Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Tutorial and Kits Done: Springtime Lantern!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope that you all are having a wonderful Saturday Morning!!

I'm on the road this morning and off to teach the Springtime Lantern today at Craft Crossing in Gonzales, Texas!!  And it looks like rain!  Rain in Texas...Gotta Love it!  Not a huge fan of driving in it, but whatever it takes to give the trees the water the so need.

With the rain comes the arduous task of caring for pets that want to come in and out and in and out! It's so funny to see Ellie running full blast to the door to go out and then see her brakes applied as she comes to a complete halt at the door looking out at the rainy surroundings!  To see the cats tip toe across the yard thinking this will help their paws from getting wet....Glad for the rain, but looking forward to Springtime sunny days...

On that note of Springtime, I'm excited to say that I have completed the Springtime Lantern.  It's a great project full of fantasy and fairies talking to frogs and a magical light to illuminate the vignette.  A beautiful decorative piece or nightlight for any room.

If you are interested in making the lantern, you can get it two ways from my SHOP.  An instant download tutorial with complete instructions on how to make the lantern...or... the complete kit that also includes an instant downloadable tutorial.  Please note...I'm not a car salesman, but I have a limited quantity, so please grab yours now if you have any interest.  

The kit includes: 
The downloadable tutorial that will be sent immediately upon purchase. (1) Graphic 45 12 x 12 Deluxe Edition Once Upon A Springtime Paper Pack (1) Set Graphic 45 Antique Brass Claw Feet(9) Pieces of Black Heavy Weight Chipboard (4) Laser Cut Top Lid Pieces (8) Laser Cut Screen Pieces (3) Pieces of Black Cardstock (4) Acrylic Panels (1) Glossy Accents Glue (1) 4-inch Styrofoam Dome (2) Wooden Popsicle Sticks (1) Wooden Finial (1) Tea Light (1) Velcro Dot (1) Paddle Wire

Please click on the SHOP tab at the top of my page to grab the tutorial or the kit.

Thanks tons!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, January 30, 2015

Getting Ready For Spring: Craft Crossing, Gonzales, Texas

Good Morning!

Spring is in the air....Well, Kinda! We can dream right?  Actually in Central Texas it has been Spring...We hit a record two days ago and had a winter day of 82 degrees!  My trees and bushes are so confused and trying to bud out....Just when that happens we will get a cold snap and all that new growth will shrivel away....  But let's think Spring anyway wanna?

Once upon a Springtime is happening!  I'm off in the morning to an AH- MAY-ZING store in Gonzales, Texas...Craft Crossing to teach the Graphic 45 Springtime Lantern!  I love this project and I totally love the Graphic 45 paper...AND....I totally and absolutely love this store PACKED full of paper crafting goodness!  You can find anything and everything here!

If you have some time, please come join in on the class.  There are a few spaces left!   Would love to meet you and give you a GIANT sized Texas HUG and teach you something new!  So, please call Craft Crossing and save your spot for Saturday morning at 10:30!!!

Special Note!!!  For all those of you who have emailed me about when this tutorial would be available, the wait is almost over!  Check my blog Saturday Morning for not only the tutorial for this project, but also a kit full of the Graphic 45 Once Upon a Springtime Deluxe Collector's Edition 12 x 12 Paper pad and the NEW Graphic 45 CLAW FEET!  YAHOO!  You can never say that my kits aren't full of every stinking' thing you need to make a project!  LOL!  From Chipboard to Paper to Moss EVEN!!  But, please know that the kits are limited...I was only able to order so many of the paper pads!  When it's gone it gone!  :)


The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Free Dylusional Paint and Applicator Holder Tutorial DONE!

Good Evening Everybody!

WOW!  It's already Thursday NIGHT!  Where in the world did the day...week go?  Well, I can't say it was a wasted day.  Why?  As promised, I completed the Dylusional Paint and Applicator Holder!  Yahoo!  And the cool thing, it's all ready for you to download as a .PDF file and make.

If you would like to make the Dylusional Paint and Applicator Holder, please follow the link below...Be sure to share with your friends....

I am also offering a KIT for the Dylusional Paint and Applicator Holder if you don't have time to cut or don't have the tools to cut the pieces.  The kit includes all chipboard pieces cut to the correct dimension (The chipboard pieces are "doubled up" for a thicker stronger piece.), (1) Package of Tim Holtz Idea-ology Foundations Metal Feet,  Structure Strips and a small bottle of Glossy Accents.  All you need is some patterned paper and a few strips of clear packaging tape or an acrylic sheet!...Why Packing tape or acrylic sheeting?  Have to read the tutorial to find out....HAHAHA!

