Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Couture Valentines and Giveaway!

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Valentine's to you!  May your day be filled with love, kisses, chocolate and happiness!

For Valentine's Day, I decided to do one last card for the season.  A Graphic 45 Couture Collection Valentine to be exact and a Brooch Box to hold it....Here's a look...

First it started with the heart....

I made the heart by plying several layers of heart shaped chipboard together.  Next, I covered the chipboard heart with Wendy Vecchi's White Embossing Paste.  While it was still wet, I pushed some pearls into the paste and allowed it to dry.  I went back into the voids with some Ranger Glossy Accents and seed beads.  I added a blingy button to the front of the heart and alcohol inked the heart and button.

Then the Card....

Since the heart was heavy, I cut a couple of pieces of medium weight black chipboard to make the card.  I hinged the left side with cardstock.  I actually used a sheet of G45's Typography for the background face of the card and then cut a sheet from the Couture collection for the frame. Once this was done,  I glued the heart to the card.  I placed a banner across the heart and added a round tag to the front with bronze brads.  Last, I added one of the G45 cut-a-parts to the inside of the card for the greeting.

The Brooch Box...

I made a drawered box for the card.  I covered the box with the Graphic 45 Couture papers and then thought, what in blazes can I do to the front?...A brooch....The paper is covered with Rhinestone brooches...Why not?....So a broach makin' I went.  I had a big flower pendant pin that I had purchased from Michaels....Hold on let me grab the package for the info.  I know you will want to know...OK, Back...It was a Bead Landing C'est La Vie Pendant/Pin The Sku# on the back is  00100 83075 8.  That said, I die cut a scalloped circle from Couture covered chipboard.  Next, I used the We R Memory Keepers 1/4-inch punch and punched holes at each scallop.  I glued the pearls into the holes I made by the 1/4-inch punch.  Last, I added some black tulle to the back of the broach and glued it to the front of the box...I added another cut-a-part from the collection and called the front...DONE!

The Closure....

Of course I could have made a strap to close the box or I could have just tied a ribbon around it to keep it closed...but, Oh No!....I wanted to try something different...LOL!  Since the theme of the paper was Couture, I thought garment...which led me to the "belt loops" or in this case, let's call them sash loops...(Secret Note...always watch Downton Abby when creating with the Couture Collection...It really helps with the inspiration....)  So, I placed several sash loops around the entire box and threaded the black ribbon through the loops.  I tied a bow at the top left and called it...Sash Loop Closure...LOL!  DONE!

Now for the fun....

I would be very honored to give the Broach Box and card to a VERY special Valentine....If you would like to be the recipient, please be a follower and leave a comment on the 14 things you LOVE!  See simple right?  14 Things you love.  Be it your Partner, Cat, Dog, Pasta, Mexican Food, Fresh Flowers...Whatever...14 things you love this Valentine's Day...I want to hear about it...Once you leave a comment, I will place your name into a random generator that will help pick the winner of the Graphic 45 Broach Box and Card! 

I so thank you for coming by today.  I hope that you have an awesome Valentine's Day!

Love Ya!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. 1 I love you
    2 I love Cesar
    3 I love Hubbie
    4 I love kindness
    5 I love Paper
    6 I love Coffee
    7 I love Chocolate
    8 I love Sunshine
    9 I love A Clean House
    10 I love when someone else makes my house clean
    11 I love Shopping
    12 I love Altered objects
    13 I love Family
    14 I love Friends
    Not in that particular order
    Love Carol Hester

  2. I would love to be your VALENTINE Jim!
    1. My hubby
    2. My daughter
    3. My step-son
    4. My doggie (Maggie Mae)
    6. My crafty friends
    7. Playing with craft supplies
    8. Art Journaling
    9. Being healthy
    10. My family
    11. Ice-cream
    12.My friends
    13. Inky fingers
    14.Your generosity to share your talent.

  3. "14 Things I Love"
    1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. USA
    4. Papercrafting
    5. Quilting & Other Fiber Arts
    6. Blogs that feature #4 & 5
    7. Pieces of jewelry that were left to me by loved one's.
    8. My 4 "babies" (cats) that I had to give away when I moved.
    9. Seafood
    10. Travel
    11. Learning
    12. Ladybugs
    13. Turtles
    14. Give-a-ways like this.

  4. 1.I love your work
    2.I love God
    3. I love America
    4 I love my Dsughter
    5 I love my New son in law
    6. I love my husband eho is Heaven
    7 I love chocolate
    8. I love Yellow roses
    9. I love to craft.
    10. I love to read
    11. I love to hear the birds on the early morning
    12. I love Life
    13 i love my dogs
    14. I love the smell of rain

  5. This is gorgeous Jim! 14 things I love -
    1. My Husband David
    2. My Daughter Jessica
    3. You and your blog and all your wonderful creations (yes I know that's 3 really)
    4. Our two grandsons
    5. Rubber Stamps and ink
    6. Handmade things that are made with love
    7. Bright colours
    8. My Laptop
    9. Your Graphic 45 Lighthouse
    10. Books
    11. Making crafting friends all around the world (see no 8)!
    12. Shopping - especially for craft supplies
    13. Italian food (all pasta especially spaghetti bolognaise - yum)
    14. Red wine

    A combination of all of these would be my idea of heaven! Happy Valentines day to you and Cesar. Much love xx

  6. Wow! Thanks Jim, this is amazing! Here's my list of 14:
    1. My husband
    2. My Dogs Roxy, Elway, and Sierra
    3. My Cats: Reese, Bear, Koa
    4. My Job
    5. My family
    6. The ability to craft on almost a daily basis
    7. Health
    8. Hearts and Love
    9. Cool weather
    10. Happiness
    11. Faith
    12. Icecream
    13. Inspiration from other Crafters
    14. God

  7. The 14 things I love
    1. My Hubby
    2. My Kids
    3. Friends (and yes, I count you and Cesar in that category!)
    4. The internet (I have made friends all over the world
    5. The kindness of others
    6. All things paper related.. haha
    7. Cooking
    8. My rescue dogs
    9. The rain
    10. Beautiful sunsets
    11. The beach
    12. Dragonflies
    13. Good company
    14. Being alive

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Cesar!

