive-In Diner....and yes, I had just finished watching a movie the night before that gave me inspiration... The Founder...Good movie...but, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the brothers at the end.  My heart is too tender I guess...Anyway, I digress...I'm in love with this Retro Drive-in and hope you like it as well..Here are a few pictures...

The Retro Drive-In 

If you would like to give the Village Collection's Retro Drive-In a try...there are two ways to purchase...With Paper or Without Paper...

Retro Drive-In With Paper click HERE!

or here:

Retro Drive-In Without Paper click HERE!

Or here:

I hope you give this fun blast from the past a go...It will add a NEATO  building to your Village Collection!

Changing the subject for a sec...Special Note on The Retro Fridge..If you ordered the Retro Fridge, I received the paper yesterday and am cutting it as I write this.  All the boxes are packed and ready to go so they will be out the door maybe tomorrow if I can catch the Post Office Open, if not as Monday is Memorial Day, they will go out Tuesday Morning...Thank you all so much!

I hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, May 18, 2017

New May Project: The Retro Fridge

Good Morning Y'all!

I have had several emails wondering if I was going to do the May projects this month....The answer is YES...I have been so behind with May's projects and I apologize...I've been knee deep in Wood Shrine Kits and am finally caught up!  I so appreciate the emails.  Just like anything new it seems to be hot at the very beginning and then slows down to a more calm level.

I will be starting this month's Village Collection right after I post this.  It's in pieces on my desk and I need to see what happens...LOL!  So I will post that in the next couple of days...So stay tuned please.

So, for starters I have one of May's projects ready to be pre-ordered.  As the oven was so popular (Thanks so much everyone from the bottom of my heart for that!) I decided to continue the retro kitchen goodness.  Introducing...

The Retro Fridge

If you would like to give this month's project a go, you can purchase it in two ways.  One with an Authentique Saucy paper pad with all the precut chipbaord and rounded papers precut.  Or, you can order the kit without the paper.

Noe: The paper needs to be ordered and once I get a feel of how many are wanted, I will order the paper in the next day or so...So it will be about a week before they ship.

or here:

or here:

Well, I will see y'all soon with this month's Village Collection Project...

Thanks so much for looking!

The Gentleman Crafter

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Introducing The Gentleman Crafter Mixed Media Kits!

Good Evening Everyone!

I have poked, prodded and teased about my mixed media kits...and they are finally here!  I had to see if I was just nuts or if people would really like them.  I took a few samples and a catalog with me to a class in New Braunfels and sold over 200 kits!  So I think they may be OK!  I hope!

Anyway, I have had so much fun creating these kits.  They range from Icon Toppers, Shrines, Santos, Furniture to Fairy Doors.  And I'm not done!  I have added what I can to my shop at the moment and will share tons more over the coming month.

These are SOOOOOOOO EASSSY to put together and inexpensive!   It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to assemble these...Just use some glue to assemble and then paint, collage and make them a piece of your AMAZING ART!  Did I say they were very affordable too?  Cut from 1/8 wood for durability and different mediums.

Here are a few pictures of the range you can find in my shop...

I would like to invite you over to my shop to see the full collection.  If you feel so inspired, grab a few and try them out!

You can find my shop by either clicking HERE!

Or by following the link below:

Please note, I am working on getting my inventory up, so it may take a few days to ship out your order.  A couple of other notes...I am working on shipping!  When you purchase any of the wooden mixed media kits, I will ONLY charge you what it costs me to ship the kit/s.  Once the kit is shipped I will go back in and credit you if your shipping amount was under the estimate charged.

I will be adding to all the wood kits in my shop, so please keep checking back!

Thank You So Much For Looking!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, April 13, 2017

April Project: Dyan's Retro Stove Recipe Box Done!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

As promised last week, I have finally finished this month's second project.  I call it, Dyan's Retro Stove Recipe Box.

I totally love this fun paper collection from Authentique...When I saw it, I immediately thought of two things...A friend who loves retro things and a cool retro stove!  It was one of those projects that I couldn't wait to do!   AND...What a better time than now with Mother's Day coming up!  Even though I actually made it for my kitchen...Ha!  MOM, if you want one, let me know...

By pulling the oven handle, the retro stove opens up just like a regular oven door. Once open, you will find a recipe box that comes out with (4) dividers for your favorite collected and cherished recipe cards.  Also...the paper collection has some neato recipe cards you can cut out to use inside your recipe box...A really great piece to add a bit of retro fun to your kitchen and a simple project to create...

Here are some pictures...

Dyan's Retro Stove Recipe Box

If you would like to give this month's project a go and also have a really cool present for the cook in the family, follow the link to my store for two ways to purchase...One with paper and one without paper.

Or you can follow the link below:

or you can follow the link below:

Thanks so much for coming by to look!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, April 7, 2017

April Project: New England Country Church

Good Morning Everyone!

We are juning around this morning trying to get out the door for the first class of the year at Scrapbook N' More in New Braunfels, Texas!  I am so excited to start traveling again and seeing my old friends and making new ones!

This morning I wanted to share one of this month's projects...The second project just didn't quite get done in time for this, but will post it as soon as possible...I hope you will like it I know I'm excited about it and can't wait for you to see that one too...Anyway, this month's Luminary House Project is a beautiful old New England Church...