If you are interested in the kit, please click on the SHOP tab above on my website, click on "Shop" and you will find the kit for purchase.

Thank Tons Y'all!  I hope you have fun making the project and remember, I would love to see what you created!

The Gentleman Crafter

Saturday, January 24, 2015

POD HOLDERS ARE BACK!! - New Designs too!!

Good Saturday Afternoon!

We want to thank you for your support in purchasing Genie Trotter's Coffee Pod Holder Kits.  They are a fun and quick way to add a some organization to your podded it coffee, tea or hot chocolate...  The Pod Holders spin around on a hidden lazy susan making it easy to access the other side for additional pod goodness.  We finally received the parts needed for more pod holders.  YAY!!!  SO...we are bringing back the Chicken, Pig and Boot, but adding two new ones....A cat and a heart.

Here are a couple of pictures of the new completed Cat and Heart Kits....

 Heart Pod Holder

Cat Pod Holder

Today, I would like to offer kits of these five fun designs in my shop.  If you are interested, the kit comes with a little tutorial, (6) laser cut shapes (You glue two together to make one totally rigid piece.), (8) dowels, the pre-cut 2X heavy chipboard base pieces, plastic lazy Susan and (2) .SVG and (2) .PDF files to digitally cut or trace the shape to adhere to the laser cut pieces.  All you need is a little glue, paint and some patterned paper!

Chicken Pod Holder

Pig Pod Holder

Boot Pod Holder

Hope you give it a try! Please check out my online store above by clicking on the "SHOP" tab to purchase the kits for these five cool projects...

Thanks so much and Happy Weekend To Ya!

The Gentleman Crafter

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Genie Trotter's Chicken, Pig and Boot Coffee Pod Holder Kits Done!

Good Morning Everyone!

When I saw the new Graphic 45 paper release of Home Sweet Home I knew what I wanted to make!  Something I needed desperately in my kitchen.  I drink LOTS of coffee ehhh?  Yes, indeed!  More than my fair share!  I am known for leaving cups of coffee from room to room and many a document, letter and paper all have coffee stamp of approval!  Anyway...To make this beloved concoction of loveliness in the "GOTTA HAVE IT NOW" way of things, I brew it it my Keurig!  Yes, there are so many different kinds of pod brewers, this is the one that I love!  It's amazingly fast, just throw in a pod, place your cup under the machine and press brew!  A nice fresh cup of java or tea!

So, without further ado, I went to work on a couple of designs. I came up with chicken and a pig....Why?  The paper reminds me of my Grandmother...affectionately known in my family as Genie!  Why?  I have no idea!  It's just what we called her!  I'm sure one of my sister's had something to do with that!  LOL! Genie was such a lovely lady and the woman could cook!  Like really COOK!  No, I'm serious!  SHE COULD COOK!!!!  She had a beautiful white and yellow kitchen  that was always filled with sunlight, ceramic roosters and always smelled of fresh baked rolls, citrus and chicken and dumplings!  Always a treat for the senses.  So, inspiration and design in hand...I made a Chicken and Pig Pod Holder.  They hold 8 pods of you favorite podded beverage on one side and swivel around on a hidden lazy Susan for the remaining 8 pods....A total of 16 divine beverage pods!  Heart of Texas Studio took the idea and ran with it and created a Texas Boot Pod holder!  So amazing!

Today, I would like to offer kits of these three fun designs in my shop.  If you are interested, the kit comes with a little tutorial, (6) laser cut shapes (You glue two together to make one totally rigid piece.), (8) dowels, the pre-cut 2X heavy chipboard base pieces, plastic lazy Susan and (2) .SVG and (2) .PDF files to digitally cut or trace the shape to adhere to the laser cut pieces.  All you need is a little glue, paint and some patterned paper!

Here are some pictures of the completed kits...

The Chicken Pod Holder

The Pig Pod Holder

The Texas Boot Pod Holder

 Hope you give it a try!  So handy, if I do say so myself!  Please check out my online store above by clicking on the "SHOP" tab to purchase the kits for these three cool projects...