  8. Wow amazing Jim as always.
    Okay in no particular order

    1. My amazing husband
    2.My family
    4.My job
    5..My beautiful Dalmatian
    6. my handsome Labrador
    7.The Maldives
    8.My country
    9.Having time to Crafting
    10. The ocean anywhere in the world
    11. Chocolate of most types
    12. The Postman when he brings me new crafting products
    13.Fresh snow
    14 Jim Hankins Talent

    Happy Valentines day to you and Cesar x

  9. my family
    wat hing you on ustream
    mum's dog - i live in a flat so not good for dogs
    my friends
    being able to skype reaching my international friends
    to bless people whenever I can

  10. 1. The Lord God
    2. My Country KOREA
    3. Family
    4. Friend
    5. Craft
    6. Cat
    7. Music
    8. Sky
    9. Love
    10. Tea
    11. My hand
    12. Piano
    13. Movie
    14. Earth

  11. WOW---Great! Thanks!
    14 things I love:
    1- My hubs
    2- My kiddies
    3-my craft creativity
    4- beautiful creations (like this)
    5-My country
    8- food
    12-my furbabies (can't forget them!)

  12. So gorgeous !
    Here my list :
    1- my son
    2- nursing
    3- reading
    4- cat
    5- books
    6- London
    7- English idiom
    8- Science
    9- Bike
    10- Crafts
    11- Scrapbook
    12- friend
    13- movies
    14- my sister

  13. 1. People I have lost but are never out of my heart
    2. Friends boys daughter in law
    5 my grandkids
    6. Painting
    7. Entertaining my friends
    8 journalling
    9. My dog
    10. You tube!
    11. Play days
    12. Color all around us
    13. My many blessings
    14. Creating

  14. What a gorgeous creation, Jim! Happy Valentines Day to you, too!
    My 14 things I love:
    1. God
    2. My husband
    3. My kids
    4. My fabulous, wonderful grandkids!!!
    5. Papercrafting
    6. traveling
    7. pizza
    8. Carrabbas restaurant
    9. angels
    11. my mom and sisters and brother... they should actually be higher on the list... it's in no particular order, lol
    12. vintage lace and buttons
    13. thrift shops/garage sales
    14. blogland!

  15. 1. Creative art
    2. Music
    3. Travel
    4. Geocaching
    5. Road trips
    6. Hockey
    7. Sunsets on sandy beaches
    8. Friends and family
    9. Shoes
    10. Scrapbooking all-nighters
    11. My cats, Gidget & Merlot
    12. Lobster
    13. Redecorating
    14. Being in Love!

    Happy Valentines Day!!

  16. ok, I'm a follower for a long time. Now my list:
    1- My family
    2- papercrafting
    3- chocolate
    4- drive
    5- my friends
    6- my students
    7- hand bags
    8- miniatures
    9- butterflies
    10- good music
    11- watch TV series
    12- Craft shows
    13- New York
    14- the sea

    Happy Valentines Day!

  17. Another great creation.
    1. My daughter
    2. My nieces and nephews
    3. My mom, brother, and sister in law
    4. Disneyland
    5. Sleeping in
    6. Soda (mmmm)
    7. Scary movies
    8. Baseball
    9. Books
    10. Crafting (of course)
    11. Facebook (keeps me in touch with my family in other states)
    12. YouTube
    13. Pinterest
    14. Spending time with my family

  18. Ooh,This is fun...I want to be your Valentine! YAY!! Thanks
    1 Jack(my son)
    2 my sister
    3 my mom
    4my husband
    5 my dogs
    6 memories of my grandparents
    7 friends
    12swimming pools
    13 vacations(which I never get)
    15Pink Floyd

  19. 1.God
    6.All of my senses
    9.The arts- all kinds
    10. Life

    1. 11.Being crafty
      12. Reading
      13.Learning new things
      14. Blessing others

    2. 1. Life
      2. My Hubby
      3. My Children
      4. The Sun
      5. My Faith
      6. Coffee in the morning.
      7. Caramel
      8. My Country
      9. My Grandchildren
      10. A good night's sleep.
      11. Perfectly cooked steak.
      12. A hot shower.
      13. Gin and Tonic.
      14. Good Friends.

  20. This is a fabulous project!
    1. my family
    2. the children I work with
    3. my friends
    4. papercrafting
    5. sunshine
    6. flowers
    7. coffee
    8. chocolate
    9. spaghetti
    10. Graphic 45
    11. reading
    12. Bruce Springsteen
    13. hearts
    14. snow days

  21. How beautiful! Wow! (as always)
    1. My God
    2. My family
    3. My friends
    4. My flute
    5. My flute teacher
    6. Sunday morning church services
    7. Cookies
    8. Birthday Parties
    9. Disney World
    10. Summer days at the pool
    12. Papercrafting
    13. My bed/sleep
    14. Music

  22. 14 things I love:
    1 - my husband
    2 - my daughter
    3 - my mom
    4 - a very special watch, gift from my father whos no longer with us
    5 - my mother in law
    6 - chocolate and sweets
    7 - my friends
    8 - my home
    9 - a walk in the park
    10 - sleeping till noon
    11 - our house in the mountain
    12 - traveling
    13 - scrapbooking
    14 - my paper stash and distress inks


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  24. Such a beautiful creation.

    Things I LOVE
    1. My 4 g'children they are the apple of my eye :)
    2. My 2 dogs who lift me up when I am down.
    3. My DH who is always there.
    4. My crafting time.
    5. G45 my addiction, must have :)
    6. My coffee in the Morning.
    7. My chats with my Mom who is far away :)
    8. Can't forget about Chocolates OMG!
    9. My friends far and near.
    10. Blake Shelton
    11. My Starbucks Venti Carmel Frap with X caramel mmmmmm
    12 Snowy days (which we haven't had the pleasure of this year. Instead drought is hauntinng us)
    13. My job :)
    14. Bling, my crafting BLING! So yummy :)

  25. First off your Couture Valentine is absolutely beautiful! Who ever the lucky Valentine is will be over the moon to receive such a fabulous Valentine! Okay for my 14 things...
    1. Michael (Fiance)
    2. Mr. Hoppy (Our House Bunny)
    3. His New Job (Starting it on Feb. 24th)
    4. The Ability To Create
    5. Your Awesome Projects and Other Fabulous Creative People
    6. Stopped Smoking (Today is 2 Months and 1 Day!)
    7. Sunshine (Helps Me To Smile)
    8. Rice Krispy Treats (My Favorite)
    9. Dyan Revealey's Dylusions Products
    10. Tim Holtz Ranger Products
    11. Cappuccino (French Vanilla)
    12. Books On CD (So I Can Listen While Creating)
    13. Music (All Kinds)
    14. Movies (All Kinds)

  26. First of all Happy Valentine's Day to you Jim.
    14 Things I Love:
    1. My Husband
    2. My 2 children
    3. My 9 grandchildren
    4.My Mother
    5. The rest of my Family
    6. My friends
    7. Crafting
    8. Gardening
    9. Fishing
    10. Camping
    11. The USA
    12.Jim The Gentleman Crafter's Projects & His Blog
    13. Chocolate
    14. Animals
    Wow that's a long list. Thanks for the Beautiful Giveaway Jim!

