Sunday, June 26, 2016

Trip Day 2: Oslo, Norway

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Here's some pictures of Day 2 in Olso, Norway...It was surely one of my favorite places!

First up was The Winter Park that has the Olympic Ski Jump...Holmenkollen Ski Museum

Then it was onto The Vigeland Sculpture Park....

Then a drive through the gorgeous streets to our next destination...

The Royal Families Cows...

The Viking Museum was next....

Last we ended up at The Fram Museum...Housing an amazing boat the explored the Northwest Passage!  An Awesome day!  Really loved Norway!

Thanks so much for the visit!

The Gentleman Crafter

Cruise Day One...On Board

Good Afternoon Everyone!

We got on the ship and began to relax..We explored the ship for awhile and ate dinner...

The next day was a day at sea! So we enjoyed the balcony and I worked on my travel book for awhile...Cesar took a nap...and we went for walks on the deck and explored more of the ship....and of course ATE!

First full day at sea and it was formal night...So we dressed up and had dinner and took a walk through the casino and may have stopped at a machine for a spin...

Thanks for looking!

The Gentleman Crafter

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fun Times In London: Day 1 & 2

Hello Everyone!

We got in yesterday, and were greeted at the airport by our name on a placard at baggage claim.  I always wondered who all those names belonged to and now we were part of the name game...We arrived at the hotel and the room wasn't ready so we changed clothes and headed for a bit of lunch in the hotel's eatery.  While we were eating, our traveling buddies Barbara and Lyn came in for lunch and saw us.  We all eat and we were off to explore...

First was a short walk to Westminster Abbey.  It's almost a tradition for us that you must walk through the abbey to start your trip.

After we walked through Westminster, we took a cab down to The Tower of London to experience the Tower Bridge.  None of us had done the bridge so we all purchased tickets and it was a blast!  You ride up to the top via elevator and walk out across the glass bottom floor which gives one that oozie weird stomach feeling while looking down into the Thames.  We were there in time for the bridge to open up at 5:00 p.m. while looking down at the large arms of the bridge open and close.

Next, it was dinner time and headed to Prezzo on Trafalgar Square for the group to meet up with Debbie and Stacey.  We had a wonderful Italian dinner...Delicious!

By this time I was worn down completely and we headed back to the hotel...Yay!  Room was ready!  I pulled back the sheets and a HUGE water bug was under the sheets!  No LIE!  Cesar took our little friend down in a glass and they comped a few things and came up and changed all the linens...YUK!  Oh well...I was so tired that it truly wouldn't have mattered!

This morning we got up and had an AMAZING English breakfast in the dining room!  So good!  Stacey, Debbie, Cesar and I went out to explore Soho in the VERY heavy rain!  We were soaked!  So many cool shops and little boutiques!  Fun day!

We ended up the day being let off in front of Buckingham Palace for a few pictures....

Remind me to tell y'all the story about the mutilated duck crossing from the soldiers guardhouse (inside the gate) trying to cross the grounds toward all the people on the other side of the gate leaving a trail of blood the whole length!  Totally sad and the guards can't do anything about it as they are at their post!  Poor Duck!

A short walk back to the hotel to meet up with our other travel gals, Sharon and Tracey.  We all went for some fish and chips at Albert's and headed back for some rest!

Fun and very interesting day!  Last full day here tomorrow and loving just hanging out and being open minded about the next step...

See y'all tomorrow!

The Gentleman Crafter