Friday, May 26, 2017

May's Village Collection: Retro Drive-In

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I know you have been waiting and I so appreciate your patience! This one took me a while to design.  I've been on this retro jag for awhile and had to do one last project with Authentiques Cool Paper Collection, Saucy!

As we continue to build the village, this month's Village Collection is a fun and Retro Drive-In Diner....and yes, I had just finished watching a movie the night before that gave me inspiration... The Founder...Good movie...but, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the brothers at the end.  My heart is too tender I guess...Anyway, I digress...I'm in love with this Retro Drive-in and hope you like it as well..Here are a few pictures...

The Retro Drive-In 

If you would like to give the Village Collection's Retro Drive-In a try...there are two ways to purchase...With Paper or Without Paper...

Retro Drive-In With Paper click HERE!

or here:

Retro Drive-In Without Paper click HERE!

Or here:

I hope you give this fun blast from the past a go...It will add a NEATO  building to your Village Collection!

Changing the subject for a sec...Special Note on The Retro Fridge..If you ordered the Retro Fridge, I received the paper yesterday and am cutting it as I write this.  All the boxes are packed and ready to go so they will be out the door maybe tomorrow if I can catch the Post Office Open, if not as Monday is Memorial Day, they will go out Tuesday Morning...Thank you all so much!

I hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thursday, May 18, 2017

New May Project: The Retro Fridge

Good Morning Y'all!

I have had several emails wondering if I was going to do the May projects this month....The answer is YES...I have been so behind with May's projects and I apologize...I've been knee deep in Wood Shrine Kits and am finally caught up!  I so appreciate the emails.  Just like anything new it seems to be hot at the very beginning and then slows down to a more calm level.

I will be starting this month's Village Collection right after I post this.  It's in pieces on my desk and I need to see what happens...LOL!  So I will post that in the next couple of days...So stay tuned please.

So, for starters I have one of May's projects ready to be pre-ordered.  As the oven was so popular (Thanks so much everyone from the bottom of my heart for that!) I decided to continue the retro kitchen goodness.  Introducing...

The Retro Fridge

If you would like to give this month's project a go, you can purchase it in two ways.  One with an Authentique Saucy paper pad with all the precut chipbaord and rounded papers precut.  Or, you can order the kit without the paper.

Noe: The paper needs to be ordered and once I get a feel of how many are wanted, I will order the paper in the next day or so...So it will be about a week before they ship.

or here:

or here:

Well, I will see y'all soon with this month's Village Collection Project...

Thanks so much for looking!

The Gentleman Crafter