  27. First of all I want to say thanks for being an inspiration to me.
    The things I love.....
    1.) My husband, he's been with threw thick and thin.
    2.) My son, He is my miracle child.
    3.) My family, we my not always get along but we are family and I love them to death.
    4.) My dogs, Lina and Pluto, they are my babies.
    5.) My crafting. I'm going to learn at least 3 new techniques this year. If not more.
    6.) My students, I love them like they are my own children.
    7.) My Jeep Grand Cherokee, for keeping me safe.
    8.) Spending quality time with my husband and son.
    9.) My Job. It gives me reason too get out of bed each day.
    10.) My friends, For being there when I need them.
    11.) My Mother-in-law, Who loves me like I am her own child.
    12.) For the Sun every morning, and keeping me warm.
    13.) Books, I love to read.
    14.) Jim the Gentleman Crafter, Who pushes me, even through he doesn't know it, to be a better crafter.

    Thank you for this chance.
    Sharon Bottini

  28. I hope this takes

    1. My dog Missy
    2. My dog Pancho
    3. My cat Ms Bea
    4. My cat Mr Bizzy
    5. my home
    6. my family
    7. my friends
    8. the chance to win this beautiful box
    9. coffee in the morning
    10. chocolate cake
    11. papercrafts
    12. The Gentleman Crafter's projects
    13. scrapbooking
    14. surfing youtube for scrapping ideas

  29. 1. My husband
    2. My two children and DIL
    3. My two granddaughters
    4. My HUGE family
    5. My grand dog
    6. Living in a small town
    7. My home
    8. My wonderful friends
    9. Holidays, Valentine's Day
    10. Funky vintage "stuff"
    11. Eating really delicious food
    12. Reading a good book
    13. Each new season
    14. Writing my blog

  30. I Love:
    8-God's Art

    Hugs to all,

  31. I Love:
    1. God
    2. My hubby
    3. My children
    4. My dog, Koda
    5. My extended family and friends
    6. My craft room
    7. The smell of fresh cut grass
    8. Brownies!
    9. To laugh
    10. Driving with the windows down litening to great music
    11. Reading
    12. Good tasting coffee
    13. Blogs with great crafting inspiration
    14. Every day I wake up next to my husband!

    Thank you for the chance at a beautiful project! HUGS

  32. LOL - got your 14 things I love pattern yesterday and I LOVE making the heart today for the man i love - and creating the 14 cards too go inside to tell him how much i love him ;)) so today the 14 things i love are all my husband of 40 years (ps i paid paypal twice for the pattern - will send another email - angelkisses ;)) Arlene Shipley

  33. Hi Gentleman Jim,
    Love your giveaway. So 14 things I love in no particular order.
    1. Your giveaway
    2. Your awesome talent and wiliness to share it
    3. My DH
    4. My Mom
    5. My special Yorkie boy named Yankee
    6. My friends
    7. Chocolate
    8. Italian food
    9. Making quilts
    10. Making chipboard/paper projects
    11. Swimming
    12. My home
    13. Ice tea
    14. Reading

  34. Fourteen things I love:
    1. God
    2. My hubby
    3. My two sons
    4. my life
    5. wonderful inspiration from this blog
    6. sweets
    7 creating
    8. blessings
    9 my dog
    10 my job
    11 G45
    12 Prima
    13 Lindy's
    14 Les Miserables

  35. What a neat box!

    1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Good Books
    4. Sunrise
    5. Sunset
    6. A Walk in the Woods
    7. Spring - when all the trees are in bloom
    8. Fall - when the trees are covered with bright fall leaves
    9. Snow
    10. Mexican Food
    11. Christmas Time
    12. A warm blanket and a good movie
    13. Hot Chocolate
    14. Fresh clean air

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Crafty Journal

  36. 1. First grandson, Elliott, born eight years ago today!
    2. Second grandson, Jonah.
    3. Daughter, Emily, who gave me two beautiful grandsons!
    4. Son, Daniel.
    5. Husband of 41 years, Jim.
    6. Crafting, mainly with paper.
    7. Harry Potter
    8. Traveling with my husband.
    9. Cooking
    10. Simply being home.
    11. Cross-stitching
    12. Searching the WWW for anything and everything!
    13. Keeping my home clutter free, which means constantly purging.
    14. BBC television

  37. Fourteen things that I love:

    1. My Hubby
    2. Making altered crafts
    3. My 3 cats
    4. Playing WOW (on-line game)
    5. Graphic 45 paper
    6. Antiquing with my hubby
    7. Getting wonderful ideas from this blog
    8. Shopping
    9. Sewing historical costumes
    10. Going out for a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day
    11. Reading
    12. Dark chocolate
    13. Watching a great movie
    14. My Home

    Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous card!

  38. 1. mother
    2. daughter
    3. granddaughter
    4. grandson
    5. brother
    6. nephews
    7. great nieces
    8. great nephew
    9. Jazz
    10. friends
    11. ethnic foods
    12. butterflies
    13. baby birds
    and 14. you Jim if you pick me, heck you even if you don't

    Happy Valentine's Day to everyone

  39. Love this Valentine. What a great project.
    1. The quiet, peaceful place I live
    2. A warm house on a snowy day
    3. A day full of crafting
    4. Trying new craft supplies
    5. Sharing my knowledge with others
    6. Learning new things
    7. A bright sunny day after a snow storm
    8. All my dear friends who love me
    9. Watching all the wild things outside my window
    10. A heart shaped box full of chocolate
    11. Spreading smiles where ever I go
    12. Giving to others
    13. Winning great prizes
    14.Your generosity to give this beautiful Valentine away

    Hope your day is full of smiles, love and happiness.

  40. In no particular order:
    1. I love my husband
    2. I love my 3 daughters
    3. I love my dog
    4. I love creating
    5. I love this project more than I can say
    6. I love my family
    7. I love pizza
    8. I love the snow (even though we have had over 60" of it this year!)
    9. I love to laugh
    10. I love scrapbooking
    11. I love creating
    12. I love seeing what you create...
    13. I love the movies
    14. I love listing what I love because it reminds me of what I love.....

