Tuesday, May 2, 2023

New Kits! Frames, Hanging Plant Holder and Santos Cabinet

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

I'm in maker mode...Well, I'm always in maker mode.  This month I have a few projects to share with you. Inspired by an old small shrine I did years ago, I wanted to enlarge it and add a door.  So I came up with the Santos Cabinet.  Inspired by the beach, I made a seashell santos.  Would be so cool to steampunk her up, so many ideas...

For more information or to purchase the Santos Kit click the link below:

Hanging Plant Holder

Next up, The Hanging Plant Holder...This three tiered hanging plant holder has (9) 2-inch pots.  Perfect for succulents, plant cuttings that need to be rooted, starting seeds, or grabbing some fairy garden sized plants to show off.  Hangs from a wooden hook.

For more information or to purchase the kit click the link below:


Shadow Frames

Frames, Frames, Frames and more Frames...These are so fun to make and finish off!  The frames hold the popular 4 x 6 photo on a raised background.  You can place a smaller picture onto the raised background by simply cutting the chipboard backing to desired picture size. 

For more information or to purchase the kit click the link below:


Thanks so much for coming by...


The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, March 17, 2023

New Easter Project: Easter Gathering

 Good Friday Afternoon and Happy St. Patrick's Day All!

Easter is on its way and I wanted to make a fun project to help share the holiday experience.  I would love to introduce a new project.  I call it, Easter Gathering.  It's a project that is simple to put together and fun to paint.  Bunnies, chicks and lambs gathered in a forest clearing celebrating the promise of renewed spring days. This Easter Gathering is housed in a tulip footed diorama and finished off with a scrolled sign that wishes everyone who looks in, Happy Easter!

Easter Gathering

For more information on the project, please follow the link to my shop by clicking below:

Thanks so much for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, February 10, 2023

The Working Organizer

 Good Friday Afternoon Folks!

I wanted to share a new project with you...I call it the Working Organizer...I am doing the kits in four different Graphic 45 Paper Collections...Hope you like it!

It seems we do a lot of thing on our phones anymore.  However, nothing is better than having an actual piece a paper and a pen to jot down ideas,  to remember plant names, do a quick sketch,  add quick notes, etc.  What's even better is to be able to have something to file these ideas away in and to have a place for a pencil or pen all in one place!  

I have to honestly say, I love this book!  I use it everyday in some way!  It's so handy!  I wanted it to last, so I made it with a cloth hinged spine and the covers from 1/8-inch Birch wood.  I covered all the surfaces with Graphic 45 papers and et voila!  It's a humdinger of an organizer.  I hope you give it a try!  

On the exterior I added a cool slide closure which keep the book securely closed.  You slide up the closure cover and remove the key shape!  On the left side there is a accordion type file made from catalog sized envelopes and kept close with a magnetic closure.  To the right of the file system is a pen/pencil holder.  The right side of the organizer is a bound composition notebook.  Fun to make!

Choose from four different Graphic 45 paper collections to finish off your organizer.

For more information on these kits please click on the link below that will take you to my shop:


Thanks so much for coming by to look!  This is a really fun and easy project to make.

Have a great Weekend!


The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, January 6, 2023

Organizers Galore!

Good Evening and Happy New Year Everyone!

I don't know about y'all but I've promised myself I need to organize my studio this year!  Like, I just recently added a new craft to my all ready crazy craftiness and I'm totally out of control over here.  In an effort to get organized, I made several organizers.  One that sits on my work surface and one on a table where I can easily access more things that I can store away and organize.

If you are in the same boat I'm in, I invite you to peruse these organizer kits.  It's been a Godsend for me!  I hope one might work for you and help the insanity of what we all as craft folks have...TONS OF STUFF!  Good stuff though!  Ha!  Might use it one day stuff...Get me...HA!

Again, I wanted to give you all some options.  So read the very lengthy description in my shop's description for more info.  BTW, I always say this, these are frikkin' easy to put together. Just dab the glue I provide into the notches, put it together and add a little painters tape or masking tape to hold it together while you go onto the next piece.  

The boxes are self hinging, meaning the hinges are built in...No need to loose a box top again or go out and purchase hardware.

So without delay here's the collection of organizers with a link to each for more information.

Double Tier Organizer

Info on this bad boy is linked below:


Double Tier Organizer with Spool Holder and Drawers Kit

Info for this organizer is linked below:

Double Tier Organizer with Sticky Note Holder and Drawers Kit

Info for this Organizer is linked below:

Narrow Desk Organizer Kit

I love this one too!  So nice to finally have something linear!  Yay!  Anyway, for more info on this one follow the link below:

Well, that's the lineup!  I hope these will help or at least give you some inspiration!  

Y'all Have a FANTASTIC 2023!  It's going to be an awesome year!  YAHOOO!

Thanks for coming by!


The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, September 30, 2022

New Projects! FUN Slider Kits!

 Good Friday Afternoon Everyone!

As promised...On Facebook I gave you guys a sneak peek of the something I've been working on lately! You all seemed to really like them.  Gosh, I hope so!  I call them sliders.  No not the hamburger kind...As you all know I missed my calling of being an elf in Santa's Workshop.  I love to make these old fashioned toys!  Just Love It!  These don't have a remote, batteries and electronics.  Again, old fashioned low-tech to no-tech toys.  