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, January 16, 2015

Graphic 45 Gentlemen Crafting Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

It is the kickoff to a fine weekend here in Central Texas!  I hope you all have crafting goodness to create!

Please join me over on Graphic 45's Blog today as they celebrate the guys on their team...Yes, we can craft too!  LOL!  They are showing all the details of my Artisan Style Curious Cabinet and a wonderful bank by my Aussie pal Andrew...

So head on over and check it out HERE...And Have an Awesome Weekend!

The Gentleman Crafter

Monday, January 12, 2015

CHA Project: Curious Cabinet

Good Morning Everyone!

It's a foggy here in Anaheim, California this morning!  After two days of rain, i'll take the fog.  Hopefully it will burn off by mid-morning and be sunny!  Why?  We will start with the show for a few hours and finalize a few things and then were off for a couple of days to  START our Disneyland adventure! Yahoooo!  Thanks Mom again!

I would like to share my final CHA project with you.  I saved my personal favorite for last.  Made with the sophisticated, new and beautiful Graphic 45's Artisan Style paper collection.  I love the black and cream papers that Diane Shultz created and I think it made the project pop.  Without delay....

The Curious Cabinet in Artisan Style

Hope you like....

The Gentleman Crafter

Sunday, January 11, 2015

More CHA ProJects: Nightlight and Lunchbox

Good Morning Everyone!

Off and running for day two of CHA!  But first, I wanted to share a couple more CHA projects I did for Graphic 45.  The hotel Internet has been unwilling to be helpful, so I think I will just dive right in without delay before it goes out again!

First up, the Graphic 45 Precious Memories Nightlight...

Made from the Graphic 45 Precious Memories Paper Collection, G45's Matchbook Box and some Microlights....

Here's another...

The ABC Primer Lunch Pail

I love this Lunchpail organizer.  It's simple and clean...But open up the inside and that's where the organization begins!  Made from Graphic 45's ABC Primer Collection, chipboard and some Configuration Box inserts.

That's it for today!  Meet me back over here tomorrow for more...

Thanks for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter

Saturday, January 10, 2015

CHA PROJECTS: Once Upon A Springtime Fairy Lantern and Ranger Designer Challenge.

Good Morning Everyone!

By the time this posts, we will be inside the convention center and the doors to CHA have just opened.  So as agreed with the rules, I can now show you some of the projects....

Graphic 45 Once Upon A Springtime Fairy Lantern

I love the fun fantasy feeling I get from this lantern.  Made completely of chipboard and acyclic panels.  I was so excited to get to use the new Graphic 45 Claw Feet!  In the top there is a little light that shines down on the fairies talking to the frog.  A great decorative piece that I will be teaching how to make at Craft Crossing in Gonzales, Texas on the 31st.  AND YES...I begged and pleaded and We Will have the Collectors Edition Once Upon A Springtime paper pack and new FABULOUS Claw Feet to work with!  YAHOOOOOOOO!  So sign up now with Pam at Craft Crossing!

Now for a totally different look and feel...I was honored to be apart of the Ranger Designer Challenge.  This year, we had the amazing pleasure to work with Dina Wakley's Range of products!  FABULOUS CREAMY PAINT, AWESOME STAMPS AND STENCILS...Just plain AMAZING~!  Ranger said, use her products but in your style...And let's see my style is....Chipboard and anything dimensional!  Sorry, I forgot to take good pictures of this as we were trying to make the deadline...But's what I came up with...

Ranger Designer Challenge- Dina Wakley Inspired Canvas

Well, that's a couple.  Hope you like them..Please check back tomorrow for a few more projects.  I will be posting pictures from Facebook today of the happenings on the CHA floor.  So stay tuned to that and my blog for some CHA goodness!

Have an awesome day!
The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hutch Tutorial DONE! Lucky Winner Announced!

Good Morning Everyone!

Well, after an all nighter, I still had to get up at the crack and finish up the CHA Home Sweet Home Hutch and Mini tutorial!  But it;s ready to go!  YAHOOO!!  There is no better feeling knowing that one of these is completed!  Can I Say Yahooo Again?  YAHOOOLIO!

If you are interested in purchasing the tutorial to make this project, please click on the shop tab above on my website home page.  When there, go to tutorials and find the CHA Home Sweet Home Hutch Tutorial.  Click on purchase and you will be directed to Paypal.  Once the tutorial has been purchased, you will be sent an email immediately with the tutorial file.  Hope you grab it and have fun doing it... Its a fun project to put together.