  41. 1. My Mom
    2. My Husband
    3. My three fur babies
    4. Chocolate
    5. The beach
    6. snow
    7. walking my dogs on the beach
    8. my craft room
    9. any Sci-Fi movies or tv shows
    10. RenFaire
    11. Shopping
    12. A True Friend
    13. Watching game shows
    14. Your kindness and generosity to share with us!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. The Fourteen things of many many things that I love:
    1. You Jim for giving me inspiration on days that I really need it
    2. My 2 awesome kids (that as well give me inspiration on a daily basis)
    3. My friends
    4. Spring, Summer and Fall (you will notice that I left out winter...not on my love list at the moment)
    5. Paper of all types, weights, and patterns
    6. My Dog
    7. My Cat
    8. Horses
    9. Being Cancer Free since 2009
    10. Cooking
    11. Ustream and YouTube
    12. Sunny days
    13. My motorcycle
    14. Chocolate

    Jim, you are so creative, talented and inspiring and I would like to say thanks so very much for just being you!

  43. I am a follower, and always enjoy your posts.
    Here's what I love:
    1. My hubby
    2. My 2 children
    3. My 2 grandsons
    4. My dog
    5. My cat
    6. My mom - age 91
    7. My dad - age 95
    8. My sister - only sibling, won't tell her age
    9. My sense of humor
    10. My creativity
    11. My home in Northern Michigan
    12. Lake Superior
    13. Camping
    14. My life

  44. Happy Valentine's Day! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!
    Here are my "loves" in no particular order...
    1. God
    2. My Mom
    3. My Hubby
    4. My two dogs
    5. My job (I'm a teacher)
    6. Crafting (although I'm NOWHERE near YOUR creativity!)!
    7. My family
    8. Listening to music
    9. Traveling
    10. Eating!
    11. Dancing
    12. Laughing
    13. Friends
    14. Your Blog!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  45. Ahhh The First 14 of Many things I Love are:
    1.My God
    2.My husband
    3. My 3 beautiful young adult kids
    4. My 3 beautiful Italian Greyhounds
    5. my 3 kitties!
    6. My extended family
    7. the beach
    8. the beautiful sunsets here in Tampa!
    9. Sunny warm days
    10. Church on Christmas Eve
    11. Thanksgiving Dinner at our house with as many family?friends that can make it!
    12. Watching wild animals at play!
    13. Downton Abbey! Yes- I'm soooo addicted - have pieces of Downton jewelry-plan on visiting Highclere Castle!
    14. the wonderful way you Jim, the Gentleman Crafter tells your story on your blog-simply delightful wording!

    Thank you for the chance to possibly get this beautiful creation! Its a treat just looking at it!

  46. OK - here goes!

    1. My sister - Laurie
    2. My grandbabies - Desiree, Isabelle, Abigail
    3. My daughters - Carolyn and Caitlin
    4. My family
    5. My friends
    6. The Crafty Scrapper
    7. Michaels
    8. JoAnns
    9. Hobby Lobby
    10. Ross
    11. Target
    12. Tuesday Morning
    13. Big Lots
    14. and last but not least - MUSIC!

  47. What a beautiful piece. Thank you for giving it away.
    I love
    1. God
    2. My sons
    3 My daughter
    4 My 4 grandsons
    5 Friends
    6 Memories of my parents - I miss them greatly
    7 Crafting
    8 Music
    9 Reading
    10 America
    11 Watching Pro Football
    12 Chocolate and Peanut Butter
    13 Playing games
    14 You, your great blog, and your inspiration

  48. wow, 14.
    1 the inspiration I get from blogs (just adore yours)
    2 friends
    3 family
    4 dogs
    5 tennis
    6 card making
    7 my dh
    8 the comuter
    9 the internet
    10 electricity
    11 thomas Edison for starting the whole mess
    12 ben franklin (relative that I get many frugal tendencies from)
    13 music
    14 God

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. 1. God
    2. Husband
    3. kids
    4. cats
    5. sunshine
    6. warm weather
    7. biking
    8. hiking
    9. reading in my backyard
    10. crafting
    11. bunnies
    12. gardening
    13. tutorials
    14. shopping
    I love how incredibly creative people are and seeing what awesome projects they create-

  51. 14 Things I Love...
    1) Being Alive
    2) Having the freedom to choose my own Destiny
    3) Creating
    4) Being there for Other People
    5) Learning
    6) Teaching
    7) My Mum
    8) My Dad (Even though he's no longer with us)
    9) The amazing sense of Community Spirit that can be found when things go wrong (just wish it was there all the time)
    10) My Home (a place of personal space & safety)
    11) My Country
    12) Reading all your Inspirational Blog Posts
    13) My new pet Micro Frog
    14) All things Tim Holtz, Dylusional & Graphics 45.

    I know I cheated a bit on the last one ;-)

    Have a fabulous Valentine's Day
    Theresa x

  52. I love....
    1. My wonderful husband
    2. My sweet kitties
    3. My sons
    4. My grandchildren
    5. Friends
    6. Paper crafting
    7. America
    8. Texas
    9. Music
    10. Mexican food
    11. Springtime
    12. Good books
    13. Afternoon naps
    14. Last, but not least, God

  53. 1 -6 - my short legged children, Peanut, Paige, Wylie, Curley Joe, Fievel and Oscar (the kitty)
    7 - My family
    8 - All my new friends I have made in the past year or so.... Jimmy, Cesar, Barbara, Kay
    9 - Life. Simplly loving each day
    10 - My house. It is finally coming together and becoming a home I love being in
    11 - Gardening. I love growing things and watching them bloom or produce fruit as in the case of my fruit trees
    12 - CRAFTING, creating, learning new techniques
    13 - A warm sunny day in the hammock with a good book
    14 - Yellowstone Park

  54. 14 Things that I Love
    1 - My Family (too many to mention by name, but they include my hubby, my parents, my sisters and nephews.
    2 - My Freedom (the fact that I live in a country that allows me the right to be free)
    3 - My God (I may not practice like I should, but my faith is strong)
    4 - My Doctors, they keep me healthy
    5 - My Craft - I love that I have the ability to express myself through art via paper, fabric, beads, etc.
    6 - My Friends - You know who you are
    7 - My New Crafting Friends - I know who you are and love you all
    8 - Solitude - Don't you sometimes just love being alone in your thoughts and dreams
    9 - My Home, we've lived here almost 50 years and I can't imagine living any place else.
    10 - Learning lessons from life experiences. They're always the best and most profound.
    11 - Singing in the shower. How many times I've been glad no one was around to hear.
    12 - Peanut butter, nuff said.
    13 - My new found vice - Starbucks Venti Mocha Frapp
    14 - Warm sunny days, and moonlit starry nights.

  55. You are so very talented; 14 things I love
    1. My husband
    2. My sister
    3. My daughter & son
    4. Shopping
    5.My dogs, Bubba & Bella
    6. My folks, in heaven
    7. My cats
    8. USA
    9. My home in the country
    10. Crafting of all kinds
    11. My niece and her family
    12. My grandsons
    13. Horses, and animals of all kids
    14. Being retired from job of 32 years.