You simply attach the twine/cord to a higher spot in your house or backyard and then attach the other end to a lower spot.  Pull the slider to the higher area and release and watch the slider slid down the cord.  Rinse repeat.  When done, these really add a bit of whimsy just hanging in your room ready to be played with again.

All kits come unassembled and unpainted.  Now talk about easy assembly!  Totally!!  Just put the slider together with the precut pieces.  I have added the glue and all the details.  You just need to assemble and paint or leave it natural...whatever makes it yours.  Hope you like them!  I surely do!

Meet the Sliders...

Fancy Sleigh and Reindeer Slider

For more information on this project or to purchase the kit, please follow the link below:

Flying Nanny Slider

For more information on this project or to purchase the kit, please follow the link below:

Santa Plane Slider

For more information on this project or to purchase the kit, please follow the link below:

Steampunk Air Ship Slider

For more information on this project or to purchase the kit, please follow the link below:

Well, that's the sliders.  I hope you like them and will grab one to make for yourself or for an upcoming gift.  

Please note:  I will be cutting these through Thursday, October 6th and will take them out of the store.  I will be out of town until Tuesday, October 11 and then will put them back in the shop when I return.  Just want everyone to know in advance.

Thanks so much Y'all!

The Gentleman Crafter


Saturday, August 20, 2022

New Holiday Advent Calendars!

 Good Evening All!

As promised I'm back with more!  More Holiday Advent Calendars that is!  Please allow me to show you around...

The Holiday Train

For more information or to purchase the kit for the Holiday Train, please click the link below to go to my shop:


The Tipsy Trunk Advent Calendar

For more information or to purchase the kit for the Tipsy Trunk Advent, please click the link below to go to my shop:


Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar

For more information or to purchase the kit for the Christmas Coffee Advent, please click the link below to go to my shop:

Hope you like the new kits!

Thanks Tons!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, August 19, 2022

Haunted Advent Calendar and Holiday Advents! YAY!

 Happy Friday Everyone!

Gosh, it's been awhile since I've actually done some things for me in own my shop...so, I've had the best time creating and designing!   I know that a lot of us are already crafting things for the holidays. Getting Ready!  I also know that one of the things I do that you guys seem to like are my annual advent calendars.  SO BOY HOWDY, I've been advent calendar making!

There will be five advents this year.  I will do them in limited quantities, so PLEASE if you are interested let me know.  Starting with a Halloween Mansion Advent full of thirty spaces to count down the day.  It's also fun to go in and grab a treat everyday! Just for you! :)  There is a Christmas Tree Coffee Pod Advent, a travel bottle sized Liquor Trunk Advent, Holiday Train Advent, and for those paper lovers, I'm redoing the front of the advent that I did for the last two years....It's a cool!  

I want to first put out the Haunted Halloween Mansion.  I have all the things for it to start cutting and kitting those and it's getting close!  So I would like to throw all my attention into getting those done fast!

For the holiday advents, I think I will take preorders on those maybe starting tomorrow.  The reason?  TWO reasons...I'm out camping to simply have the peace to finish off the train!  Almost done!  Almost!  Had to go home today to cut a few more detail pieces I thought it needed.  So, the pictures for it may be on a picnic table instead of the beautiful white backgrounds Cesar does for me.  

The main reason is I know there are a few to pick from.  I would like to get an idea of how many pieces of wood, chipboard and accessories I would need to purchase, and the preorder would help me identify that.  So if that's cool with everyone, let me start today with the Haunted Halloween Advent.  I will show you all the others as well exception being the one I do from paper.  Still needs some work, but it's designed.  :)

First up, The Haunted Halloween Mansion...

Haunted Halloween Mansion

This heirloom piece is something you'll be delighted and proud to pull out year after year.  Place 30 treats into the individual slots.  Just in case you are counting ( I know you) the 30th treat slot is right behind the 29th in the Mansard roof.  Cut from Baltic Birch Plywood, which means it's a snap to paint.  Or remember my paper friend folks, you can totally cover it with your favorite scrapbook paper and adhesive.

Approximate Measurements: 24-inches Tall (bottom of base to top of rail on Mansard roof), 7-inches Deep (front of base to back of base), 17-inches Wide (from left side of base to right side of base).  

The pictures below show how I painted it.  Your kit will be unassembled and unpainted.  No fear, as always, there will be a tutorial with a ton of pictures that I will email you when I ship.

For more information or to purchase the kit, simply follow the link below to my shop:

Now for the sneak peeks of the holiday advents that are finished...I will add these to the shop some time this weekend.  So keep an eye out.

The Tipsy Trunk Advent Calendar

Talk about add a little spirit to the holidays.  Count down till the big day with 24 differently shaped slots to add 24 different...Or the same...small travel sized liquor bottles.  You know the kind you get on a plane?  HA! A fun way to celebrate the season.  Wood Cut and covered with beautiful papers.

Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar

This would be my favorite advent in the house!  Fill with 24 Keurig style pods of a variety of coffee!  A new one for each day!  Heaven!  Has a lazy Susan at the base to turn and find the day!

Again, please stay tuned for the Christmas Train Advent and these added to my shop tomorrow.

Thanks Tons For Looking!


The Gentleman Crafter