Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Monday!

Good Morning Everybody!

I feel like I've been working on the railroad!  So many things going on over here that if I think about it long enough I would probably go into panic mode.  Bahahaha!  So, I bounce from one thing to the next trying to accomplish as much as possible.  I know we have all been there....Sorry about being off and on lately.  My real job has been VERY busy and any spare time I get, I try to get a few things done.

Anyway...Today I wanted to share a gift I made for a friend's child.  Lately we've been calling it "The Swing."  I'm sure these whirly chair things have a real name, but for know lets just go with The Swing....LOL!   My Inspiration???? I had never been on one of these until last year when we went to Chicago for the trade show.  We walked over to Navy Pier and hitched a ride.  I had a blast on it and laughed so hard...Still gives me a grin!  So I hope this gives my friend's child a grin too!

Here's a shot of the Navy Pier Swing Ride that I nabbed off of Google Images....

Made from Graphic 45's Mother Goose paper collection, I present...


The Swing is made from chipboard for the base as well as the hexagon central tower.  The swings are made from Tim Holtz Configuration boxes.  Once again, chipboard was cut into circles and added to a large paper mache lid to enclose it.  A small plastic spinning Lazy Susan was added just underneath the top to make it GO! 
When you twist the finial, this spins the top and moves the swings.  Just like the real deal.  Hope you like it...
Have an awesome week gang and as always, Thank You for coming by to visit!
The Gentleman Crafter

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm A Free Man! Singing songs of happiness!

Good Afternoon Everybody!

After last night's singing session on Ustream in celebration that the day was at hand to walk again...It has come to pass....  I am able to walk again!  YAHOOOOOOOO!

I think I was singing in the car on the way to work this morning!  Something I have waited for 6 weeks and three days just makes you want to sing.  I asked my friend Mary to take a last snap of me on my now BELOVED and best friend Mr. Trike for documentation purposes.  LOL!

Then I scooted over to the MOB (medical office building) that is attached to the hospital where I work to see Doctor B.  I think a little humming was involved there too!  Next came waiting in the doc's office...That was pure torture as he was running VERY late and I began to think not so positive thoughts like, what if it hasn't healed yet, what if  the jumping up and down on the ladder to change out the front porch light was going to bite me in the tail feathers and I wont be able to walk on it for a few more weeks.  I was getting nervous! 

The nurse called me back and said the glorious words....Take off your boot.  Y'all, I know this doesn't quite send you to the happy place it does me, but any chance I can get to take off my boot, I'm a very very happy man!  The only time my foot sees the light of day is when I wash it in the morning and take it off for a few moments when I get home from work.  Then it's back, strapped in!  I must say that sleeping with this behemoth on has been a challenge and wasn't until a few days ago, that I finally found a great position in which to rest.  Go figure! 

So off it came and an X-Ray taken.  Still swollen where the break occurred but much better.  I found out that it will probably swell for over a year even though it has healed.  Just what the body does....

Doctor B. arrived at the door, greeted me and then asked how it felt.  I honestly said, feels great.  Then the dear doc took his knuckle and knocked really hard on my ankle bone and stood back for a reaction....Like me belting him in the kisser..  I guess he was trying to see if I was telling the truth...LOL! " How does that feel,"  he asked...I said it feels like you are knocking on my ankle but no pain...then he did it on my good ankle...He asked if it felt the same.  Funny it did.  He said good....

This is where the Hallelujah Chorus comes in.....Like some religious miracle worker, he said the words I had been longing to hear...GET UP AND WALK!!!!!  Without my boot I asked...Without your boot, he said.  He also said, like you haven't tried it already!  Smart man me thinks!  So, I took off on my fledgling flight across the room...First pins and needles for a short second, then nothing...a bit of pressure, but no pain....I was walking!  YAHOOOO!  Oh y'all it felt so good!

So, a newer shorter walking boot was issued with directives to walk with it for two weeks and then into an ankle brace with tennis shoes after....So totally thrilled I been singing the whole day long! 

My oh my, what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine heading my way

Thanks for following this journey with me!  You All Rock!  I'm going to walk to my studio and create!  Can't get any better than that!
The WALKING Gentleman Crafter

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Dylusional Halloween Tag....

Good Evening Everybody!

Tonight I am sipping on some incredible Chai that Zandra sent to the house.  It is um um good!  I feel the fat pooling around my midsection already after two gulps!  LOVE IT!  The chai was reward if I would get in here and sit down long enough to pay my bills!  I hate bill night!  But the chai sweetened the event..LOL!

