Monday, August 26, 2019

Graphic 45 Tiki Bar-Coasters and Charms

Good Day Everyone!

Please join me over at Graphic 45 today as we reveal the Summer Staycation Tiki Bar tutorial...A wonderful way to craft away the summer heat.  Made from really one of the the most beautiful paper collections...Graphic 45's Lost in Paradise,,,

Here's what I call the Staycation Holiday-Tiki Bar- with Coasters and Wine Glass Charms...

The Tiki Bar  has a slide out drawer on the side that will hold 9 laminated coasters and nine wine charms to identify your favorite concoction...

If you would like to make this project, please follow the links below for the tutorial, the SVG and .PDF files:

Click here for the tutorial:

Click here for the .SVG and .PDF files:

Hope your enjoy making it and and thanks for visiting both Graphic  45 and me.

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, August 23, 2019

New! Haunted Thin House Mini and Fall Carnival Swing Ride

Hello Friends!

I don't know if it's the hot weather but I'm just longing for Fall.  I love Fall!  It's such a pretty time of year as the leaves change from green to those beautiful warm colors.  To me it's the kick off to the upcoming holiday season.  Speaking of kicking of Fall, I have created two different projects that are Fall themed...

The ELEVENTH in The Thin House Mini Collection is Haunted Haven.  Full of details and a great decoration for your home.  Easy to store and small enough to leave out and add to the collection.  Remove the roof and the base to get to the main box compartment which holds a simple to make mini (not shown).  Spooky! 

Thin House Mini- Haunted Haven

For more information or to purchase this kit please follow the link below:

OZ Fall Fair Swing Ride

The second project that I've conjured up for this Fall is a carnival ride.  I love to make carnival rides...This is actually a remake of one I made years ago after visiting Chicago's Navy Pier.  This Swing ride is bedecked in Graphic 45's Magic of Oz paper and has four swings that actually "SWWIIINGGG" when the ride is spun on it's hidden lazy Susan.  A really cool piece!

If you would like more information or to purchase the kit please follow the link below:

Thanks tons for coming by to look!

The Gentleman Crafter

Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Princess Diorama Project in Graphic 45's Princess Collection

Good Morning Everyone!

Another Graphic 45 weekend project for you...I call it the Princess Diorama.  Original name huh?  LOL!  It's a really easy to make project and the different tiers make it really fun to look at and display. 

The project is made from chipboard and Graphic 45's Princess collection.  There are templates that are linked at the bottom of this post for .SVG files for cutting with your digital cutter and .PDF files to print out on your computer to use as a pattern to cut out with scissors.  The tutorial is also linked at the bottom of this post...Hope you like it!

Items Used:

Glossy Accents as glue
Assorted Half Back Pearls and Jewels

For the Tutorial Click Here:

For the .SVG/.PDF Files Click Here:

Have an Awesome Weekend!

The Gentleman Crafter

Saturday, July 20, 2019

July Projects- Mini Monticello & Royal Carriage

Good Saturday To You All!

Happy Summer!  Whew!  Hot here in Texas!  My studio has been a great place to hang out and escape the hot temps.  This month I have gone presidential in this month's Thin House Mini.  I call it Mini Monticello...My second project I have been waiting for months to show you all...I call it the Royal Carriage.   I think it's so cool.  I hope you do too.

This Month's Thin House Mini is the 10th in the collection.  I call it Mini Monticello...I was lucky enough to visit this amazing house situated atop a hill in Albemarle County, Virginia on a crazy unplanned road trip three years ago.  With my travel pictures, memories and Thomas Jefferson in mind, I sat down an tried to make a mini version of this amazing manse.  As always Monticello comes with the paper kit to make the mini that goes inside.  Hope you like it...

Thin House Mini-Mini Monticello

For more information or to purchase the kit please click on the link below:

The Royal Carriage

I'm truly proud of this one and have had so much fun trying my hand at designing a carriage.

This fantasy coach has stately wooden wheels and is dramatically decorated with painted gilt swirls all along it's carriage. The coach holds a secret 15 (30) page mini that you can access by pulling up on the decorative knob on the very top of the Carriage. The Royal Carriage really is a beautiful piece to display. Great for any King, Queen, Prince or Princess in the house or perfect to hold pictures and small memorabilia of that amazing trip to foreign lands this summer. Easy to build. Just glue the wooden pieces together, paint with your own gold metallic paint, make the chipboard coach with the precut chipboard and paper pieces and finish the mini inside. Voila!

