Monday, January 2, 2017

A Bit Late...But The Winner Is..

Good Morning Everyone!

I want to wish you all a wonderful New Year!!  2017...WOW!!

I totally got caught up making samples for the upcoming show and I completely forgot to announce the winner of the Storage Cubed Giveaway....  Well, I'll be quick an announce it without any further ado....

The Winner is:

Congratulation Bethany!!!   If you will please email me your address, I will send you the Storage Cubed on Jan 10th when I ship out the others...

Thank you all for playing along and for your wonderful suggestions!

Again...Happy New Year!  Let's make this an awesome year!

The Gentleman Crafter

Monday, December 26, 2016

Sale and Giveaway!

Good Morning My Friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  I guess it's time to pick up the wrapping paper from the floor and think about the New Year and 2017!  Can you believe it?  It honestly seems like yesterday that I was standing in my Georgetown house on December 31, 1999 watching the TV in the kitchen.  We were all wondering whether the computers would change to 2000.  Remember the big shenanigans that date change caused?  Well, it's almost here, not 2000 but..2017.

To clean out the studio and ready myself for the new year, I am having an After Christmas Sale in my shop....

Please come on by for some deals on tutorials and some Graphic 45 Paper Pads!  I've also added some requested kits and a new January Project!  Sale Ends December 31, 2016!

So click the link HERE:

or click the link below:


As a fun thing to start the New Year, I am also doing a giveaway!!!  Yahooo!  I love Giveaways!  

Here's the details:

I am giving away my latest project for January...

 Storage Cubed...A Module Project

This is the complete kit of all three modules.  It's an awesome storage project!  It has a mint worth of hardware in and on it and a boatload of chipboard!  Almost 25 sheets of 2X Heavy Weight Chipboard!  All for one person if you place a comment below of any upcoming project you would like to see me create for you.  The winner will be chosen by a random number generator from the comments left on this post.  Doesn't matter how many times you comment.
The winner will be chosen January 1st, 2017 and I will post the winner on this site by 2:00 p.m. CST.  So Start with the project suggestions!

Thanks for looking and come on by the shop to look around...Don't forget to leave your project comments below for a chance to win the Storage Cubed Complete Kit!

Have an awesome day!

The Gentleman Crafter

Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Gentleman Crafter After Christmas Sale and News...

Good Evening Everyone and Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had an amazing day today with friends, family or self.  This was a bit of a mixed up Christmas for me as I had Triton my puppy this year and I wanted to stay at home and take care of him.  So, I did miss my family but was able to see and spend time with my precious mother...Again, I  hope you are having a joyous holiday!

Just wanted to share a few things that are happening...

Sale Starts at Midnight (CST) tonight the 26th of December!!!  

First of course, I want to announce that I am having a sale in my personal website store The Gentleman Crafter Store (follow the highlighted link).  This sale will only be in my personal store only and not in my Etsy store.  Anything purchased from Etsy will not be on sale and will not be refunded...So please follow the links below.

All tutorials are marked down by 40%.  So that means when you go to my shop, the price shown is the price you will pay.  It is already marked down to the 40 percent sale price.  Also, I have a few collections of 12 x 12 Graphic 45 paper pads.  They are marked down 50%.  These pads are brand new.  I simply either over ordered and actually, I changed my mind using a couple of these collections for classes and then had them on hand.  Hahaha!  So grab some deals now!

I have also added some MUCH REQUESTED kits to the store.  Please note...I say this all the time and I'm truly not trying to sell you anything you don't want or need.  But there are limited quantities of these kits.  I have brought back all the Putz Houses, The Skippy Trailer, The Vintage Truck and the Woody Station Wagon.  All of the projects come with an instant download tutorial or instruction sheet.  The automobiles and the trailer also come with the .SVG file so that you can cut your own paper if you decide not to paint or ink the project.  Please note these do not come with precut paper, just the precut chipboard pieces, any embellishments listed and glue.

Here is a link to the Shop:

Here is a link to Tutorials:

Here is a link to Kits:

News...This coming year I am changing a few things...

I am going to cut down on the amount of travel teaching I will do.  I will be in some stores this coming year but will try and cut it literally in half.  As much as I love meeting you all and having that personal time teaching you, I'm afraid it's just become too stressful for me.  On a happier note, this coming year, I will be streaming and doing online workshops with the upcoming projects....So stay tuned.

My calendar...I still need to contact the stores I will be visiting and will update my calendar when I get more information.  So please check out the calendar tab at the top of this page for future store visits.

Speaking of upcoming projects for 2017...Man, I've got them...I am so excited to share them with you as the months unfold.  I feel that not teaching at as many stores as I did this year, I will be able to offer you several monthly projects and will be able to offer more of that project.  So I am really looking forward to that!

As the luminary houses were such a hit this year, I will offer as one of my projects a new building every month.  Sometimes they will be houses, sometimes they will be shops, lodges, or even castles!  Some will be time appropriate to the season and I will offer those a month in advance.  This is not a kit club.  If you like what you see, buy it and add it to your village.

In this new year, I will be spreading my wings a bit and using more of a variety of paper companies on my projects.  I LOVE ME SOME GRAPHIC 45, but I'm excited about using other great lines as well.

