Thursday, February 27, 2014

Breast Care Center Opening!

Good Evening Everyone!

Tonight, I wanted to share with you all the incredible journey I've been on lately! Why sometimes paper crafting had to take the back burner so that I could come home and just veg!   It's been quite an undertaking and it's finally here.... Our Breast Care Center Boutique.  Tonight, we had the big kick off event showing off the New Breast Care Center to the many donors who generously gave of their time and money (millions!!!) to make this a reality for one of our hospitals.

I was honored with the task of taking a gorgeous space and creating a boutique that would not only carry items of inspiration, but post surgical garments, scarves, and informative books to name a few for breast cancer patients, their families and friends.

We had a month to plan and conquer.   This may mean nothing to you, but I feel this small sense of pride for getting the store up and going in this crazy time frame.  From purchasing merchandise, getting it priced, stocked, hiring someone to run the store,  training them, setting up the credit card machine, cash register, purchasing sacks, totes, tissue paper, staples, stapler, calculator, tape dispensers, pens, pencils and fixtures...You name it... We were still opening boxes 10 minutes before the event tonight and some of our merchandise hasn't even arrived yet....But you know what?... the store is open and has merchandise on the shelves.

I have learned so much along the way.  I never thought that I would find myself behind a desk ordering post surgical bras and camisoles... Learning why there are breast drains, how they work, why the drains are there and why drain pockets in garments are so helpful.   How to locate lumps in your breast and to learn that not only women develop breast cancer but men as well.

I'm honestly proud to be apart of this amazing group at the hospital and to be so much more aware of breast cancer and what breast cancer survivors go through. 

Taking the day off tomorrow to breathe...

Have an awesome night!
The Gentleman Crafter

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Making Cards Tonight: A Tutorial...

Good Evening Everyone!

Hope you all are having an awesome week!  I sure have been trying!  Or shall I say... my week has been trying!  LOL!  So I find myself in the studio working out the kinks in my neck!  It works!  I hit the studio... the craft supplies...the smell of Scor-tape and stress seems to just go away!....I think!  With some Advil maybe...

Anyway, I needed to get some cards done!  I wanted something that would be fast, but I also wanted it to be different...uhh....because I'm different...different crazy...but not so crazy that I need to be admitted....close though!

So here's a quick tutorial and tiny video on the card I've been making...

Here's the YouTube video....

Here's a quick tutorial....

  • From chipboard, (I Used Black Heavy Weight Chip.) cut (2) 5 x 7 pieces

  • Cut one of the 5 x7 pieces into (3) pieces by  trimming the top and bottom off at 2-3/8-inches each.  The middle ends up being something like 2-1/16.  Yes, I said 2-1/16!  LOL!  But, just cut one end at 2-3/8, flip the piece and cut the other end at 2-3/8-inch....

  • Cut a piece of black cardstock to 1-1/8-inch.  Score the hinge piece at 1/2-inch and again at 5/8-inch on scoreboard....NOTE:  If the 1/8th-inch thing gets to you, please see my Back to Basic Series located at the top of my blog.

  • Cut the 1-1/8-inch hinge piece to: (2) 2-3/8 and (1) 2-1/16 (Just get close to this...You can always cut it to fit with a craft knife.  Don't stress!)

  • Adhere the hinge pieces to the front and back cardpieces.   Start  at the top and work down. 

  • Cut a 2 x 6-inch piece of paper from patterned paper.  Adhere 1-inch of the top of the strip to the top back of the card.
  •  From cardstock, cut (3) 1/2 x 2-3/4-inch strips for the loops and set aside...

  • Cover each section of the card.... front, back and interior with the patterned cardstock.

  • Adhere the reserved loops from above to each of the (3) front sections of the card front.

  • Feed the 2 x 6 strip through the loops and embellish the front of the card....


Hope you can find some inspiration from this...


The Gentleman Crafter

Sunday, February 23, 2014

And The Aprons Go To....

Good Morning Everyone!!

Let me just say how cool this giveaway has been!  Oh My Gosh your ideas were absolutely awesome!  I have read and reread each and everyone!  It's tough!  I even had a few friends involved in the picking process...That's how good your ideas were.  To pick two...That's Nuts!  Wish I had more aprons for all the cool ideas!

Thank you again for playing along on this giveaway.  I know your ideas will be inspiration for all of us crafters, so thanks again!

Oh well...The two ideas that I thought would be a cool challenge to do were...

