Friday, May 24, 2019

May Projects!! The Savings Bank & Antique Shop

Good Afternoon My Friends!

It's been crazy busy in the studio this month...There are projects lying around everywhere waiting to be shown, finished, tutorials written, etc.  I Love It!

This month I have added to the Thin House Mini Collection for the eighth in the series.  I decided to do a shop to add to the collection this month...A bit of a departure from the houses, but I think the Antique Shop will fit in nicely with the village we are creating and give it something extra.

When I was thinking about the The Antique Shop, I thought of rich colors dark colors and a bay window full of curiosities.  What better paper to use than Graphic 45's Love Notes Paper Collection.  I hope you like it and will consider adding it to your collection.

The Antique Shop

If you would like more information or to purchase this month's Thin House Mini, please click the link below:

The Bank

The Second project is so fun...I love to save my change.  I have jars, and milk jugs and even a bank in my laundry room where I place all my coins as I take them out of my pockets.  I then take the coins into the bank before I go on a trip and use the money for fun excursions or even to pay for the trip.  So this month, my friend Kim suggested making a bank.  I created it using Heavy Kraft Chipboard.  Just follow the instructions to put it together and then paint it to your liking...This is my take on it...Hope you like!

If you would like more information or to purchase The Bank, please click the link below:

Well, that's it for this month.  As you know, I have been honored with becoming a Brand Ambassador for Graphic 45.  There are so many cool projects and ideas coming so, please keep checking back.

Thanks so much and have a meaningful Memorial Day Weekend.

The Gentleman Crafter

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

April Projects: Arbor House and Grandma's Jewelry Box

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I hope you all had a Wonderful Easter  It's just been amazing around here, the wildflowers are blooming and such pleasant weather!  It's just awesome!  I love this time of year...

With flowers in mind this month I have designed the seventh in The Thin House Mini Collection...The Arbor House... done in Graphic 45's Bloom Collection. An arbor covers the front door and Spring flower boxes aside the front door make this a fun and dimensional house...Full of details and a great decoration for your home.  Easy to store and small enough to leave out and add to the collection.  Remove the roof and the base to get to the main box compartment which holds a simple to make mini. 

This month there is a YouTube video to help you create the main parts of the house...

Here's the video:

The Arbor House

For more information or to purchase the kit please click the link below.

With Mother's Day around the corner I designed a different kind of jewelry box...

Grandma's Jewelry Box

Grandma's Jewelry box is unique as it has shallow drawers to hold all kinds of goodies!  Covered in Authentique's Glamour and Poise Papers...Lower the closing flaps on all four sides to reveal four drawers that come out from different areas inside the box.  Drawers come out from the left, right, front and back.  It's a pretty box sitting on any vanity or dresser.  Would be a great gift for Mother...

For more information or to purchase the kit please click the link below.

Hope you like the projects.  Have a wonderful wonderful Spring!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Graphic 45 2019 Brand Ambassador Audition

Hello My Friends!

Today I wanted to share that I am trying out for the 2019 Brand Ambassador with Graphic 45.  I don’t know if I’ll make it, but I really miss being apart of the Graphic 45 family. 

To audition I made a book that I call, A Proper Gentleman Mini Book…Original name right?  LOL!  It’s a simple to make book that goes back to the roots of just making an album that’s not too complicated or complex.  Just the basics.

The book is made using Graphic 45’s A Proper Gentleman Deluxe Paper Addition.  It has always been one of my favorites and I’m so happy that G45 brought it back into their product line. 

When I was thinking about a project I couldn’t help but want to do some kind of garment themed book.  So, I thought of designing sleeves with cuffs for pockets, adding buttons for embellishment and then duding up the front cover with a formal men’s suit with a fun red bowtie.

If you would like to make the project, please check out the three part series on Youtube by clicking the link below and grab a collection of this awesome paper…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

or here some links:

Part One-  
Part Two-
Part Three-

Hope you like it…

The Gentleman Crafter

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Spring Is In The Air! This Month's New Spring/Garden Inspired Projects!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I don't know about you guys, but I have SPRING FEVER...I am a gardener wanna be.  I love to grow anything!  I guess I get it from my parents who got it from their parents.  I have heard that my grandmother won several ribbons for her beautiful roses that she grew in and around Kilgore and Tyler, Texas.  What amazing memories I had of going to my Grandfather's riding on the tractor and planting potatoes.  I truly lust after the plants and seeds from Burpee's, Jackson and Perkins and Antique Rose Emporium's catalogs!  Making copious lists of things I want to try this year.

Well, all I have to say is that this month's projects are totally inspired by these Spring whims of mine...

Adding to the collection of Thin House Mini's I've created the sixth in the series...

Mrs. Bernice Bunny's House

Take off the lid and the base to open the house.  Inside is a fun mini to capture your Spring memories.  (Mini not shown.)

To try this project or for more information please click below:

The Perfect Potting Bench with Seed Packet Mini

This Potting Bench project comes as a complete kit or a kit without paper and accessories.

Complete Potting Bench Kit

To try this project or for more information please click below:

The Perfect Potting Bench Kit - No Paper or Accessories

To try this project or for more information please click below:

And last but not least one of my favorites...We have a family group text thing on our phones.  It's amazing to chat/text with my sister, nephew's and niece's almost everyday. We all share things that are happening in our lives.  When I finished this project and sent them some pictures to see what they thought, they all said, "I want one!"  I totally have been loving mine and watching it grow...I call it...

The Terrific Terrarium

This kit is made of wood and is totally easy to assemble.  The kit is for the base ONLY.  You add your own jar that you want to recycle and some tiny plants, rocks and anything else you want to make your terrarium POP! I used an old pickle jar for the glass dome and added fun things to the top to finish it off.

To try this project or for more information please click below:

I hope you all have an amazing Spring.  I know that it may come a bit later for some, but the cool thing is...It always comes...and what a joy it is while it's here!

Thanks for stopping by!

The Gentleman Crafter

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

February Projects: Steampunk Hot Air Balloons and ST. Pat's Thin House Mini

Good Morning Everyone!

Are you guys having totally weird weather this year?  Last week was gorgeous.  Saturday, we got up to 87 degrees in February even!  This week so far it has been cold, dark and rainy.  Go figure!  However, these dark days are so cozy and fun in the studio.

I hope everyone had a marvelous Valentines Day!  Looking ahead in February I thought WOW, I better get my St. Patrick's Day Thin House Mini project out there.  To be honest I did the Easter House, finished it and sent it to photography...Cesar's Amazing Editing Skills.  Then I realized I totally forgot about St. Pat's and better get my groove on!  Unfortunately, I didn't get St. Pat's done in time before Cesar had to go out of town so, you will see my version of photo editing!  Sorry in advance.  I'm going to wait to put out the Easter House next month.

I have honestly had so much fun designing a new series of Hot Air Balloons using Clear Glass Ball Ornaments that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  I covered the ball with Metal Foil Tape I purchased from Home Depot for around $5.00 for a huge roll.  Three of The Hot Air Balloons are old world-steampunky and one is based on one of my favorite movies, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...Grandpa's Hut.  For these you will need to purchase your own ball.  Here is a link to Hobby Lobby where you can buy the 4-inch Balls for most of the Balloons and the 2-5/8-inch Balls for the last.

So without further ado...Here are this months projects...Hope you like them!

Thin House Mini- Irish Castle

This Month's Thin House Mini is and Irish Castle.  The fifth in The Thin House Mini Collection, the Irish Castle is full of details and a great decoration for your home. Easy to store and small enough to leave out and add to the collection. Remove the roof and the base to get to the main box compartment which holds a simple to make mini not shown.

If you would like more information or to purchase this kit follow the link below:

And now for the new series...Hot Air Balloon Heaven.....

Air Ship - Hot Air Balloon

If you would like more information or to purchase this kit follow the link below:

Hoover-Craft Hot Air Balloon

If you would like more information or to purchase this kit follow the link below:

Grandpa's Hut Hot Air Balloon

If you would like more information or to purchase this kit follow the link below:

Double Hot Air Balloon

If you would like more information or to purchase this kit follow the link below:

Well, That's what I have for this month!  I hope you like them!  Thanks for stopping by!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, January 18, 2019

New January Kits and Preorder Furniture Projects

Good Afternoon Everyone!  Warning...Long Post with a lot of pictures and projects...

I hope you all had an amazing Holiday Season and that this New Year will be a Happy Healthy one.  Here's to 2019!  Boy, have I been having a absolutely great time in the studio designing new projects to kick off the New Year!

Valentine Victorian

The Thin House Mini's seem to still be popular so I have continued with the fourth in the series...The Valentine Victorian.  It is chock full of Victorian Gingerbread detail.  For this house I ordered Authentique's Romance Collection which has 24 sheets of paper unlike the past collections that had 12 sheets.  So that will be nice.  It does have a mini inside...Just not pictured.

To give this month's Valentine Victorian a try please click the link below:

Steampunk Mixed Media Figure on Stand

I am going back to my roots of Steampunk Goodness.  I have designed what I call Steampunk Mixed Media Figure.  Cut mainly from Chipboard but has cut wooden elements and embellishments to add dimension and rigidity.  The Figure hangs from a FOB watch head that is actually a frame to add your own little picture.  The base holds a tiny drawer to hold all your Steampunk goodies.  Hope you like it!  I know I've had a lot of request for more Steampunk...

To give The Steampunk Mined Media Figure a try please follow the link below:

New Furniture Pieces!  I love these furniture pieces.  My Dad was an amazing carpenter...He was an engineer and smart as a whip!  There were so many times he made furniture for each of us and our house.  So I thought of him quite a bit when making these next couple of pieces..

These are preorder kits as I am sooo low on supplies and need to reorder...However, I think I can get these out mid February.  I have also listened to my friends who would like kits without paper.  So I am going to try these out without paper.  Cutting your own paper will be so easy as all the cuts are straight.

The Kitchen Hutch

The Kitchen Hutch is full of storage.  It has two upper cabinets, two drawers and two lower cabinets.  So fun and easy to make.  If you can make a box you can speed through this one.  So cute!

To give the Kitchen Hutch a try please click the link below:

The Tall Armoire

The Tall Armoire is one of my favorites.  It's thin and tall and like the hutch holds a ton of goodness!  It comes with 10 wooden hangers to hold optional but included Kraft hanging tags.  Would be great for storing your ATC's on the hangers!  The Tall armoire shown in the picture WILL include (2) acrylic panels for the door.  Sorry, I have a whole box of acrylic and couldn't find it in time for the photos.  The Armoire has two upper doors, two interior drawers and two sets of lower drawers.This really is just precious sitting in y house.  I love it!  LOL!

To give the Tall Armoire a try please click the link below:

Well, that's what I have for you for January...Hope you like the projects..Thanks for looking through everything!  Again, Happy 2019 to ya!

The Gentleman Crafter