Upcoming 2017,  I will be adding a shipping option for international orders.  I am sorry I have not done this after so many requests, it seemed to me to be too expensive for you.  However, we are looking at the best possible postage option and will add that to the checkout option this coming year.

I have been asked by so many of you to be notified when I release a new project.  I have done this mainly through my website and Facebook, but couldn't figure out a way to email you separately as something came out that you requested.  Cesar is helping me with a program that will notify you of any news or new projects that will be coming out when they come out.   The sign up for this program will be attached to Facebook and my website so look for that to happen in January.

As I mentioned Facebook above, we are in the process of opening a new Facebook Page just for The Gentleman Crafter and the Gentleman Crafter followers to share news and projects with each other.  Please note we are still working on this...I say we...Cesar is still working on this, but if you want, I would be delighted for you to go on over and LIKE and follow the page so that you will get notifications of things that are happening...

Here's the link:

Well, I think that's it...We had a great sit down meeting with friends and family discussing new ideas for the upcoming year obviously (LOL) and this is my list of goals to achieve and a promise that new projects aplenty are coming your way in the upcoming months....Yahoooo!

Thanks so much for allowing me your time to read through this lengthy post!  Have an awesome Holiday and a very happy healthy New Year!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, November 18, 2016

Kits, Kits and More Kits!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I know with the holidays upon us we are all trying to get things done in preparation.  Time to pull out the lists and begin the decorations and planning.   I have been busy creating some fun things to hopefully help make your holidays' a festive place this year!

I have four new kits...YAHOOO!  But first let me explain the next three..

Last year I sold a kit that I called The Luminary House.  It was a small Putz house that was easy to do and affordable.  It sold like HOTCAKES!!! Thank you everyone for that!...Here's a picture:

Since the house pictured above was such a big hit, I designed three more for this year...two houses and a much-requested church.  These houses are small and don't take much to put together.  The kit's pieces all come in Kraft 2X heavy chipboard...just paint or cover with patterned paper, add some small pine trees and of course some glitter...Last, add a battery operated tea light and let the magic begin.These kits are fun to put together and will look amazing in your house for the holidays...Or make a couple and give them as a present. 

Here are this year's Putz House Kits...

St. Luke's Church Kit

To purchase this kit follow the link to my shop HERE!

or Here:

The Tower House Kit

To purchase this kit follow the link to my shop HERE!

or here:

The Tallinn House Kit

Please note the blacked out window above is actually a cut out window in your kit.

To purchase this kit follow the link to my shop HERE!

or here:

The Putz House Trio of Kits

For those dedicated folks who want to make all three and save a few dollars...

To purchase The Trio follow the link HERE!

or here: last project, which I truly love, is the Vintage Truck!!

A fun vintage truck that can hold all kinds of things in the bed. It is perfectly scaled to the Skippy Trailer I made, so hitch it up and go on an adventure.  Great for any vintage car enthusiast as well!

The Vintage Truck Kit

You can purchase the kit to make the Vintage Truck Here!

or here:

Well, here's to the start of getting the Holiday kits up and out...More to come soon!

Have an awesome Weekend Friends!

The Gentleman Crafter

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Taking It Easy with Some Halloween Art Therapy!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Per the cardiologist's orders, I've been trying to find a middle ground. I have been taking it easy and finding a slower pace.  Which is kinda boring really, but I know it's what I should do.  For the last couple of days, I've been feeling a bit down.  Hate to have the blues...So, today I asked myself what makes me the happiest...Designing stuff and working with my hands...Well Hello...Jimbo, get to it!  Art Therapy is a good thing!

So, I pulled out a big sheet of Kraft paper, some paints, stencils, a canvas and of course chipboard.  I sat down in a comfy chair, grabbed a nice bottle of water instead of a Coke and had a few low sodium almonds to help with my artistic journey.

I was off...keeping with the Halloween theme, here's what I came up with...A Backlit Halloween Canvas...

I tissued the canvas for texture and then  painted the canvas background with some orange and brown.  I then dry brushed some black paint and metallic espresso onto the canvas.  I then used my swirl stencil with some black spray ink to finish it off.  Of course, I had to sling some white paint onto the canvas to wake it up a bit.

I adhered some of my chipboard Just Bits Swirls to the canvas and some stars for some dimension.

I then set the canvas outside to dry and then found Triton eating a bedroom pillow!  Oy Vey!  I started work on the skull.

I cut a spooky skull out of Kraft chipboard and sprayed it with a low odor fixative and then painted it with white Gesso.  I covered it with some Idea-ology newsprint paper and cut out the eyes, nose, teeth, and details with a craft knife.  I grunged Mr. Skull up with some brown ink and went over the edges with some black ink.  I then used one of my stencils and sprayed black ink to form the wiggles on the front.

I took a piece of tracing paper and smeared some brown ink on it and took a paint brush and blended it together.  I then cut the tracing paper to fit  on the backside of the skull.

Next, I heated up the hot glue gun and adhered a battery operated set of mini LED lights around the backside edge making sure I placed the on/off button at the top where I could reach it.  I then added some square wooden blocks to the back of the skull so that the skull would float off the canvas.