For more information or to purchase the kit please click on the link below:

Thanks so very much for stopping by...Try to stay cool during these warm summer days...

The Gentleman Crafter

Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Gazebo in Graphic 45's Bloom Collection

Good Morning Everyone...

I wanted to share a project with you that I call the Gazebo.  An ode to summertime, flowers blooming, and an old gazebo that has a swing in it to laze away the hot afternoons with a glass of lemonade.

Crafted of heavy black chipboard and Graphic 45's Bloom collection.  It's really easy to make and the only time consuming part is covering the roof with a lot of circles to form a tiled roof. However, I think that's a  lot of fun too.   A great weekend project.

I present....

The Gazebo

Below find the .SVG files to use on your digital cutter or the .PDF files to print at actual size to trace around if you don't have a digital cutter and just want to cut the chipboard with scissors.  Also, find the link to the YouTube video showing you how to put it together.

or here:

Click below for the .SVG and .PDF files:

Click below for the Video Tutorial:

Hope you  enjoy the project and have a great weekend.

The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, June 27, 2019

New Thin House Mini - The Beach House

Good Evening Everyone!

I've been a bit under the weather lately but wanted to get this month's Thin House Mini to you all.  There are additional projects coming, but decided that I would go ahead and post this one and post more in July.  I hope you understand.

To add to our collection of Thin House Mini's this month I went with a beach summer house.  A cabana by the sea in a tropical local.  You can hear the waves and the surf board is at the ready.  Hope you like it.

It does have a mini that slips inside and all pieces for that are included in the kit.

The Beach House

If you would like to give this month's Thin House Mini a try please click on the link below:

Thanks so much for stopping by!

The Gentleman Crafter

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Graphic 45 Self Portrait Introduction Project: Pendulum Clock

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today, I'm excited to be introduced by Graphic 45 as one of this year's Brand Ambassadors.  It is an amazing honor to be a part of this awesome family run business and to be able to design projects for them again.

This month, we were asked to do a self-portrait project.  Something that represents who we are and what mediums we like to design with all folded into a project.  To be honest, there were several projects made and then I narrowed it down to the pendulum clock.  I used one of my favorite collections, A Proper Gentleman.  I was so glad to see it come back into print.   Not only do I love to make clocks, I love things that are functional. To me, a project needs to do something to be able to take up valuable space in my house.

Personally, I am not a big flowery, embellishment kinda guy.  I love the paper to stand for itself and show off the design.   Sometimes, I think plain and simple is better...however, contradicting myself, if the project calls for flowers I'm totally into flowering it up.  No fear there.  LOL!  My main thing is being all about the details.  I think the more details you give a project the more interesting it is.

The Self-Portrait project on Graphic 45's site is the more masculine version of the Pendulum Clock.  A simple but elegant clock.

I have also done a more feminine version which is made the same way.  I made it with Graphic 45's Bloom Collection. For the feminine version you just cut a chipboard clock face instead of adding the acrylic to the front.

The Pendulum Clock is really easy to make.  You are simply making a box, adding the paper collection of your choice and placing a pendulum clock movement found in the wood section of your favorite craft store to the interior center.  You may also chose to add a regular clock movement without the pendulum.  It looks great either way.  Makes an awesome, functional gift.

If you would like to give the clock project a try, please follow the links below for the tutorial, .SVG files and .PDF files.

Use the .SVG files if you would like to cut the pieces with your digital cutter.  Or, if you don't have a digital cutter, use the .PDF files and print them on your home printer at actual size.  Take the printouts and use them as templates to trace around and then cut the chipboard with your scissors.

For the .SVG and .PDF files click below:

For the tutorial click the link below:

I hope you enjoy making the project.  Please check out Graphic 45's Blog for more pictures and information.  Also, please head back here Saturday for my second project, The Gazebo...Talk about flowers, this project is loaded with them.  For the Gazebo project you will have all the files you need to make it as well as an instructional video to go along...

Thanks for coming by my site today and Thank you so much Graphic 45 for this incredible honor.  It's going to be an awesome year!


The Gentleman Crafter