Hello Everybody!  These post are tutorials from my old Typepad Blog.  I did not bring the comments over with them, which sadly had some great information that each of us shared over the months.  However, it's a least a start!  They are listed from oldest posts to newest....I will be adding more each day until they are finally moved over....

Thanks Y'all!


The Gentleman Crafter

New Years Eve Pattern DONE!!

Happy New Year Gang!  Looking forward to seeing everybody at the New Years Eve Scrap Bash on Ustream!  Yahooo!
As promised, here is the pattern for my Treasure Box!  This Box is just like the one posted yesterday just "manned" up a bit.  Once again, be gentle with your critique!  I'm learning.  LOL!  Please email me with any questions.

So.... The Gentleman Crafter Presents....The Tresure Box Mini.  And I mean mini!


Please click on the link below to get a copy in PDF format:
Download Treasure Box Mini
Once again, Here's to a Wonderful Healthy Happy New Year to you all!!!
Thanks for the interest in my pattern!  Y'all Rock!
The Gentleman Crafter

November 15, 2011

Mr. Roboto's Debut...

I challenged myself to use only, Tim Holtz Idea-ology Embellishments to make this guy. I pretty much stuck to it except for the head of the robot in which I used a Graphic45 altered art box and a few bottle caps. The body is made from Tim's configuration boxes and the features made from his gear die, sprockets, buttons, knobs, keys, key plates, light bulbs, hinge clips, memo pins, numerals, pocket watch and D rings! Wheew! I keep a pretty healthy stash of Idea-ology goodies on hand but I must confess I made several trips to Joann’s, Michaels and Hobby Lobby!

I used the Zutter spiral wires at 5/8ths and crimped it to attach the bulbs to the head. I also made the hands with the hinge clips so he could hold the Vintage Valise cut from the Tim Holz die.

I glued a bolt underneath the neck and attached the head with a wing nut so that the head would not only lie completely flat but would still be able to swivel. The head opens up and hold the mini album which has pockets and tags for pictures and journaling.  The head being made from one of Graphic 45's altered art boxes.




November 17, 2011

Mr. Roboto Unplugged!
Sorry Gang!  I just found the "Insert Image" button!  I thought I had to post each time!  Good Lord!  This is going to be a mixed up mess!   Like I said previously, bear with me!  I'm learning! LOL!
Ok, back to business!  Another question I had was using the Zutter or Cinch binding wires for Tim's Light Bulbs on the head.
I used the 5/8 binding wires and crimped them closed on the machine.

With them closed I bent the bottom of it into a spiral.
Once in a spiral, I placed the larger bulb into the opening at the top and bent it to hold the bulb tightly in place.  I then hot glued the bulb, if needed, to the wire and glued the wire to the "head."

When I was playing around with Mr. Roboto's arms, I had this idea to attach the arms to the body using the crimped 5/8 binding wire.  I pierced the "body" box and inserted the wire. I then pierced the "arm" box and inserted the other end then glued both.  I think it's really cool how it hangs away from the body and gives the piece some movement.  When you add the hand assembly and place something in the hand it would bend the wire down and closer to the body.

If you have any questions just let me know.  If you feel Mr. Roboto is something you would like to see in a kit please let me know as well.
Thanks and Have a Great Evening!!

Jim...The Gentleman Crafter

For Mr. Roboto's hands, an array of ideas came to mind.  At one point, I glued several of Tim's Trinket Pins forming fingers to a Swivel Clasp.  However, I really wanted the hands to hold something or do something.  I kept coming back to the hinge clip.  They had to remain functional and I didn't want it to lay flat against the "arm."  Then it hit me... If you used one of Tim Holtz Idea-ology D-Rings, you could run it through the holes in the hinge alowing it to function and still hang away from the arm.

Then I bent a piece of wire around the D-ring and crimped it down.

I then pierced a hole in the center of the arm and passed the wire through it.  I bent the wires back onto each side of the inside box (like you would a brad) and glued in place.

November 22, 2011 

Explosion Box Gift Card Holder...