I hot glued the backside of the blocks and adhered it centered-ish onto the canvas.  


Then I listened to my MOM and sat down and rested while I wrote this blog...So there!  LOL

Hope you can find some Halloween inspiration from this!

Have an awesome week!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Safari Collectors Case- Done!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

It's been CRAZY around here...So much seems to be going on lately and I'ma runnin'!  I am sure everyone else is the same way with getting the kids Back to School goodies ready,  last minute summer vacations or just busy day-to-day things that seem to take so much of our time.  But...It always seems to get done, doesn't it?    All I have to say is Thank God for Centrum Silver!  LOL!

Today I wanted to share my newest project.  I honestly love this project...Let me tell you about it...

The Safari Collectors Case

The Safari Collectors Case is so much fun to make.  It totally reminds me of younger years when I had a GI Joe RV.  It was a compact RV, but you could open it all up and spread it out to have fun.  The collector’s case isn’t far from that. It folds out from a small case to a large fun space to collect your thoughts and memories… You open up the left side to reveal three large drawers for all your keepsakes and treasures.  Open up the right side and it has a journal or a mini for pictures, thoughts, inspiration and memorabilia…I just love this piece, Hope you do too.

Please Note: I am PRE-SELLING this project.  That means I am basically taking orders at the moment as I am waiting for the latch to come in.  I am also taking  these pre-sell orders to see how many paper pads I will need to order. I would surely think this will go out by next Friday, August 27th and the latest Monday, August 29th,

This time around, there are three ways to purchase the project...the Instant Download Tutorial, the Complete Kit with Paper, and the Kit Without Paper.

The Safari Collectors Case Instant Download Tutorial-
(1) Instant Download Tutorial

If you would like to order the Instant Download Tutorial please CLICK HERE!

Or follow the link here:

The Safari Collectors Case Complete Kit-
Kit Contents:
Precut Chipboard Pieces
Graphic 45 Safari Adventures Paper Collection
Sticky Back Canvas
Idea-ology Ring Binder
(9) 12 x 12 Black and/or Kraft Cardstock
Glossy Accents Glue
Latch for Front
Instant Download Tutorial

If you would like to order this kit please CLICK HERE!

Or follow the link here:

The Safari Collectors Case No Paper Kit-
Kit Includes:
Precut Chipboard Pieces
Sticky Back Canvas
Idea-ology Ring Binder
(9) 12 x 12 Black and/or Kraft Cardstock
Glossy Accents Glue
Latch for Front
Instant Download Tutorial

If you would like to order this kit please CLICK HERE!

Or follow the link here:

I hope you give this case a try.  Will be awesome for your summer vacation pictures and memorabilia!

Please enjoys these last HOT days of Summer.  Be safe and have fun!

Thanks for looking!

The Gentleman Crafter

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Honoring My Sister... Kathy Sue Hankins

Hello Everyone!

I wish this could be an uplifting post, but some will find it sad...For me, it's so very bittersweet...It's meant to remember a beautiful, kind and so very sweet person...My Big Sister...Kathy Sue Hankins, who died so very unexpectedly one morning in May 2009 at 49 years of age.  On that unforgettable day, in May, I was the only one who was able to see her laying there on her sofa, in her house, her hand under her head sleeping so peacefully for eternity.  She was so pretty, so at peace...No grimace of pain, just peaceful sleep... What an amazing way to go. She passed away from a massive heart attack while taking a nap.

I wipe the tears that have not been evaporated by the Texas summer air from my eyes as I am out on my studio porch embarrassed of the emotions that seem to pour from me...I feel so guilty that as time has passed I have forgotten her birthday of August 4th.  I tell myself I was so busy and try to justify my forgetfulness...However, I will stand as her messenger, her spokesman if you will... to a life that cannot be forgotten and scribe now of the wonders that was  my big Sister, "Sue Belle".

To be honest, I'm so afraid that people will forget how wonderful Kathy was.  Maybe quite personally and selfishly it's because I am so afraid that I haven't left any legacy behind and I'm the one who is scared to be forgotten... I have nothing to leave this world, no children, nothing to carry on.  Just like Kathy, we would have loved to have had children, and would have been wonderful parents... but it just wasn't in the cards or seriously...God's will.  In my mind it's a terrible thought to be forgotten, so today, I honor Kathy Sue Hankins as I will every year that I am able...

I was honored to go through her house when she passed and pack away all of her possessions,  It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  What would she want me to keep...Was I throwing away something that she thought was valuable... It was a monumental and honestly humbling experience.  She kept everything!  Kathy WAS the family archivist...small things that my nephews and nieces made, things that I had made her that were meant for the trash...she kept...

I came across a huge box of photos of fun times she had with her friends and family and came to the realization that  this was a small part of the legacy she left behind.    I wanted to share  a few of these photos so that we, her family and friends could take a moment to remember Kathy Sue Hankins on her birthday month...

Kathy Sue Hankins

August 4, 1959 - May 11, 2009

Never Forgotten and Always Loved

Thanks for helping me to remember this remarkable woman...


The Gentleman Crafter