  56. Your heart is just stunning. Such beautiful texture. 14 things that I love:
    1. My daughter
    2. My sister, brother and Mother
    3 My cat, Sophie
    4. Crafting
    5. Roses
    6. Nursing, I love my patients!
    7. Watermelon
    8. Sunrises
    9. Gently falling snow.
    10. Deer and other wildlife.
    11. Scrapbook supply shopping.
    12. All things shabby chic
    13. Travelling
    14. The beach. I could watch the waves for hours.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to win, Jim.

  57. Here are my 14 things:
    1. God and the wonderful life he has given me.
    2. My husband
    3. My beautiful cat
    4. My 2 sisters and brothers-in-law
    5. My special friends
    6. My nieces and nephews
    7. Being able to do craft shows to make a living
    8. USA as a whole
    9. Alaska
    10. Being retired from a "regular" job
    11. Cruising
    12. All paper crafting
    13. Gardening
    14. My home
    Jim, thank you for the opportunity to think of all the things I love. There are more, including you and all of the wonderful projects you present to us all the time. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Cesar!

  58. I love:

    1. Luc
    2. Nicholas
    3. Katie
    4. Maarten
    5. Mom
    6. Making jewelry
    7. Crafting
    7. Your amazing ideas
    8. Online crafting classes
    9. Tea
    10. Walking with friends
    11. Dance class
    12. Chocolate
    13. Lobster
    14. Vintage bling

  59. Wow so very cool. I'm inspired without watching Downtown Abby! I Love:
    1. my son Joshua and his creativity
    2. my son Jaden's and his dry and sometimes offensive humor
    3. my weekly margarita nights with my gal pals
    4. my family as diverse as they are
    5. my dog Liliana
    6. my very talented scrapbook friends
    7. being creative
    8. my pictures and scrapbooks
    9. the summer
    10. a perfectly fresh glazed donut
    11. shopping at thrift stores
    12. the color pink
    13. the job I have now
    14. the freedom I have to love what I want.

  60. Jim, I love that your simple idea to list 14 things we love this Valentine's Day, and that I wasn't first, and that so many people mentioned people that I really noticed you said whatever, that I had tons of time to really thing about what I love and go out side of just this small moment of now.
    1. Of course I love my husband; he's my rock and my pillow, my warm hug and my safe place;
    2. But I also love new fallen snow.
    3. I love our two kids desperately and I couldn't be prouder of the adults they have have become, kind, generous, brave, warm, and selfless.
    4. I also love poetry and painting and I love that I can share those with my kids.
    5. I love justice and mercy and kindness and from whence they derive.
    6. I love my extended family, warts and all, because I have learned so much about toads and frogs from them.
    7. I love learning from reading and people and doing new things.
    8. I love the sun rising and the moon's moods and the oceans tides and river's bends, the lake's shores and the mountain's heights; all the sands on all the beaches and all the trees that make up all the forests that all so different.
    9. I love the colors of autumn and the dances of falling leaves; I love the purple crocuses!
    10. I love the grace and goodness of human beings like Jim Hankins who share their talents and goodness with other and challenge us to be the best we can be!

  61. Hi Jim. Absolutely love your Valentine interactive and gorgeous! Mwah...hugs coming your way. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day. The 14 things that I love, only 14? :) Well, here they are in no particular order.
    1. My husband
    2. My children and their spouses
    3. My grandchildren
    4. My God
    5. My country
    6. My life
    7. My fabulous creative friends and art family that I've met through blogging - yourself included in that
    8. Bacon :)
    9. My craft room
    10.Blogging online and sharing my art and how I do stuff with people all over the world
    11. The immense joy I get from teaching classes and sharing art and idea with others
    12. The gift of laughter...especially at myself
    13. Anything vintage ... it just pulls me in, maybe because I guess I'm considered "vintage"
    14. This art journey that I am on; the experimenting, the playing and the learning

  62. What a great giveaway, a piece of Jim's art!
    1. Grand babies all 9
    2. Chocolate
    3. Palm Springs
    4. Grand Canyon
    5. Crafting
    6. Antiquing
    7. Flea market treasures
    8. The Internet
    9. Distress ink
    10. Graphic 45
    11. Downtown Abby
    12. Venice
    13. Jim's U - Stream Videos
    14. Steam Punk Soreei I hope to go

  63. My 10 things I love:

    1. My two kids,
    2. My two kids in law
    3. M6 four grandsons
    4. My lovely country
    5. Listening to the rain on the roof
    6 listening to birdsong in the morning
    7. The freedom to do what I want to do
    8. steampunk style
    9. Playing with paper,
    10. Watching Jim's videos!!! The best!!!!

  64. Oh Jim, the box is absolutely beautiful, but then to open it up and find a stunning card; it invokes feelings beyond words!!!

    14 Things that I love:
    3. Granddaughter
    4. Son & his girlfriend
    5. Daughter & her boyfriend
    6.Huband being cancer free for 5 years
    7. My being cancer free for 3 years
    8. Family
    9. Friends
    11. Flowers, Birds & Bees
    12. Dancing
    13. Laptop
    14. Poor Man's Stroganoff (only get to eat when hubby is out of town & he's never out of town!)

  65. 14 things I love:
    1. my daughter (she is a Goddess gracing this earth)
    2. my family (I know my daughter is part of my family, but I love her more than anyone in the world)
    3. my faith (my Kung Fu is strong)
    4. my dog (warts and all)
    5. my friends (even the drunk ones)
    6. my home (be it ever so leaky, there's no place like home)
    7. mountains and forests (but not the ticks. I do not love the ticks)
    8. my craft room and stash (just wish someone would invent the self-cleaning work desk)
    9. Charles de Lint and Neil Gaiman (the two most kick-ass writers on this planet)
    10. my country (the most kick-ass country on this planet)
    11. my freedom (I've been to countries where freedom is limited. I am very lucky to live here)
    12. cussing (yup. I love to cuss. You gonna do somethin' about it?)
    13. green and blue (nothing is prettier than a deep blue sky peeking through the green leaves of trees)
    14. cake (I'm not talking about cheap grocery store cake. I mean rich, buttery homemade cake that doesn't need frosting. Cake that makes your eyes close when you bite into it)

  66. I love God
    I love my husband
    I love my dogs
    I love my extended family
    I love peanut butter
    I love weight watchers
    I love NCIS
    I love Castle
    I love Liberty & Freedom
    I love papercrafting
    I love mix media
    I love my crafting studio.
    I love The Gentleman Crafter's Blog
    I love Life

  67. Gorgeous valentine Jim! What a fun giveaway. So generous.
    1. Husband
    2. Sisters and husbands
    3. Brother and wife
    4. Nieces and nephews
    5. Father in law
    6. Friends
    7. Chocolate
    8. Having my good health-cancer free
    9. Flowers
    10. Mexican food
    11. Great memories of Mom, Dad, and brother
    12. Inspiration I get from all the amazing artists here and online
    13. Steel rule dies
    14. All of you

  68. I love God for He gives me you, who gives me inspiration, which gives me creatibity, by which i make cards. I love altering items, i love my family, mexican food, new craft supplies, and crafty friends. I also love life, reading, the gentleman's craftworks, Cesar and sharing. Happy Valentine's day to y'all.