LOL you might get ideas you hadn't bargained for!! You know mixed media is hot right now... that is what I'd like to see you create, but you have to to use some specific things plus then what ever you want. :) You have to use a large canvas or canvas board that is at least 12x15 or larger. things to use: at least 1 real metal 3D item, some printed napkins, burlap, one stencil, acrylic paints, and of course a bit of chipboard in there!! :) What a fun little way to have a giveaway! I know I would enjoy having a Ranger apron. I've also enjoyed reading all the suggestions here.
3 D project - An art journal travel case to carry small stencils, Dylusion sprays, pens etc. Love all your stuff, thanks for sharing your world of projects.

Caroline D. and Blue Raven if you would please email me at and let me know what your address is, I will get the aprons out to you!  Congratulations and Many Thanks!

I loved the ideas of the castles and the thatched cottages for St. Patrick's day, but didn't think I had time to get them done by the big day.  Sure would like to try those out one day!

Once again, Thank You All For Your enthusiasm and excellent ideas!  You All Rock!  Of  to get started!

The Gentleman Crafter

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ranger Ink Apron Giveaway!

Good Evening Everyone!

Howdy from the farm!  I'm in a giveaway mood tonight!!  Reason?,  I've cleaned out a few things and I'm making room to store CHIPBOARD.  Reason two, it buys me time to start work on four tutorials...and.... the other reason, thought some of you might like a nice new apron from Ranger Ink! 

Of course there is a catch...

Here's what I was thinking...I'm always thinking!  Reason for insomnia...Yep!  Haven't quite mastered how to turn thoughts OFF and ON yet and it's been what...48 years now?!  LOL!  Enough of my insanity...back to here's what I was thinking....

I've got two Fabulous NEW Ranger Ink aprons up for grabs.  I will pick two (2) folks who leave a comment telling me what YOU would like for ME to create next.  Would it be a mixed media project, a mini, a 3-Dimensional project...a...a...How to sharpen a pencil YouTube tutorial....just let me know.  If your idea is picked and I think it's a cool challenge, an apron goes to you!  So, once again, I will pick TWO ideas from the comments and those TWO people who have left the comment will win an AWESOME NEW Ranger Ink Apron!  Got it?  Cool!  It's easy!  You Can Do It!

I will pick the winners this Saturday night, February 22, 2014.  So lets have some fun and let the ideas roll!  Yahoooo!

Thanks For Coming By!

The Gentleman Crafter

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thanks From Mom!

Good Evening Everybody!

I was sent to my computer with strict orders from my mom tonight....You gotta do what your mom says right?  Well...most things anyway...Kinda?

She wanted me to THANK YOU all for the sweet and kind BIRTHDAY comments that you left her here on my blog as well as my Facebook page!  She was very touched by your kindness to her!  So Thank You!

I want to also THANK YOU!  It's so nice for each of you to take time out of your day to make my mom's birthday so special!  I so appreciate it!  You all ROCK!

Dinner at the Daily Grill...Domain.  Granna trying to see microscopic images on my niece, Molly Jane's phone!

My awesome family!  My sister Kim, Truett, Liya Kate, Finny, Cesar, me, Birthday Girl...Nell, and Molly Jane...We missed the rest of our crew...Tucker, Gibson, Emily and Devin, but we know they were there in spirit.:)

Have an awesome week and thanks again!

The Gentleman Crafter

Happy Birthday Mom!

Good Morning Everyone!

A post today celebrating my Mother's Birthday!!!


A few of the things I thank you for...

Your Unconditional Love
Giving Me God
Giving me Morals and Manners
Showing me how to care for others
How to iron my own shirt
How to make the one and only thing in the kitchen:  Your Amazing Pot Roast
How to love
How to take care of myself
For all the times you worried over me
For all the times you cried for me
For all the times you gave when you really couldn't
For all the meals you made to nourish my body
For all the times you stayed up and waited for me to come home
For all the advice

Thank you mom for being such a support and pillar in my life.  I pray daily that I make you proud!

I love you MOM!   Happy Birthday!

Your Son,

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Giveaway Winner!

Good Morning Everyone!

I've been under the weather this weekend.  I hate that!  It takes me away from the things I love to do and my studio.  Feeling a bit better this morning, but also feel like I've been hit by a semi and still woozy!  So forgive what I may write.  I can't recall when I have slept the entire day, but I guess it was needed.  I wanted to get this post out there before I go back to hibernation..

