Friday, May 25, 2018

Father's Day Projects! Retro Radio & Bi-Plane Mini

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Happy Friday!  I hope all is well and that the weather around you is bright and beautiful.  We here in Central Texas have already seen high 90's.  I wish Spring would last a bit longer...Love those 70 degree days!

With Father's Day right around the corner I wanted to share a couple of projects that I just completed with you...

Vintage Bi- Plane with Accordion Mini

I had a ball making this plane.  I knew I wanted a plane shape but I also wanted to somehow include a mini inside.  I came up with an accordion mini cut from chipboard in the shape of the body of the plane.  Add small pictures and journaling to the pages.  Totally easy to put together using the included glue.   Take your time and enjoy making this your style with your own paint or paper.

If you would like to grab this kit or for more information on the Vintage Bi-Plane

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The Retro Radio Clock

This kit was inspired by my Father's old radio clock that I recently found under my mom's bathroom sink. The Retro Radio has a quartz clock movement that is included in the kit. Open the lid and you can use it as a phone charger with included chipboard pieces for storage underneath or take out the pieces and use it for larger items you want to get off your desk. Cover the Retro radio with the precut papers and add your own silver paint for accents. Really fun and easy project to make. Makes a great Father's Day Gift as well.

If you would like to grab this kit or for more information on the Retro Radio

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I thank you for coming by to give these projects a look!  Have an awesome weekend!

The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, May 4, 2018

NSD SALE and NEW Tiny Tag Houses and NEW Thread Holders!

Good Morning Everyone!  Happy National Scrapbook Day Weekend!  Please take a moment and peruse to the bottom of the page...I have quite a few new kits to offer...Thanks!


To help in the celebration of this amazing weekend, I am making all the tutorials in my shop 30% off using a coupon code.  If you've been wanting a new tutorial to do for the weekend, now is the time.  When ordering simply enter the coupon code of TGS6WH...PLEASE NOTE...You will only get the discount if you enter the coupon code when you check out.  If you do not enter the code you will be charged full price.  The sale will last through Sunday night.  Here's a link to the shop:


New Projects!!!

I have been having a blast making tiny things lately.  Mainly wee little houses.  I sent a few around to my friends who have been having fun making them and they suggested I do them for my shop and add to them making a little village...I call them Tiny Tag Houses.  They are so easy to put together.  All you need to do is pop them out of the tag, assemble with your own white glue and paint.  Add them to a shrine, put them at the base of a potted plant, give them as a gift, or create a tiny village in your kitchen window.

If you would like to give the Tiny Tag Houses a try please check them out here:

or here:

New Thread Holder Kits!!!

Well, you made it down to the bottom of the page!  Yahooo!  I was inspired by an antique thread holder I had seen on Antique Road Show UK.  I loved it as it keeps all your thread spool together and has a handy dandy drawer at the bottom for sewing notions!  I thought I would like to give that a try and this is what I came up with...Fun and so easy to make...Just add your own paint or cover it with patterned paper to make it yours.  There are two styles to choose from...

You can find this one by clicking the link below:

and the other is here...

Thank You for coming by!  Happy National Scrapbook Day Weekend!

The Gentleman Crafter