Thursday, May 21, 2020

New May Kits: Farmhouse Fruit Stand and Test Tube Vase!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I just finished a couple of projects for May.  I had given a little sneak peek on Facebook last week of the Farmhouse Fruit stand.  I don't think I've ever had so much fun designing and making something as much as this! THEN... it was such a treat to figure out how I wanted to stock the stand with bushels of fresh fruit!  I think it made it come to life.  There is a secret compartment in the inside of the stand that holds a mini book perfect for recipes, memories and pictures!  Using Graphic 45's Farmhouse Paper Collection for that cool rustic style!  I hope you like this month's projects...

As all the flowers and plants come into bud and bloom in my area, I couldn't help but want to make a small flower vase to keep on my kitchen bar.  Sometimes there is a big swathe of flowers blooming, but for the life of me I can't cut a huge bouquet as I want them to beautify the outside, but I can take a small sampling of flowers and put them in this vase.  I was fresh out of test tubes, but I found these sweet little lidded bottles at a craft store and thought...Perfect!  If you do have some test tubes laying around I believe the opening will be large enough.  Keep the jar for treasures.

In the shop I also added a few more things that were requested.  I've added more of the Hutch kits, Lyn B's Fairies, and Cesar's Lamp.

Here we go with pictures and links for this month....

The Farmhouse Fruit Stand

If you would like more information or to purchase the kit please follow the link below:

The Test Tube Jar Vase

If you would like more information or to purchase the kit please follow the link below:

Thanks so much for coming by for peek!  Everyone Please stay safe, happy and healthy!

The Gentleman Crafter

Saturday, April 11, 2020

New Projects! Lamps and Fairies

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I first want to wish everyone a Very Happy Easter tomorrow.  I hope it brings some hope and happiness to you all.  No doubt it's been a bit trying at times lately.  I work from home so it's been a bit normal for me to be here all the time.  However, for some reason I've been cleaning out drawers and deep cleaning shower stalls!  It's been nice to get things done that I've been meaning to do for so long...and then there is the crafting! 

Gosh, it's so nice to be able to make things.  Crafting to me brings me such peace and enjoyment.  I wanted to share my love of making things with you and offer up a couple of new projects.  One is a lamp Cesar challenged me to's more of a cozy night light and the other is a set of three Fairies that were inspired by my good friend Lyn Bruha.  Hope you like...

César's Maison Lampe

For more information on this kit please click the link below:

Lyn B's Flower Fairies s/3
Set of 3 Fairies-Chipboard Only Kits

For more information on this kit please click the link below:

Well, That's it Folks!  Again, Happy Happy Easter and everyone stay safe, home, happy and healthy!

Hugs to you all!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, January 24, 2020

Creativation Kits!

Good Afternoon All!

Back into the studio fresh from Creativation.  I would like to share pictures and kits of a few of the projects I designed for the Graphic 45 booth with their new amazing paper collections.  So, please  allow me to share them with you...

The Sea Cart

Using Graphic 45's beautiful new Ocean Blue paper line, this cart features a nautilus shell chipboard mini that acts as a canopy to the shell chair.  Led by three reined seahorses this cart will glide swimmingly on wheels.

For more information or to purchase this kit please follow the link below:

The Kitchen Hutch

There are two ways to purchase this kit with paper...want to add your own spin to the hutch, purchase the kit with the paper collection not cut.  If you want the paper to be cut to fit (as shown in picture) grab the kit with paper cut to fit for you.

Please follow the links below:

Paper Cut For You:

Cut Your Own Paper:

The Safari Jeep- Preorder

This cheeky little safari jeep is clad in cheetah paper from Graphic 45's reprint of Safari Adventure paper collection.  This Deluxe Paper Collection will be cut to fit on all the outsides of the jeep and insides top of the jeep. The paper for the mini is not cut for you.  When you pull up the back bumper there is a secret mini inside.  Ready for that amazing adventure this year!

For more information or to purchase this kit please follow the link below:

Thanks so much for coming by to look! Have an amazing weekend ahead!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, December 5, 2019

New Projects! 2019 Putz House and a Dreamy Bed!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  It's finally here...the holiday season!  My favorite time to be in the studio designing and making projects for friends and family. Today, I wanted to share two new projects with you...One, this years Putz and a Dreamy Bed!