  69. First of all, I have to tell u your card & Brooch box are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing & for the chance to win something so lovely!

    14 thinks I Love:

    1. My Savior, Jesus Christ
    2. My health
    3. My husband
    4. My 2 beautiful daughters
    5. My 6 brilliant grandchildren
    6. My wonderful, loving friends
    7. My country-the USA- & my freedom
    8. Chocolate
    9. Paper crafting
    10. Your blog & your creations
    11. Good food to eat
    12. My home
    13. My computer
    14. My car to make road trips to buy more paper crafting items!!

  70. 14 things that I love:
    1~My handsome boyfriend
    2~My beautiful 13-year-old daughter
    3~My spirited 11-year-old son
    4~My two tuxedo cats, Shayne & Skyler
    6~Friends and family
    7~Hazelnut coffee
    9~Scrapbooking, papercrafting, cardmaking
    10~Yellow flowers
    11~Water gardening
    12~Living in New England
    13~Camping, hiking and the great outdoors
    14~the color purple

  71. The 14 things I love:
    1. My amazing kids ( full grow now and I am so proud of them and the love who they are!)
    2. My wonderful parents
    3. My beautiful pets ( always giving thier unconditional love!)
    4. My spirituality/ faith
    5. My fantastic brother
    6. Summer ( warm weather and sunshine!)
    7. Papercrafting/Scrapbooking/ Album making/ Rubber Stamping
    8. Graphic 45
    9. Following my favorite papercrafters ( The Gentleman Crafter, Laura Denison, Kathy Orta- Files...)
    10. Watching TV, Movies, Ustream and U-Tube videos)
    11. Learning new things
    12. Traveling
    13. Being creative ( papercrafting,painting,knitting,crocheting,,...)
    14. Spending time with my amazing friends( true angels on earth! Thank you for always being there for me!!)

    Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and for the chance to win a Gentleman Crafter Original!!! So fabulous!!

  72. In no particular order:
    I love my 10 month old Grandson, Cooper
    I love my boys - my two sons
    I love my Husband Phil
    I love my Mum - she is the best!
    I love my Cat - PT (Putty Tat)
    I love my crafting friends I met online
    I love YouTube for bringing all the crafting videos into my home
    I love facebook for enabling me to be in touch with everyone
    I love my mailman who brings me happy mail
    I love that I have time energy, and a little talent to be able to craft - not always successfully, but with enthusiasm
    I love all the manufacturers that bring us new 'toys' to play with (but sometimes I wish they would stop)
    I love the beach at twilight in the summertime
    I love walks by the water
    I love the countryside
    Thank you for making me think about these things, Jim, you put a smile on my face and a warm glow in my heart.

  73. 14 Things I love
    1 - My husband
    2 - my daughter
    3 - my mom
    4 - my sister
    5 - my brother
    6 - Weimeraners (esp the one we have now -- Ghost)
    7 - The beautiful Colorado Mountains close by
    8 - Jesus
    9 - crafting cards
    10 - scrapbooking
    11 - painting watercolors
    12 - a good book
    13 - coffee
    14 - Tea at the Brown Palace

  74. 14 things....
    1/2. My beautiful babies.
    3. My hubby.
    4/5/6. Parents and sister.
    7. My superdooper craft room.
    8. Any kind of shopping for craft goodies.
    9. Any kind of shopping!
    10. Going for a romantic meal with hubby.
    11. Nachos.
    12. The library!
    13. Swimming.
    14. Reading craft and art magazines in a nice hot bubble bath.

  75. 14 things....
    1/2. My beautiful babies.
    3. My hubby.
    4/5/6. Parents and sister.
    7. My superdooper craft room.
    8. Any kind of shopping for craft goodies.
    9. Any kind of shopping!
    10. Going for a romantic meal with hubby.
    11. Nachos.
    12. The library!
    13. Swimming.
    14. Reading craft and art magazines in a nice hot bubble bath.

  76. Oh that card and brooch box are just so amazing ... who wouldn't want to own such an original ?
    14 Things I Love On Valentine's Day (everyday)
    1. I love that I have a heavenly Father who loves me and gives me life
    2, I love family ( my husband, my siblings, my child and grandchildren)
    3. I love the memory of my parents and the love they gave us
    4. I love beautiful crisp, sunny days, when I can sit outside and look at the mountains, and hear the birds
    5. Retirement ; spending time enjoying what I love!
    6. Frolicing Fridays ... morning Starbucks with sister (s) , scrapbook store runs, thrift shop runs
    7. Peanut M&m's , York Pepperment Patties Symphony Bars, Snickers
    9. The smell of new Scrapbook Paper, Graphic 45, Authentique, Garment District
    10. My craftroom ... The Queendom ; All my crafting supplies and goodies !
    11. Being Creative , Scrapbooking, Paper Crafting
    12. Following the Blogs and meeting Creative people ( Tim and Mario, Ted,The Gentleman Crafter, Wendy Vecchi,Shelly, Kaz
    so many others...)
    13. Being a Prayer Partner/Warrior <3
    14. I love that ... as I do this list I can think of so many things that I "love" ; the list could go on and on... I love that my "life" is LOVE EVERYDAY !! <3

    I LOVE that you gave an opportunity for me to stop and reflect !! Love you Gentleman Crafter ! Happy Valentine's Day !

  77. 1. I love being a wife.
    2. I love being a mother to an amazing woman!
    3. I love being a grandmother to two amazing young men.
    4. I love my faraway family.
    5. I love my Seton Southwest Family.
    6. I love creating cards for friends and family.
    7. I love creating a baby blanket for a baby born at Seton Southwest.
    8. I love babies!
    9. I love my best friend, Della.
    10. I love seeing Jim's outrageous creations on his blog.
    11. I love finding new ideas in magazines and online.
    12. I love hearing from friends that I went to high school with - and we connect like no time has passed.
    13. I love sharing my faith through our church's prayer chain.
    14. I love that my God is such an awesome God...He is my #1 love!