With the Holidays on us, I thought I would share this fun to make explosion box for gift card giving...
If a box can have meaning, this one has it for me.  Why would a box have meaning?....This was the very first project I placed in my Etsy store.  I sold all I had.  That next Saturday morning, I received an email through Etsy from a lady in California who wanted a TON of these.  No, we aren't talking 100......MORE!!!   I, who felt honored that someone even liked anything I made, accepted the order!!  I never looked at this box the same way again!  In fact, this is the first time in months I have even been able to think about this box... I never wanted to make or see another one again!  LOL!  Well, that didn't last I am making them again for Holiday Gift Cards.
I had been asked to make a card for a retiring Volunteer President.  He was truly a fine gentleman and we all wanted to honor him with a group card as well as a gift card to a wonderful restaurant. Instead of making the card, I thought of the explosion box.  The explosion box, which has been around since Victorian times, needed a new twist.  So I added the gift card holder, made it from covered chipboard and added straps and hitch posts for a vintage valise look.  The box offered many places to add pictures and places for us to all sign...
I hope this gives you an idea for those fantastic little plastic cards!

The Gentleman Crafter



November 28, 2011

If It’s Broke… Fix It!  Some Tales and Tips…

Caution...Long Blog Post!!! LOL!
Driving home tonight, (a hour commute) I was thinking about my blog post today.  I knew I wanted to share a few tips on broken things…my mind went immediately to things, which I have broken that I fixed or at least tried to cover up!  Thinking about these CRAZY stunts, I became tickled and began to literally go into outright laughter, the kind that brings tears to your eyes!  So, I thought I would share.
Many moons ago, when I was thinner and had more hair, or shall I say when I could bend over and actually tie my shoe without the assistance of a chair… I decorated houses for the holiday season.  I was honored to have decorated some of the finest houses, businesses and shopping centers in Austin.
There once was a beautiful lady, which owned a beautiful house on a beautiful hill.  Being in the eye of the social set, this lady always did Christmas in a BIG way! Anyway, I was called in to over-wrap her already lit tree.  She wanted to be able to see it from miles away!
Hand wrapping a tree with thousands of lights is a LONG LONG process and can literally take a full 8 hours with two people!!  So, I over-wrapped this 9-foot artificial tree and it did indeed shine like a Christmas spotlight across the city!
The next morning I received a call from this fine lady, who in discussion with her daughter, had decided the tree had TOO MANY LIGHTS! (I could have told her that!!!) She asked that I come back to the manse and change out every other clear light with a colored one!  Being codependent or a good businessman, I wanted to please her!  I arrived, looked at the colored lights SHE HAD PURCHASED and immediately knew that these WERE NOT from the same manufacturer as the lights I had purchased to originally wrap the tree.  But whatever she wanted, I was just trying to FIX the situation…Just as I thought, these bulbs WOULD NOT fit properly into the sockets of the originals.  I had to force them in!  Ok, this is heavy, so sit down…did you know… that when a light… that is not meant to go into a socket for which it’s designed…gets warm, it pops out like popcorn from a kettle?  Did I also mention that this lady was a BIG ENTERTAINER!  I must have gone over to her house 6 times that season looking for bulb-less sockets!  Never Again!!….
Or there was the time when I was staging houses…I’m one of those people who must have every picture straight on the wall or it completely throws life out of balance!  Yep that’s me!  Back to the tale…these folks had a pool table in their dining room!  Not exactly my cup of tea, but whatever floats your boat!  Also, in this room was a VERY HEAVY knotty pine china cabinet dating back to the 70’s!  These two pieces were obviously the main focal points in the room and were totally out of alignment causing the room to be completely off!  So, I had to fix it.   By the grace of God these folks were out of town giving me the opportunity to move these pieces into a better “feng shui" situation.   Alone, I struggled to move the massive china cabinet.  Not getting the torque I needed, I wedged myself in between the wall and the cabinet pushing my tail feathers into the wall thus forcing the cabinet to move.  Well, it worked… however, my butt went completely through the sheetrock!!!  You may have no idea, whatsoever, how to tape and float drywall, but trust me, when you have a hole the size of watermelon in a house that’s not yours, you learn real quick!
Ok, tales over on with the tips:
One of my true loves is hand blown figural Christmas ornaments!  I love ‘em!  Seriously…LOVE them!  So when one of these objet d’art breaks it’s a pretty serious crime in my house!!! LOL!  Here’s a tip or two to help save these cherished jewels!
Broken Ornaments…
Note this will only work with ornaments that have holes in them.  If they are completely shattered, do what I do and bury them in a cigar box in the back yard!
With your hot glue gun, glue generously around the cracked edge.  This will stop it from cracking further.


Next, cut some artificial greens from an old wreath or garland that preferably match your tree.  Just a sprig will do.

Apply glue to the sprig and set it inside the hole filling the hole completely.
When you place the ornament back on the tree, the hole is completely disguised by the sprig, the crack is mended and no one would know the difference.
Do You Have Legless Bird Ornaments?
If you have lost the original legs or clips to one of your ornaments simply bend a pipe cleaner in half and glue it to the missing area.  The pipe cleaners hold the ornament perfectly in place.  If you need added support twist the ends around the branch.
I hope this helps!  Give it a try!  Save those ornaments!
And To All A Good Night...
The Gentleman Crafter
Men Do Scrap Too!

December 1, 2011

More Exploding Boxes

Wow!  What an incredible Birthday!  Thank you all for helping make it so special!  Maybe being 23 isn't that bad after all!  Give or take a few years...ok 20 years....hmmmm...21 years??? There's gotta be someone out there that will believe me!
Funny thing happened today, actually maybe it's a bit depressing...I was asked if I joined the mid-century club!  What in the world is the mid-century club??? I laughed and ackowledged the comment and didn't really give it any thought...Later....IT HIT ME!!  I think she meant that I looked 50!  I immediately came home, shucked off my clothes,  dawned my workout gear (the ones that make you look awesome head on but if you turn out Dolly!  This man's got boobs!) and went up and looked though the attic for my Jane Fonda Buns of Steal video and VCR!  I wiped off the dust tried to plug it into my ultra high tech TV and it wouldnt work!  So I had another piece of birthday cake and pondered my next move....
It is now almost 2 o' clock in the morning, birthday is over, cake eaten, thank you's written now for the new post....
Exploding Boxes
I do not know why I have a love affair with boxes but I do!  I think it's because they are their own unit.  Their own container.  It's clean and neat and you can stuff things in them and then put the lid on them...It's weird.  I love love making boxes!  Laura Denison at Following the Paper Trail has the BEST pattern for the guts to these boxes.  Of course Gentleman Crafterized!  Follow the trail to: ( I will do a tutorial for the outside of the box and some of the pages I switched up very soon...
Here are a few Exploding Boxes for your perusal:
Parisian Nights Exploding Box-
And the Gent's Exploding Box-

Do you see that key on the little envelope?  Wonder why it's there?  Completely punched the hole in the totally wrong place! LOL!
Hope you enjoy...
The Gentleman Crafter
Men Do Scrap Too!

December 2, 2011

Finally Done!!  Graphic 45 Vintage Traveling Wine Case

Well, I finally finished my Graphic 45 Wine Case!  Yahooo.  It was a blast to design and create!!  Now, like most of us, I can catch up on Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas and other projects that I have stacking up.

I really love Graphic 45 and all it's incredible goodness!  The papers are simply outstanding.  I love working with them.  Like most, at first, it is hard to cut into that beautiful paper as they indeed are stand alone works of art that need to be framed!  G45 also has some really great Staples that I hope they build on!

It's a fully functional Vintage Traveling Wine Case.  Fitted with a "Graphic 45 wine cork", cork screw/pull, napkins, wine journal, two glasses and a bottle of wine!  LOL!  Something that one could give as a gift for so many things.  Keep in mind if the recipient does not imbibe in spirits, there are so many incredible sparkling fruit drinks out there.  I personally LOVE the sparkling Pomegranate drink from IKEA!  Can't get enough of it.  It's so refreshing. 

My thought for this traveling wine box was for a hostess gift this holiday season....
Here is the line up for The Graphic 45 Vintage Traveling Wine Case:

The Graphic 45 paper used for the lid and the base are Globe Trotter and Transatlantique.  For the interior I used, Bon Voyage, Timely Point of View, A Fine Specimen and Globe Trotter again for the straps.

For the lid I used several Graphic 45 staples:
For the handle I used the Metal Hinge Staples. For the lid the Ornate Metal Door Plate and Knob Staples. On the corners of the lid, I once again used the Metal Hinge Staples to not only decorate the corners but also add extra support to the box lid.  I used the Metal Button Staples for added interest on the doorplate.

For the interior fitted lid I used, the Metal Flower Staples for the cork, and the Metal Tag staples to adorn the napkin pocket. I used the Globe Trotter paper and wrapped it around TYVEK (Thanks Kathy Orta!) to strengthen all the straps exterior and interior.

For the bottom of the box, as I mentioned above, I used the Envelope Tag Staples and the Trim Staples.  I used the Envelope Tags as straps and then threaded the eyelets with the Trim Staples to hold the wine bottle in place.  It really holds it quite securely!!   As an added touch to the glasses, I glued a Metal Flower Staples and button to the outside of the plastic glass.  The box sits on four of the Metal Button Staples as feet.  When I added the straps to the base, the box needed to be raised up to accommodate the brads and the thickness of the straps.  The buttons were the answer!

