Wednesday, November 11, 2020

New! Holiday House Advent Calendar

Hello Friends!

I wanted to share my latest creation just in time to make and decorate for the festive season next month...A cool way to count down to the big day!  Holiday House Advent Calendar.

A festive house advent cut from chipboard.  Pull off the roof and the base.  Pull the door knob to open the two hinged sides to reveal 24 cubbies to stash sweet surprises.  For an additional 25th surprise swing up the secret compartment hidden in the roof.

Easy to make!  You basically make three boxes, toss in the support pieces, score and fold the little boxes that are precut for you and tape or glue together.  Hinge the three main boxes together and adhere the pretty door pieces to the front.  Add your own paper, paint, ink, etc. to make this your annual heirloom advent.

Here is this year's Advent....

2020 Holiday House Advent Calendar

For more information or to purchase this kit please click on the link below:

Thanks So Very Much!

The Gentleman Crafter