  78. 1 - My beautiful daughter - who is my world
    2 - My Mother - who has always been there for me
    3 - My Sister - who always has my back
    4 - My family - who are quirky but loveable
    5 - My Awesome God -- who takes care of me
    6 - My friends who are wonderful
    7 - My Job - because it allows me to Scrap
    8 - My craft room - messy but fun
    9 - My daughter's friends - who make her laugh
    10 - My buddy Renee who makes me laugh
    11 - My books - they expand my world
    12 - Youtube - they introduced me to The Gentleman Crafter/Paper Phenomenon/Kathryn Scraps
    13 - Graphic 45 - Just love there stuff!
    14 - Panera's - because they just make good stuff!

  79. 1 - My family - crazy as they all are.
    2 - God - who walks with me when nobody else will.
    3 - My little studio, which I share with my gorgeous granddaughter.
    4 - My husband, who puts up with all of the craziness.
    5 - My children, who create a lot of the craziness.
    6 - My grandchildren, who are great kids.
    7 - My beautiful Boxer Cedric, who contributes to the craziness.
    8 - All of the other animals in this nutty household (2 more dogs and 3 cats).
    9 - My wonderful friend Bonnie who is my partner in crime.
    10 - Books, books and more books.
    11 - The Santee, SC lakes area - a little bit of heaven on earth.
    12 - My piano, even if I can't play worth a darn.
    13 - Music, music, music.
    14 - You, because you never fail to awe and inspire.

  80. 14 things:
    1. My life
    2. My Family
    3.The past ten months spent with my Dad before he past.
    4. Seeing my Brother before he past last month.
    5.My Sweet puppy and kitty
    8. Taking art classes
    9. Giving from my heart
    10. Silence
    11. Homemade soup
    12. Memories
    13. Our military
    14. Snow
    15. Not last but most important: GOD

  81. 1. I love my Lord and Savior
    2. I love my son and daughter
    3. I love my beautiful grandchildren and great grandchildren
    4. I love my Maggie and Bella my beautiful dogs who keep me company and protect me.
    5. I love all the birds I feed in my back yard along with the little flying squirrel who gets peanut butter nightly
    6. I love my home my son remodeled for me to be comfortable in
    7. I love and miss my soulmate
    8. I love today, lol, it was warm and the sun was shining
    9. I love yesterday when my dear friend came and spent the day with me
    10. I love spring which is just around the corner
    11. I love the be able to help my family
    12. I love my country and my freedoms which seem to be changing daily
    13. I love my blog friends and all their beautiful artworks
    14. I love my crafting time when it is possible!!!!!!!

  82. 14 things:
    1. My life
    2. My Family
    3.The past ten months spent with my Dad before he past.
    4. Seeing my Brother before he past last month.
    5.My Sweet puppy and kitty
    8. Taking art classes
    9. Giving from my heart
    10. Silence
    11. Homemade soup
    12. Memories
    13. Our military
    14. Snow
    15. Not last but most important: GOD

  83. I love
    1. my sons
    2. my hubby
    3. my dogs
    4. my BFFs
    5. myself
    6. art
    7. peace
    8. being free
    9. gingerbread
    10. shopping (clothing and art supplies)
    11. my job
    12. our boys and girls defending our country
    13. color
    14. LIFE

  84. 1. Life
    2. My husband
    3. My 3 children
    4. My 15 grandchildren
    5. My dogs Mojo and Cleo
    6. My Friends
    8. Painting
    9. Art and Craft
    10. Plants
    11. Learning anything new
    12. Sharing
    13. Finding creativity in the smallest things
    14. Generosity of the art and craft community for sharing their skills and lives with us

  85. 1. God
    2. Family and Friends
    3. Full Moon
    4. First breath after it rains
    5. Sunrise
    6. Walks on the Beach
    7. Crafting
    8. Reading Romance novels
    9. Vintage shops
    10. Pants that fit : }
    11. Traveling
    12. Surprises
    13. Challenges
    14. Learning new things

  86. 1. I Love My Husband
    2. Daisy Mae - my dog
    3. Crafting
    4. MPIC (my partner in crime = crafting partner)
    5. Family
    6. Chocolate
    7. My Crafting Friends at Creative Cards & Crafts
    8. My Life
    9. Pizza
    10 Mexican Food
    11 Friends
    12 Neighbors
    13 Genes
    14 ALL my crafting supplies

  87. Things I love:
    1. Jesus
    2. My husband
    3. Children
    4. Grandchildren
    5. Making fabric flowers
    6. Watching youtube videos
    7. Playing with paper
    8. mini albums
    9. Graphic 45
    10. The beach!
    12. Crochet
    13. Traveling
    14.All things Christmas

  88. Things I love
    1. My husband- met him at work and he is the best thing :)
    2. My Daughter- a perfect blend of sweet and sassy
    3. My kitties- furry little monsters, but I love them all.
    4. Books. Lots and lots of books.
    5. Crafting- inky hands are the best
    6. Vacation-specifically in Italy
    7. The Beach- Maine, California, Hawaii, wherever.
    8. Sunscreen- for the beach. I am practically see through.
    9. Baking-I make a mean chocolate chip cookie
    10. Music- favorite band is Guster
    11. Fluff. You haven't lived until you have had a Fluffernutter sandwich.
    12. Boston. Even though I now live in Arizona, Massachusetts will always be home. I have the accent to prove it.
    13. Barbies. I am way too old to b collecting them, but I still do.
    14. Singing in the car. It's the only place I can do it without subjecting anyone else to my horrendous voice.
    These are a few of my favorite things!

  89. 1. I love my sweet husband
    2. I love, love, love being retired!
    3. I love my daughters
    4. Crazy love for my grandbabies
    5. Love all babies really.
    6. Love my pooch and her wet smooches
    7. Love playing in my craft room
    8. Love to create in my kitchen
    9. Love to feed the birds and enjoy them while daydreaming with my coffee.
    10. I am insanely in love with Starbucks. Grande red eye, light ice please.
    11. I love the Internet and You tube, Pinterest. blogs. etc.
    12. I love happy mail
    13. I love jelly bellies
    14. I love being in my jammies

  90. Having Valentine's Day Jim!!!
    1. My son Brian who is doing amazing at college
    2. My oldest fur baby Neola
    3. My baby fur Baby Bowser
    4. Your amazing, spectacular work!!!
    5. Right this minute my heating pad on my back!!!! I fell on the ice 3 days ago!
    6. All things vintage!
    7. My BFF forever and ever Daneen
    8. My other BFF forever and ever Nicky
    9. Blowing things up!! lol yes I am licensed
    10. Live concerts and theater lighting, my work
    11. My Big Shot and insane collection of dies and folders
    12. All things glittery and shiny
    13. All the wonderful and talented people I've met online! my inspiration!
    14. Creating crafty things!