For the past several years I have designed a different Putz House for the holiday season. It's become a really neat tradition for my putz collectors.  The 2019 Dormer House is a CHIPBOARD ONLY kit.  Easily put the house together and then use your own paint, paper or ink to make this year's house a festive addition to your collection.  

The Dormer House Putz

For more information or to purchase this kit follow the link below:

This Month's Project Is...

 The Dreamy Canopy Bed with Mini

The Dreamy Bed is made from Graphic 45's new paper collection, Dreamland.  This is such a fun and beautiful collection!  I personally love the bright and cheerful colors and graphics of this collection.  Truly Special...

The Dreamy Canopy Bed is a really cute four poster canopy bed perfect to store all your dream time memories.  Pull the Graphic 45 door pull on the side of the bed and it holds a fun mini that has tons of room for dreamland details.  The mini is 5-1/2 x 6-3/4-inches.  It was left and right interior waterfalls and six pages of three types attached to the central spine.  A fun project!

For more information or to purchase this kit follow the link below:

Thanks so much for coming by to look!  Have a Happy Happy Holiday!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, November 8, 2019

The Fabulously Fun Ferris Wheel and Chipboard Kits!

Good Morning Everyone!

Almost every blog I post I mention the weather in Texas!  Well, Holy Boy Howdy the weather has changed and it's finally COLD as crisps!!!   A wonderful cold front came through yesterday and I actually had a laugh watching my youngest puppy run out the back door this morning and actually stop mid-step and notice the difference...sniff the air and then go about her duties.  

Anyway, today I wanted to share a new project as well as two projects that I posted for Graphic 45.  The Calendar Armoire and The Pagoda.  I had several emails asking if I would cut the project for them.  So, I cut a few to see if people were interested.

This Months Project is the last of the series of Festival Favorites...This Ferris Wheel is the easiest in the collection of rides to make.  This thing is truly addictive to spin...You just have to do it to understand what I'm saying.  You twist the big gear on the front and it spins around smooth as silk.  It's awesome to see the little seats go round and round level and horizontally.  A fun fun fun project!  I promise!

Here's The Fabulously Fun Ferris Wheel...

For more information or to purchase this project please click the link below:

As promised, I have cut a few of the chipboard kits for the Graphic 45 Fashion Forward Calendar Armoire and The Secret Pagoda.  These kits are chipboard only.  However, they include all the hardware to complete them.

The Fashion Forward Calendar Armoire Chipboard Kit

For more information or to purchase this project please click the link below:

The Secret Pagoda Chipboard Kit

For more information or to purchase this project please click the link below:

Thanks So Much for coming by to visit.  New Holiday projects coming soon!

The Gentleman Crafter

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

IT'S BACK! Graphic 45's BIRDSONG!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Yes, it's true...Graphic 45's Birdsong is BACK!  This wonderful, beautiful and amazing collection is back as a Deluxe Collector's Edition by popular demand and I LOVE IT!

Today, I wanted to share a project that you can make too...I call it... 

The Secret Pagoda...

I went back to my roots here and made another pagoda with this collection.  The original pagoda (2012) was my mother’s favorite project and if Mama Nell liked it...I hope you all would too. This time around it’s functional.   Slide back the shoji doors to find a segmented container. Open the box and there are a set of flip-flop memory books perfectly sized for those tiny printers that work off your phone and make fun little photos.

For the tutorial click HERE:

To cut this with a digital cutter I've included the .SVG files. These files will need to be brought into your software and sized to the appropriate size noted on each template.

For the .SVG Files Click Here:

Hope you enjoy!

The Gentleman Crafter

Monday, October 28, 2019

The Fashion Forward Calendar Armoire

Good Morning Everyone-

I wanted to share a new project made with Graphic 45's amazing new Fashion Forward Paper Collection, Chipboard and Claw Feet.  I call it The Fashion Forward Calendar Armoire...

Please visit Graphic 45's Site Here to see all the papers in the Fashion Forward Collection!  Amazing colors and prints...

The Fashion Forward Armoire is a fashionable way to keep important dates on dressy calendar cards.  Open the door of the armoire to store all 12 months. The cards are placed in the front center of the door each month to view important dates and events at a glance. The prints and graphics from this collection are just amazing!  Dress this project up with your own personal style.

If you would like to make this project please follow the links below for the free tutorial and .SVG files:


SVG Files-

Make sure you grab this amazing collection!

Thanks for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter