Wednesday, September 15, 2021

New! Halloween Book and Fall table Decorations

 Good Afternoon Everyone!

Well, when the mojo comes you have to roll with it.  Again, this is my time of year when I just get all juiced up to create, create and create!  I love it and hope you feel the same.

This week, I've finished a really fun Spell Book.  When you open the book you find a very sweet witch standing in front of her pantry of potions. On the back of the book there is a hatch that holds a micro LED battery operated light switch that illuminates the cabinet and also backlights Helga and her cat.  Make the easy to assemble kit, paint or paper the book and fill the cabinet with your own magical goodies.  I purchased little screw top jars from Hobby Lobby and used the smaller Tim Holtz vials.  I filled them with a bunch of seasoning from the kitchen and a few fount things from outside for a cool effect.  The book is completely cut from Baltic Birch Plywood and has a built in cut hinge on the spine.  It is perfect for paint, stain, ink or even to cover with your favorite patterned paper.   FUN FUN Project!

Spells Book

For more information or to purchase this kit WITH glue follow the link below:

For more information or to purchase this kit NO glue follow the link below:

Chair Place Card Holders

Now, moving into fall and entertaining I came up with some some of the cutest little chairs, if I do say so myself.  HA!  I just think they are cool.  You can use them as place card holders for each place setting and then allow the guest to take their chair home as a remembrance of the event.  Or keep them and reuse them around the house to set a votive on, or use the cut slot in he seat to place a photo.  Set of Six different chairs. Seconds to put together...

For more information or to purchase the kit please follow the link below:

Words of Thanksgiving

Another idea a friend shared with me is the use of words of Thanksgiving to incorporate into a table setting.  You could use these words anywhere, to decorate the house, to make a beautiful little sign or to simply place onto a plate to help decorate the table.  Again, you could allow the guest to take it with them as a remembrance of the event.  Sold in a set of six different words cut from wood.

For more information or to to purchase this set please follow the link below:

Thanks so much for coming over to look!  Have an awesome week!


The Gentleman Crafter

Friday, September 3, 2021

New Fall Projects and Jewelry!

 Hello My Friends!

Somehow I know fall is coming even though today's feel like or heat index is between 104-108 degrees!  I can't say that I wasn't a bit jealous when my nephew in Washington, DC sent a screenshot of the 60 degree weather from his phone!  Oh well it's coming...

I'm in the mood!  I even started having thoughts of Christmas!  Halloween seems to kick off the holiday season for me and there is nothing I love more than to start doing some major crafting during these upcoming months.  I've designed a few things for Halloween and started stringing some new Fall bracelets.  There's not a lot of those...But, email me and I'll see if I have enough goodies to string more.  Anyway, on with the Fall Projects...

Halloween Themed Victorian Peepshow

"Paper peepshows had their heyday in the mid 19th century, at a time when optical devices were all the rage. The trend began in Austria and Germany, and quickly spread to France and England. Often produced cheaply, they would be sold as souvenirs at popular travel destinations or as substitutes to experiencing the real thing. For the viewer today, they are playful and interactive time-travelling devices which highlight the kinds of attractions that thrilled people at the time."  -Victoria and Albert Museum Online

You simply open the box, accordion it out and look through the peep hole on the front of the box and view the spooky scene...A great Halloween treat for a friend or excellent compact Halloween decoration.

For more information on this project, please follow the link below:

Complete Kit-

Basic Kit-

Out for a Midnight Ride

An awesome Halloween project and great decoration, this cat carries an old witch out for a ride on his cart for a spooky midnight stroll.  

For more information on this project, please follow the link below:

Fall Bracelets

For Information on these bracelets please follow the link below:

Well, That's it for now!  Happy Upcoming Fall Y'all!


The Gentleman Crafter