Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Favorite Projects for 2012

Hello Everybody!

I was skyping with Fiona and Kris and they suggested that I go back and share with you all some of my favorite projects for 2012.  So, I thought why not....It's always nice to go back and see the things you learned along the way and the things you will never do again!  LOL!  It has taken me three whole days between projects to get this post ready...And it is full of pictures! so watch out!

NOTE:  This is a long post covering a years worth of work.  So please be patient as it loads.  Thanks Y'all!

So starting at the beginning....Even though this was November of 2011, it will always be one of my favorites and the kick off to my love of paper crafting 3 Dimensional Projects!

Mr. Roboto

The Wine Box

I really loved this project.  I loved the warm honey colors of the paper and how they contrasted and worked with each other.  In January, I wanted to create a complete travel wine box.  The challenge was to include everything that could be needed to have a bottle of wine with a friend.  This was the second wine box I made and I donated it to a silent auction for the hospital.

Altered Storage Box

10 Things I Love About You Box

I loved making this Valentines Box!  This is definitely one of those projects where I had a completely different thing in mind and this was what it came out to be...LOL!  So glad it took on it's own thing!  Truly one of my favorites.

When Pigs Fly Panorama

I love this project because it was something new to try and create.  That is the fun for me...trying new things!  I also love the whimsy of it.

Gents Traveling Watch Box

The Obelisk

This starts the pieces I made for the G45 DT tryout.  I love all three.  My sister loved this project and always talked about it.  So this Christmas I gave it to her.  You probably have seen the latest Christmas pictures with this on her table.  There is nothing better than giving someone something they really like.  

The Christmas Clock

Another DT project.  One of my faves.  I think the cool thing for me is the shape of this clock.  I think it's so elegant... kinda.  

The Ferris Wheel

Of course this is the project I am most proud of.  Not because of the way it looks but the way if functions.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was when the Ferris Wheel actually turned and begin to go around!  Yahooo!  This now lives in my bedroom.

The Tag Armoire

Now, the Tag Armoire wasn't actually one of my favorite projects I had ever made.  But, I loved the shape of it.  I remember being in a rush to get it done and will always wish I had spent more time on it.

The Alarm Clock

Simple project...simply, I love this clock project.  It was fast and easy to make.  I purchased the clock from Ikea and brought it with me on vacation to make.  This resides in my bathroom!  LOL!

The Quote Wallet

The Quote Wallet.  Another fun and simple project that was/is one of my faves!  

The Lighthouse

If I had to pick my second favorite project I have ever ever made, it would be The Lighthouse.  It's one of those projects that I still go and look at and pick up and hold....I know weird huh?  This was another project I started on vacation,  I had the whole project almost done by the time I left.  Well, cut out and pieced together, but when I got home I needed to redo a section of it and for the life of me couldn't remember how I had done it.  I had to literally pull it apart to see how it was made and reconstruct it.  I think one of the things I love the most is the black and creams of the paper and how they worked so well to make the shapes reflect the different parts of the lighthouse.  Am I getting weird here?  :)

The Nutcracker Suite

I love me some Christmas so The Nutcracker Suite had to be made!  Hahaha!  I loved the details in this project.  

The Temple

Another one of my favorites.  My mom's favorite too. LOL!  This was one of those projects that I will never make again.  It was fun to figure it out but believe it or not tough as nails to make.  The sliding of the shoji doors was the catch....I was so honored to give this to Diane Schultz for her great kindness to me.

The Ladies Roll Top Desk

The Ladies Roll Top was truly a blast to make.  I was determined to make the top roll back.  That was the fun part.  It will always be a memorable project to me.

The Haunted Mansion

Another Fun project to make....

Cuff Links

You know, I truly went out of my realm of chipboard and made these cuff links.  I use them and love them.  

Umbrella Man

The challenge here was to use kites.  I had no idea what to do and I needed to get this done.  So in an hour and a half I made this.  The reason why I love this is the silhouette of the umbrella man standing on the hill.  It's not a functional piece...It just sits there, but I love it.  LOL!

The Carriage Clock

Simple and Fun...That's why I love this one....

The Halloween Top Hat 

My favorite thing about this project was figuring out how to make a round mini to go inside the top hat.  

Getting Dylusional!

And then I found Dyan and Dylusions!  I immediately had to see if I could dimensionalize Dylusions and so this project was made.  One of my faves!

The Dylusional Bus

What can I say....

The Biking Witch

Another project that was not chipboard!  But still one of my faves!  Fiona sent me the iron bike and challenged me to do something with it!  LOL!  

And Last....
The Curious Cabinet

Of course there were projects in between all of these, but I had not constructed anything from chipboard in a long time and I couldn't wait to get the chipboard back out.  This piece is pretty straight forward.  I mean there is no moving parts or magic to it, but honestly, it is one of my very favorites.  I love the simplicity and elegance of it.  Of course there is an embarrassing story behind this piece...I brought it with me to Florida when I attended Dyan Reavely 's classes.  It was a gift to her.  As I pulled it from the bag and opened it up to show her, I pulled on one of the drawers pulls and the pull fell off!  Ahhh!  Great Craftsmanship huh?   Of course it did!  LOL!  Sadly, it had sat in my car in the Florida heat and humidity and the glue failed!  I knew I should have "bradded" it on!  I then took it back home to fix it with great hopes of sending it to her right after.  Guess what?  I just mailed the cabinet to her right before Christmas!  LOL!  

Just want to thank you all for coming over to spend some time with me today.  I know this was a long-long post, but I guess that when you make something, you fall in love with it and then move on to the next thing.  I had fun going through them and looking at them again.  I hope you did too.

Yall have an awesome day!

The Gentleman Crafter