Before, I begin, please know how much I enjoyed reading each and every submission. They all touched me.  I hope you were moved by the love in the comments as well.  Thank you so much for playing along on this giveaway! 

The Winner of the Graphic 45 Valentine Couture is..... Noreen. Congratulation!

What a neat box!

1. Family
2. Friends
3. Good Books
4. Sunrise
5. Sunset
6. A Walk in the Woods
7. Spring - when all the trees are in bloom
8. Fall - when the trees are covered with bright fall leaves
9. Snow
10. Mexican Food
11. Christmas Time
12. A warm blanket and a good movie
13. Hot Chocolate
14. Fresh clean air

Happy Valentine's Day!

Crafty Journal

Noreen, If you would please be kind enough to email me at: with your address, I will get this out to you!

Thanks so much again everyone!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Couture Valentines and Giveaway!

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Valentine's to you!  May your day be filled with love, kisses, chocolate and happiness!

For Valentine's Day, I decided to do one last card for the season.  A Graphic 45 Couture Collection Valentine to be exact and a Brooch Box to hold it....Here's a look...

First it started with the heart....

I made the heart by plying several layers of heart shaped chipboard together.  Next, I covered the chipboard heart with Wendy Vecchi's White Embossing Paste.  While it was still wet, I pushed some pearls into the paste and allowed it to dry.  I went back into the voids with some Ranger Glossy Accents and seed beads.  I added a blingy button to the front of the heart and alcohol inked the heart and button.

Then the Card....

Since the heart was heavy, I cut a couple of pieces of medium weight black chipboard to make the card.  I hinged the left side with cardstock.  I actually used a sheet of G45's Typography for the background face of the card and then cut a sheet from the Couture collection for the frame. Once this was done,  I glued the heart to the card.  I placed a banner across the heart and added a round tag to the front with bronze brads.  Last, I added one of the G45 cut-a-parts to the inside of the card for the greeting.

The Brooch Box...

I made a drawered box for the card.  I covered the box with the Graphic 45 Couture papers and then thought, what in blazes can I do to the front?...A brooch....The paper is covered with Rhinestone brooches...Why not?....So a broach makin' I went.  I had a big flower pendant pin that I had purchased from Michaels....Hold on let me grab the package for the info.  I know you will want to know...OK, Back...It was a Bead Landing C'est La Vie Pendant/Pin The Sku# on the back is  00100 83075 8.  That said, I die cut a scalloped circle from Couture covered chipboard.  Next, I used the We R Memory Keepers 1/4-inch punch and punched holes at each scallop.  I glued the pearls into the holes I made by the 1/4-inch punch.  Last, I added some black tulle to the back of the broach and glued it to the front of the box...I added another cut-a-part from the collection and called the front...DONE!

The Closure....

Of course I could have made a strap to close the box or I could have just tied a ribbon around it to keep it closed...but, Oh No!....I wanted to try something different...LOL!  Since the theme of the paper was Couture, I thought garment...which led me to the "belt loops" or in this case, let's call them sash loops...(Secret Note...always watch Downton Abby when creating with the Couture Collection...It really helps with the inspiration....)  So, I placed several sash loops around the entire box and threaded the black ribbon through the loops.  I tied a bow at the top left and called it...Sash Loop Closure...LOL!  DONE!

Now for the fun....

I would be very honored to give the Broach Box and card to a VERY special Valentine....If you would like to be the recipient, please be a follower and leave a comment on the 14 things you LOVE!  See simple right?  14 Things you love.  Be it your Partner, Cat, Dog, Pasta, Mexican Food, Fresh Flowers...Whatever...14 things you love this Valentine's Day...I want to hear about it...Once you leave a comment, I will place your name into a random generator that will help pick the winner of the Graphic 45 Broach Box and Card! 

I so thank you for coming by today.  I hope that you have an awesome Valentine's Day!

Love Ya!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Graphic 45 Spring Seed Journal Tutorial

Good Morning Everyone!

I am thinking Spring here folks! Yep, Spring to me means looking through seed catalogs from Burpee, Jackson and Perkins and even stopping to look at the seed racks in the big box stores.  I LOVE to grow things!  Yes, it's 20 to 30 degrees at night here, but that doesn't mean I can't start pulling out my seeds and planting them in a warm window for a head start.  I love to watch seeds grow...Means new life....a fresh start...and reminds me of growing those beans in Dixie cup in third grade....Remember?