When I walked in the door, I received my tickets and info from Scrapmap for the Tim Holtz Tuscan adventure in Italy that is coming up in what...24 days-ish!!!  Good Lawd!  That's getting close.  I think...No, I know... that I have solely been concentrating on Victory Day for the cast/boot that is to come off this week.  When this magical happy day comes and reality kicks in...I will probably go into panic mode about the trip and the lists will begin to start.  I'm notorious for my travel lists!  Scares most people in this household when they see the amount of things that need to be done before departure...Just Sayin!  But it always miraculously gets done and there is NOTHING better than scratching a line of completion through an item...Yahooo!

With that said, let's move on to the the Dylusional Tag!  Once again yesterday, I was in the mood to get all inky with it.  I did the page in my Dylusions Creative Journal (I blogged about yesterday) and then I started on a tag...Can I say Funk-a-licious...Or at least I think so...I used Dyan's new stamp sets from her Dylusions range and a Tim Holtz Configuration box insert....It was so much fun to do...

CheetahDylusion Tag

Well, that's all I have for tonight!  See you tomorrow!  Remember Take Out Tuesday's Ustream is tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Be There or Be Square!  LOL! Think I will continue with the Dylusional fun in the journal for tomorrow night's class...

Thanks For Coming By!

The Gentleman Crafter

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Prissy Got Heart- A Dylusional Journal Page

Good Evening Everybody!

Well, I've had the most AMAZING weekend!  Hope that you did too!...Went to REI to pick up some stuff for my trip to Italy....Then it was over to IKEA to pick up some furniture for my pal Kay.  Cesar, Barb and I put Kay's furniture together last night and we were all rewarded with the most INCREDIBLE "Tuscan" four course meal!!  Oh My gosh the woman can cook!  WOW!  Still thinking about it!  LOL!  Then it was home to bed and rest up the old ankle. 

This morning I woke to a leisurely breakfast with ample amounts of coffee.  With this new found energy I became inspired to CREATE as well as RELAX...The best way I know how to RELAX is to pull out Dyan Reaveley's Creative Journal and just go for it!   Be free and just create!  My Motto!

I had the new stamps from her Dylusions Collection and never had a chance to use them.  It was just about time that I did and I had a blast as always.....

Here's what I did...

Prissy Got Heart

Thanks for coming by to look....Hope you can find just a bit of inspiration to get out your journal to CREATE and RELAX....
Have and Awesome Monday!
The Gentleman Crafter

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Wallets....

Good Saturday Morning Everybody!

Well, the crafting mojo is coming back!!  I know it's weird, but this cast has really put a damper on creativity.  However, with the boot coming off in a few days, I can actually do some of the things I have planned, drawn out and thought about.  Can't wait!  I know I keep saying that, but I'm really excited!

Anyway, last night I finished the Airport Wallets for friends and wanted to share how they look in the many papers.  If you are interested in making one of these, please go HERE and scroll down to the end of the second paragraph to grab the measurements.
Here we go:

Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells

Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe

Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante

Graphic 45 Typography

7 Gypsies

Graphic 45 Transatlantic

Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar

That's it for now....Just about to finish a new project to share....Can't wait to show it to you...
Have an awesome Saturday!
The Gentleman Crafter

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting Excited!

Hello Everybody!

Getting excited that I can actually count on one and and really an additional finger (HAHAHAHA) the days left to get this old boot off my person! I have been waiting to say only a week left for awhile now!!!! Now, only 6 days left! Yahoooo! 

Sometimes it's hard to find a bright spot in bad situations.  Without trying to sound like Positive Polly Anna's best friend all the time....I think I will be ever grateful for this experience of a broken ankle...What?  I'm crazy?  let me explain.  I have truly seen such kindness in people.  Amazing friends helping us in so many ways...calling to check in on us, sending emails and amazing comments!  I am forever honored and grateful!  Then there is the perfect stranger...I cannot tell you how many times total strangers have opened doors, picked up stuff I've dropped, helped me into my car and the list goes on.  People do have great and caring hearts....I am so blessed...

Next Wednesday, Sept. 25, I will go to the doctor and hopefully get the "Amen" that the break has healed and will continue to heal.  I promise you all and myself right here and now... I will NEVER wear flip flops again and I will certainly NEVER walk into a mud puddle with them on!  My days of flip flops are over and orthopedic shoes are here!  HAHAHAHA! 