WOW! This is fabulous! This piece has brought back so many wonderful memories of long ago when I was baking with my grandmother as she had a Hutch very similar to this one. This would make a great keepsake to store those recipes. Thank you so much for sharing and for the chance to win.

Diane at Craftin Your Heart Out...YOU WON!!!  Congratulation!  Please email me where you would like your package sent to and your email address and I will send it out when I get back from CHA.  My email address is
Thank you all for your amazing and kind comments!  I so appreciate them and the inspiration they give.  You Rock!

OK, time to pack and get ready to head for LA in the morning!  I will do my best to Facebook all the happenings at CHA.  So check in there.  Blogging?  Sure...So please check here as well.  Can't wait to see what they have in store for us crafters!
See ya in California!
The Gentleman Crafter

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Good Morning Everyone!

This week Graphic 45 is showing Sneak Peeks of projects using their new collections!  Today is HOME SWEET HOME and I would be honored if you would join me over at Graphic 45's blog to see what I dreamed up!

Of course I will give you a little peek here ya wanna see?  BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE! LOL!!  Let's make this fun!

If you will leave a comment here as well as on Graphic 45's Blog, (Yes, I will check!) I will do a random number drawing from those that commented on Thursday Morning and pick one winner!!  What will you get?  Well,  you will get this completed project with all the fixin's....the tutorial of how to make one yourself....and a Graphic 45 Goodie Box filled with Graphic 45 Goodness!

Now for a sneak...

Home Sweet Home Hutch and Mini

Hope you like it and this amazing collection for Graphic 45!  Thanks for coming by!  REMEMBER!  Please leave a comment below and on Graphic 45's Blog HERE for a chance to win this Home Sweet Home Hutch and Mini, the tutorial and a G45 Goodie Box!

By the way, If you win, I will ship you your prize when I get get back from LA...Around the 15th...

Have an Awesome day!

The Gentleman Crafter

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 - It's a WHIRLWIND!

Happy January Y'all!!

It's been a whirlwind of craziness 'round here lately!  But things are getting done and New Years resolutions are made!  It's going to be an awesome 2015!  I hope for all of us!

Off to Anaheim this Friday for CHA.  I think I will be more excited about it when I'm there.  All I can think about is that stupid plane flight!  HAHAHA!  But one of my resolutions is to get over that and GROW UP!  Noise reducing head phones and my art journal have pretty much helped with well as trying to fly in the mornings while there is less turbulence than afternoon and evenings!  If this is not true...NEVER TELL ME!!!  As far as project go, they are done and already on the way to California via Oregon and also New Jersey...Funny when you think about it...I hope to get a little Disney in while we are there.  Thanks to Mom for that.  It was my Christmas present from her.  Thanks MOM!

Cool news is that Graphic 45 will have sneak peeks all week on their AMAZING new collections!  In fact talking about sneak peeks...they will be showing one of my CHA projects using Home Sweet Home on the 7th.  Let's see that's Wednesday.  I finished this project on CHRISTMAS DAY night in fact!  Funny how we remember things by dates or events....or maybe that;s just me!  Home Sweet Home is a terrific collection!  For some reason I think of my Grandmother and Norman Rockwell when I see it.  Which is where the inspiration for my project came from.  So, I hope you check back here and on Graphic 45's blog Wednesday to see it.  Home... on the ground...Not in a plane....STOP JIM STOP!!!! FOCUS!

OK, Apologies for last Tuesday's Take Out Tuesday Ustream Show..I had to take the night off as I was feeling horrible!  Actually, it's been going around everywhere here.  Nose and chest...I'm in the coughing stage now so, I think it's clearing up.  Which, brings me back to the plane!  I'm so trying to be faithful with the cough medicine as I can see me on the plane coughing and they make an emergency landing because they think I have Ebola!  God Help me...OK Jim...STOP THINKING ABOUT THE PLANE...Three deep breaths...Where were we...Yes, Ustream....

We will start the Organizer...I think we should be able to get some pages done right?  We shall see...So meet me over on my Ustream channel at 7:00 p.m. CST for Take Out Tuesday...Can't wait to get started on this

Happy New Year Again...Let's start it right!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year To All My Friends and Family!  

Wishing You a Happy and Healthy 2015!!

Thank You For Your Support and Love!  

Bonne Année!!!!

The Gentleman Crafter