Sunday, February 23, 2014

And The Aprons Go To....

Good Morning Everyone!!

Let me just say how cool this giveaway has been!  Oh My Gosh your ideas were absolutely awesome!  I have read and reread each and everyone!  It's tough!  I even had a few friends involved in the picking process...That's how good your ideas were.  To pick two...That's Nuts!  Wish I had more aprons for all the cool ideas!

Thank you again for playing along on this giveaway.  I know your ideas will be inspiration for all of us crafters, so thanks again!

Oh well...The two ideas that I thought would be a cool challenge to do were...

LOL you might get ideas you hadn't bargained for!! You know mixed media is hot right now... that is what I'd like to see you create, but you have to to use some specific things plus then what ever you want. :) You have to use a large canvas or canvas board that is at least 12x15 or larger. things to use: at least 1 real metal 3D item, some printed napkins, burlap, one stencil, acrylic paints, and of course a bit of chipboard in there!! :) What a fun little way to have a giveaway! I know I would enjoy having a Ranger apron. I've also enjoyed reading all the suggestions here.
3 D project - An art journal travel case to carry small stencils, Dylusion sprays, pens etc. Love all your stuff, thanks for sharing your world of projects.

Caroline D. and Blue Raven if you would please email me at and let me know what your address is, I will get the aprons out to you!  Congratulations and Many Thanks!

I loved the ideas of the castles and the thatched cottages for St. Patrick's day, but didn't think I had time to get them done by the big day.  Sure would like to try those out one day!

Once again, Thank You All For Your enthusiasm and excellent ideas!  You All Rock!  Of  to get started!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Congratulations Caroline D and Blooraven!!! Can't wait to see what Jim does with your suggestions!!!

  2. Great ideas ladies. I like that Caroline gave you specific ingredients!

  3. Oh my word!! I'm so happy you liked my idea! LOL I CANNOT wait to see what you do with it!! I'll tell you what... I'll challenge myself to the exact same list I gave you and see what I come up with too. I don't have a deadline in mind though... :) Just enjoy the process and the creation. Thank you so much in advance for the apron... I'm tickled pink and will wear it with joy! :) I love Blooraven's idea too tomake something fun to carry some stencils!

  4. Woohoo!! I am excited to see what you make from Caroline's idea and from mine. Love all your work, thanks again! Sent you an email a little bit ago with my details.

  5. Congrats ladies, your ideas were great! Thanks for the chance Jim!! I hope you sign those aprons before you send them!!!!
    TFS!!! Linda xxx

  6. Congratulations Ladies! Looking forward to seeing your creations Jim :)

  7. Congratulations ladies! Great ideas. What a fun read on everyone's ideas. Looking forward to the creations Jim.

  8. I love the ideas too! I love the idea of a functional carrying case from BlooRaven and I love the challenge of a large canvas collage idea from Caroline! I can't wait to see what we're all going to do with these! :)

  9. Congrats, winners! It was fun seeing everyone's (sometimes wildly fantastic) ideas! Can't wait to see what you do with some of them!

    Crafty Journal

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