I was talking to a nurse on Monday at the hospital.  I was telling her how happy I was to have this boot off and I was looking forward to wearing my Tennis Shoes ON BOTH FEET and start PT to learn how to walk again.  Well, friends she leveled me....She said that they would probably put me in a walking boot next....I was a little down about this new revelation for about 5 seconds when I remembered...I will be WALKING ON TWO FEET!  Whatever it takes!  I absolutely cannot wait to walk from really, one table to another to grab things in my studio.  I mean ALL those little things we take for granted from watering the plants, walking over to pick up the phone when it rings, getting dressed, getting your own gas (personally, I could do without this little luxury...I hate to fill up my car!) sweeping the floor and mowing the grass!  What bliss!  I honestly, honestly cannot wait!

So keep your fingers crossed...Next Wednesday is PAR-TAY DAY!  Wednesday is TWO FEET DAY!  YAHOOOO!  I will finally feel like everything is back to normal...or as normal as it gets in my life anyway....LOL!  I may have to go slow and take care, but FREEDOM from this VELCRO-ed Hell...PRICELESS!

Y'all have a most excellent day!

Thanks For Coming By!

The Gentleman Crafter

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Studio Almost Done!

Good Afternoon Everybody!

Just wanted to pop in and invite you to come by the Ustream Show tonight!  It's Take Out Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.!  Tonight, just some chat and I'll give you a tour of my new hopefully improved studio.  It's not all done yet, but you's at least back to functioning order.  I might be able to start creating again!  Yahooo..

Here's a few pics....

Well, see you tonight if you can make it.  Probably wont be a long show.  Just to catch up and show you around...

Thanks Gang!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Airport Wallet Measurements

Happy Friday Everybody!

Hope your Friday was awesome and that you all have a most excellent weekend.  My weekend?  The packers and movers come back tomorrow and help put us back into some sort of normalcy!  I can't wait to have my furniture and just stuff back around me!  I am totally excited to have my personal sanctuary of happiness back...the studio!  Bedecked in all it's new painted glory and that personal piece of art Kay Pierce so beautifully painted! Three Cheers!  YAY!! and Yahooooo! and Yee Haw!   I've really missed it!  So let the stuff roll back in! 

Now for the measurements of the Airport Travel Wallet....A HUGEEEE AND MOOHOOSIVE  Thank You to Margaret Ann Moffat, who I affectionately call Lady Mar!   I just couldn't get around to getting the measurements on my blog for you all!  So sorry about that!  Lady Mar had taken notes from my Ustream show and came up with the most excellent .pdf file with the measurements for the project!  She rocks!  Thank you Margaret Ann!  I'm so appreciative!  Click Here For The .PDF File.

Here's her beautiful take on the wallet!  You did an excellent job!



Thanks again Lady Mar!  Have an amazing weekend everyone!

The Gentleman Crafter

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Take Out Tuesday Tonight!

Good Morning Everyone!

With the holiday yesterday, I completely lost what day it was.  Today is Tuesday for goodness sakes!  Thanks Kay for the reminder..LOL!  That means Take Out Tuesday's Ustream tonight.  Come by at 7:00 p.m. CST!

As I know I have everything to make the Airport Travel Wallet, lets do that.  I need to make more of them anyway so, that's what we will do.

As far as I know the camera was not packed up.  Let's give it a shot wanna?  See you at 7:00 tonight!



The Gentleman Crafter

Monday, September 2, 2013

Airport Travel Wallet

Hello Everybody!

Hope you had an amazing holiday today!  I woke up pretty restless this morning.  I wanted something to do, but didn't want to work on anything I had to do...Go figure....So, I decided to pull out some chipboard and paper and make some travel wallets for my travel pals.

An Airport Travel Wallet...Now I know there are all kinds of really cool travel wallets out there, but I wanted to make one that I would really use.  Just something to use in the airport to keep everything I need in one place.  My passport, my drivers license, a credit card, a little cash for tips and my airplane tickets.  Once again all in one convenient wallet....Well I went to work on it...Here's what I came up with this afternoon.

Please excuse the pictures as everything is packed up right now and I had to use my cell phone and an old white waffle shower curtain for a background. LOL!

The outside pretty unadorned so that I can pull it in and out of my satchel.  The Tim Holtz Idea-ology Compass Coin attached to a strap.  Behind the coin some Velcro to keep it closed/

Sorry a blurry picture....The wallet opened. 

On the left, a pocket that holds a passport.  A little strap attached to the top slips under the smaller strap keeping it closed.

The right side of the wallet.  This side has a place for a driver's license, credit card, cash and an accordion pocket for tickets and such.  The front flap holds everything in place securely and a top flap folds over it with another strap closure.

The Credit Card/Drivers License Pockets.

The credit card pocket folds out of the way to a side where you can add some bills for tips.

The accordion pockets for tickets, extra cash or receipts.

The Wallet Opened Up...

Well that's the wallet.  Hope you like it and can find some inspiration from it...Have an awesome week!

The Gentleman Crafter