The New England Country Church is an addition to the Luminary House Collection...We are building a VILLAGE...LOL Each month there will be a new house, castle, cottage or building for you to choose to add to your village collection.
One of my very favorite places to visit..New England. Driving though the old covered bridges, the mountains, rivers, and those amazing country inns. I'm always in awe over the lovely architecture of buildings and houses...not to mention the amazing old country churches; each one beautifully unique. My version of The New England Country Church shows off it's facade with a bounty of moulding features on the gabled roofs and cracked paint exterior and finished off with a steeple.
Please note:  The church will also come with (4) picket fence pieces to finish it off.  
The New England Country Church

If you would like to give this month's Luminary House a try, please follow the links below...

The Kit Contents Include:
All Precut Chipboard Pieces
Precut Kaisercraft/BoBunny Papers
Small Bottle of Glossy Accents
Graphic 45 Feet
Tutorial Emailed to you when Kit Ships

To purchase The New England Church Kit Click HERE

or Folow the link below:

Thanks for coming by to look and make sure you stay tuned for the second April project coming early next week.

The Gentleman Crafter

Saturday, March 11, 2017

March Project are UP! Spring is in the AIR!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I live in Texas and with the warm temps we have been having, everything is budding out and blooming.  It's my favorite time on the farm as it's so pretty.  It seems that I have so many things that bloom in the spring and less the rest of the year because it can change from glorious spring to 90 degree HOT overnight.  You have to enjoy it while you have it...

With Spring thoughts in mind, I have created two projects this month.  A fun and colorful Bunny Basket and this month's Luminary House Collection Project, The Spring Bungalow...Let me show you some pictures and give you some links if you would like to give these projects a try...

The Bunny Basket

The Bunny Basket is a fast and easy project.  The basket is removable to style the things you put inside.  Replace the basket on the bunny stand and it’s a perfect decoration for spring.  Place candy and eggs in The Bunny Basket for children or friends.  Add a small plant to liven up a coffee table, side table or even a centerpiece for a spring dining table.

Kit Includes:
All Precut Chipboard Pieces 
All Precut Paper Pieces 
Small Bottle of Glossy Accents 
Instant Download Tutorial

If you would like to purchase The Bunny Basket Project Please click HERE!

or follow the link below:

And for this Month's Luminary House Collection...

The Spring Bungalow

The Spring Bungalow is an addition to the Luminary House Collection...We are building a VILLAGE... Each month there will be a new house, castle, cottage or building for you to choose to add to your village collection.

I live close to a town that has a section called “Old Town” full of all those wonderful architectural styles that make your heart sing.   Victorian and Mission houses to shotguns, cottages, and bungalows…I was inspired by a bungalow house covered with Spring flowers, foliage and trees just budding out…So hence the name, Spring Bungalow…The short pillars out front of the house are just begging for urns full of fern or flowers.  The covered porch is ready for some rocking chairs or a swing to enjoy those cool breezes with a nice cold glass of lemonade…It’s here again…Spring!

Kit Includes: 
All Precut Chipboard Pieces 
All Precut Authentique Paper 
Small bottle of Glossy Accents 
Graphic 45 Feet 
Downloadable Tutorial

If you would like to purchase this month's Village Project Please click HERE!

or follow the link below:

Well, Happy Spring Y'all!  Thanks for coming over to visit!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, February 10, 2017

February Projects: Castle and Album

Good Morning To You!

Today I am pleased to share two new projects for February.  We continue with the Village Collection with an Irish Castle and pay homage to The 2017 Oscars!

In thinking about St. Patrick's day next month,  I looked through the interwebs and found a beautiful Irish Castle...Bunratty.  I loved the beautiful turrets and the shape of the castle so I set off to see if I could make it.

Castle Bunratty is an addition to the Luminary House Collection...We are building a VILLAGE... Each month there will be a new house, castle, cottage or building for you to choose to add to your village collection.

This is such a fun project to make and is very impressive when lit with or without battery operated tea lights.  It’s an enchanting castle full of alcoves, turrets, windows, and even topped by a pinnacle

When you preorder this kit, it will come with all the supplies needed to make it and a tutorial with .SVG files (To cut on your digital cutter) that will be emailed to you when the kits ships.

This is my version of...

Bunratty Castle

If you would like to purchase this month's Village Project Please click HERE

or follow the link below:

The Oscars Album

In honor of the 2017 Oscars, I created an album for all those movie fanatics having Oscar Parties.  I call this, The Oscars Album.  It is a formally attired album full of red carpet looks for both ladies and gents.  Please don’t let the name fool you.  This would be the perfect album for formal parties, weddings, father/daughter dances, etc.  The album has 8 pages of different ladies formal dresses, men’s tux, and accessories such as clutch purses, jewelry, shoes, tux shirts and cummerbunds.  Done in Black, Red and Gold Cardstock.

This is a basic book ready for you to add your own bling to if you wish. I love the contrast of the papers against the white, black and red and plain...But I know you will want to make it amazing with your own Stickles, jewels, etc.  Have fun.

When you preorder this kit, it will come with all the supplies needed to make it and a tutorial with .SVG files (To cut on your digital cutter) that will be emailed to you when the kits ships.

I'm also offering a Father-Daughter Dance Album.  This album is the same as the Oscars Album, however, the cover is different.  It will have chipboard letters on the cover that will state "Father Daughter Dance 2017".  It has a Ladies dress on the right side where the Oscar is. and will not have the shaped Oscar Hinges on the inside.  You will cut your own straight hinges to bind the book.

If you would like a wedding version of this album, just email me at:

If you would like to purchase the kit to make the Oscar Album Click HERE

or follow the link below:

Father/Daughter Album

If you would like to purchase the kit to make the Father/Daughter Album Click HERE

or follow the link below:

Thanks so much for coming over to look!

The Gentleman Crafter