Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Village Collection: September -The Haunted Victorian Manse

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I'm back on track with the Village Collection!  I actually have the September house done in September!  Go Figure!

This month I thought we would get a head start on Spooky October.  We are continuing the Village Collection with what could be either a pretty Victorian House or a Gothic Haunted Manse.  You get to decide by what roof paper you add...That one element makes such a big difference in the look...You will receive the black paper shown (which is basically balanced on the roof for the photo to show I originally did it in the terracotta paper.) or you can use whatever paper you have on hand for the roof.  I think it came out pretty cool.  I love how all the trim details pop off the main paper. and will display it as a part of my Halloween/Fall decorations and then pull off the black paper and add some wreaths to the windows and door for the holidays!  I hope you like it..

The Victorian House /Haunted Manse

If you would like to give this month's Village Collection kit a try... CLICK HERE.

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Thanks so much for coming by for a look!

The Gentleman Crafter