    Hope your day was amazing!

  91. 1. Love living
    2. Love smiling
    3. Love being of service to others
    4. Love all Graphic 45
    5. Love your awesome creations
    6. Love my dogs
    7. Love my job
    8. Love traveling
    9. Love baseball
    10. Love love
    11. Love challenges
    12. Love creating
    13. Love my grandkids
    14. Love my friends
    I hope you had a fab day and I love this new creation. Lanna

  92. WAUW this is soooooooooo gorgeous Jim. I absolutely LOVE your awesome box here. I first found your blog recently, but signed as a follower right away, as everything here was just sooo my style too, and I really love your gorgeous work, which is definitely one o og my 14 loves, so here they come:
    1 Your awesome work
    2 My crafting in any kind
    3 My hubby through almost 40 years
    4 My 4 kids
    5 My 8 Grandkids
    6 Buterflies
    7 Ladybugs
    8 The color blue in any shade and all pastel colors too
    9 Anything Vintage
    10 Anything Chabby Chic
    11 Travelling
    12 My wonderful friends all over the world
    13 My old farmhouse, and especially my huge craftroom in the old barn
    14 To meet new friends and learn from them
    All these are the first that comes to mind, but not nessecarily in this particular order ofcause, but all this is really near and dear to my heart, that´s for sure.
    I hope, everyone else have had a Happy Valentines Day too.

  93. 14 things I love:

    1. God
    2. My family
    3. chocolate
    4. music
    5. making cards
    6. strawberries w/whipped cream
    7. reading
    8. summer
    9. hugs and kisses
    10. new shoes
    11. the color blue
    12. crystal candlesticks
    13. travel
    14. watching your amazing videos and learning new techniques and tricks!

    Thanks for your inspiration throughout the year! I am in awe of your talent!!

  94. 14 Things I love
    1.Jesus Christ
    2.You, your talent and your willingness to share
    3.My 2 daughters
    4. The beach and all things beachy
    5. The Longaberger Co.
    6. Reading
    7.Paper crafting and paper
    8.Graphic 45
    10.Lady Dy
    11. Watching my 15 yr old play soccer
    12.Watching cartoons with my 4 yr old Hubby
    14. the crafting community for their willingness to share their talent

  95. goes
    1. My God
    2. My family
    3. My friends & time spent with them
    4.My kitty Simon
    5.My home
    6. Travel
    7. My computer
    8. Books...real or on my Kindle
    9. The USA
    10. Crafting
    11. Food...except liver and lima beans...LOL!
    12. Mountains
    13. TV
    14. Blue skies and sunny days

    I Love you and Cesar, too...but that goes without saying and is included in #3. I love your creations and your willingness to share whenever you can. Love this project, too!!

  96. 14 Things That I Love
    1. Humor in any form
    2. Closed captioning
    3. Ability to record a boatload of television shows to view later
    4. Microwave ovens
    5. "New York Times" Sunday crossword puzzle
    6. The beauty of the English language
    7. Zero tolerance with regard to racists, hypocrites, and homophobes
    8. Popping bubble wrap
    9. The smell of a new car
    10. Golden retrievers
    11. Not caring what other people think of you
    12. The fresh air and sunshine you feel the moment you leave a hospital
    13. Coupons
    14. The knowledge that this list can be much longer

  97. 14 Things I Love
    1. Myself (You cannot love freely if you don't love yourself)
    2. My Hubby (the love of my life)
    3. My 2 Sons (who has duracell bateries inside them, they last 5 times longer)
    4. My Parents (Thank God that I still have them)
    5. My Health (is not so good, but There are people who suffer worse)
    6. Volunteer work
    7. Being an Optimist
    8. Living in a free Country
    9. Elderly people and their stories
    10. A Rainbow
    11. The Colorchanges in the Nature.(Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter)
    12. Being inspired
    13. Sharing creativity
    14. Out of the Box thinking.

  98. 14 things I love (in NO order)1

    1) My grandchildren
    2) My YouTube friends and Sisters/brothers
    3) Angels
    4) Dragonflies (every thing with WINGS)
    5)Singing in my Church Choir robed in traditional Red Cassock and White Surplus
    6) Being able to freely follow my faith
    7) My darling Mum, she passed away 5 years ago
    8) Birds, every sort but the PUFFIN is a fav!
    9) Going to the Ballet
    10) The City of London ( I don't live there but I go whenever I can)!
    12) The 28 X 12" Banners & Lace Tassels (yes, 28)!! received for my first ever Giveaway Challenge
    13) "On Demand" Television (I spend most of my time in bed, not by choice)!
    14) Your Christmas Tree and the 100s of glass ornaments!
    Thank you +++

  99. 14 Things that I love (in no particular order)

    1.Silly dancing in the kitchen (alone or with someone who won’t make fun of me)
    2.Cuddling and watching a movie under blankets
    3 Bright colored Gerber daisies given to me for no reason
    4,Finding books at garage sales that I have really wanted to read
    5.The zoo (but only if no one tries to force me into the snake house)
    6, Glittery, shiny things
    7, Fresh sheets on the bed
    8, Learning new things and having someone teach me
    9. Singing at the top of my lungs in the car whether I am alone or not
    10,Fireplaces on a cold night
    11,Giving someone a gift I have made or something that they have needed
    12, Anything with lots of warm gooey cheese (pizza, Italian food, Mexican, etc.)
    13.When someone writes something nice on my facebook wall
    14. TREES…I love them! Everywhere I go I look at the trees. They are one of the most beautiful things God created. My family is always telling me to be quiet about the trees

  100. Hi, 14 things I love
    1, My husband who has put up with me for 48 happy years
    2. My two daughters who are so thoughtful - we are very close
    3. My 4 wonderful grandchildren who bring joy to our lives
    4. My home which has been ours for 48 years
    5. Holidays in the sun
    6. Good friends
    7. Memories of growing up
    8. Loving sisters
    9. Good health
    10. A good book to read
    11. A comfortable bed
    12. My garden
    13. Eating out
    14. Sunshine always makes me smile
    Pat x

  101. Wow. Amazing gift. 14 things I love

    My 4 children
    My partner
    My mum
    My two kittens
    My kindle
    Buying craft stash
    Baking sweet treats
    Quiet times
    Sleep x

  102. WOW.... What a stunning work of art. ♥♥♥ You have such a wonderful eye for beautiful things! Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful details of how you made this stunning "A Graphic 45 Couture Collection Valentine to be exact and a Brooch Box to hold it" It's truly amazing and so are you!!! Congrats to the person who won this fabulous gift.

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