So, in an effort to be a bit more organized this year, I decided to make a seed journal to keep track of the seeds progress and what and when I planted them...  What better thing to make the journal with than Graphic 45's Beautiful Botanical Tea Paper collection... I love this collection!  It's Gorgeous!...I hope you agree...Please keep in mind, if seeds and growing things is not your bag, this would be a cool book to keep memorabilia in...Just Sayin'! (Big Smiley Grin!)

Here's a look at the Graphic 45 Seed Journal I made using the AMAZING Botanical Tea Paper Collection.  I'm totally not just saying that because I LOVE G45...Take a look for yourself!  Beautiful collection right?

If you would like to make the seed journal, I have included a link to the tutorial on how to make it and a template for the seed packet pages for this project below:

Please grab it the free tutorial here....and the Seed Packet Page template here....

I hope you have an AMAZING day!


The Gentleman Crafter

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kathy's Heart

Good Morning Everybody!

Well, it's another cold morning.  Hopes of warmer weather by this afternoon and even higher temps in the 80's predicted for the coming week.  Crazy weather this year huh? 

Keeping with the Valentine theme today, I wanted to share a heart I made for my sweet sister Kathy a few years back  OK, longer than I think...The years fly by don't they?  At one point in my life I was so into making these primitive figures...I couldn't get enough...What was so cool to me is that primitive is just that primitive... didn't have to be perfect.  Whatever you ended up with was what you had.  Coffee stained muslin, rusty jingle bells, paint and thread...

Yes, the whitish looking things on each side are wings...Glad you asked...LOL!  The bells were rusted by taking silver bells and using a recipe that If I recall needed to be done outside with Vinegar and something else...but I do remember being fascinated by this stuff foaming up when it came into contact with the metal...
Well, life did what it does best and shook things up.  The heart came back to me and now hangs over my door. When I leave the house, I see the heart and it not only reminds me of my sweet sister, but also reminds me how each day needs to be Valentine's Day...Full of Love!
Thanks for coming by!  Have an Awesome Love Filled Day!
The Gentleman Crafter

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dyan's White Linen Technique...

Good Evening Everybody!

You asked for a Dylusions page from scratch so here it is!  When I was at CHA last, I hung out with my gal pal Lady Dy to see this amazing new technique using the Dylusions White Linen Ink Spray.  It makes those BRIGHTS turn into really cool pastels.  I loved this so much, I wanted to show you how it's done.  So here we go....

I pulled out my Dylusions Creative Journal.  This time instead of water I added the White Linen Dylusions Ink Spray to both pages of the journal.  (Make sure you shake this stuff up.  It's got a little metal ball to help mix the goodies inside.) I sprayed the pages completely with the White Linen Dylusions Ink Spray.  I couldn't remember whether she spritzed it with water after, so I just used the White Linen spray.

Next, I chose Cut Grass, Vibrant Turquoise and Bubblegum Pink for my page colors.  I sprayed BIG puddles of the Bubblegum Pink in the bottom right and top left corners, then the Vibrant Turquoise in the other corners.  I filled the center with Cut Grass. 

This is where the magic happens!  At least for me!  I LOVE THIS PART!!!!  Can You Tell???... I could do backgrounds all day just because of this step!  Close the book and let all the colors MELD together forming their MAGIC!  Open the book and Voila! Instant Goodness!

I then took my heat gun and dried the pages a bit.  There is lots of ink on these pages and this helps speed up the process.  As Dyan says, "Don't Cook It...Just Waft It."   Well, I wafted just to the point of cook...LOL!

Now that the pages were dry, I used the White Linen Spray on Dyan's Stamp pad and stamped the new The Write Words to the background.  For added background noise I used the new Graphic Backgrounds Brick and the Circles stamp.  Now it was time for Dylusions Fancy Florals stamp all around the border.  I did this with Ranger's Black Archival Ink.  I used another size flower from Dyan's set and over-stamped around the flowers.  Last, I added another flower with the bleaching technique.  I doodled around the flowers with the Uniball Signo white pen and a black Sakura Micron.  I used some of Dylusions leaves and stamped them into the border as well.

Now that I had the page/border where I liked it, I added some thin little Popsicle sticks for a trellis to the left page.  I whitewashed the trellis with the White Linen Ink.  I added a flower and some leaves...Done...

The Trellis with Flower and Leaves....

Last, I free handed a leaf, dolled it up with the same sprays I used earlier, glued it to the page and journaled on it...

That's it...Hope you like....

Have an Awesome Sunday Y'all!

The Gentleman Crafter