I had so much fun designing and creating this.  I hope you like it as much as I do.


The Gentleman Crafter 
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December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Gang!  Looking forward to seeing everybody at the New Years Eve Scrap Bash on Ustream!  Yahooo!
As promised, here is the pattern for my Treasure Box!  This Box is just like the one posted yesterday just "manned" up a bit.  Once again, be gentle with your critique!  I'm learning.  LOL!  Please email me with any questions. 
So.... The Gentleman Crafter Presents....The Tresure Box Mini.  And I mean mini!

Please click on the link below to get a copy in PDF format:
Once again, Here's to a Wonderul Healthy Happy New Year to you all!!!
Thanks for the interest in my pattern!  Y'all Rock!
The Gentleman Crafter

January 5, 2012

Organization- Altered Box -Part One

Hello All!
In the spirit of organization, I needed a break from the label machine to get my hands dirty for awhile.  I had to take a breather and get creative for awhile...Well sort of...To be totally honest, I really was avoiding the shock of getting online to pay my American Express "Christmas" bill and opted for crafts instead!  Am I the only one who closes their eyes and looks through their finger when the, amount due total finally makes it's way on the computer screen?  LOL!
In my atempt at becoming organized for 2012, I was looking around the studio and spotted an unfinished chest that needed some love.  Before I go further, YES, it came from IKEA and NO, they no longer sell them.  I checked today.  I knew yall would ask.  But I;m asking you to open your minds and think about all the cool stuff you have around your house that could be altered to store stuff!
It's a work in progress.   I keep thinking about something else I want to do to it, so I thought I would share it with you as I go...
I started off with the unfinished chest.  It's about 14 inches wide by 10 inches tall and almost 10 inches deep.

Then I used the Pitch Black paint dabber and painted all the edges.

Next, I measured the box for pattern paper.  I cut the paper to the correct dimensions and inked the edges.

Next, I glued all the inked pattern papers to the box and drawers and used the brayer to reinforce the adhesion between the wood, glue and paper.


More Tomorrow...
The Gentleman Crafter

January 5, 2012
Altered Box - Part Two

...Where were we?  Oh yes, Part Two of the Altered Box. 
The top with the pattern papers glued down.
Done with covering the box with paper.
Now for the embellishments!
Next I alcohol inked the tin numerals.
I applied the numerals and a hinge clip with glossy accents to the drawer front. 
OK....Stayed tuned to part three.  I'm excited to show you...It really looks cool!  At least I think so...
The Gentleman Crafter

January 6, 2012

Altered Box DONE!

Think Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Maybe not so much Indiana or his infamous hat but think about the ark!  OK, keep it on the back burner of your noggin while I show you the final steps of the altered box that I have been having a total BLAST doing!  (Warning!  There are a lot of pictures!)
We left off with...Gotta look, I can't remember! Oh yes, working on the drawers:
I was thinking how I would actually use this box.  It would be for the the many Tim Holtz Idea-ology embellishments I love using.  Then I thought, how do I work?  I look through the embellishments and take them to my project.  AHHHH....So, I could dig through the different bins and as I find the assorted pieces I need I could place them on a tray.  That way everything I needed from the different bins would all be in one place.  So a tray was needed.  I took a one of Tim's Configuration boxes and dabbered the edges with the Pitch Black dabber.
I cut paper to cover the tray.

I used my round nose  jewelry pliers and gently bent Tim Holtz Ornate plates to be my handles and glued to the tray.
The painting, lining and handles done.
I glued some Idea-ology pieces together for a "top knot" to the tray.
I took some corner pieces and dabbered them with silver.
I then inked them with Black Soot Distress Ink to get the ink into the recesses and add dimension to them.
I used my fingers to work the ink into the piece as well as taking some of the ink up from the flat areas.

I wanted the tray to sit on top of the box even if the box was moved. So I glued the corner pieces to the altered box top.  Kinda like supports.  First I placed the tray and corner pieces where I wanted it to be on the top of the box.  I then marked with a pencil where I should glue them on.
I applied the Tim Holtz feet to the box.  I decided that the box needed some of Tim Hotlz wings to spruce up the bottom near the feet.  Why use just one when two is better! So I glued them near the feet.
Next for some handles on each side of the box.  I used some of the Graphic 45 metal flowers and bent them up a bit.  I added a decorative brad to the center to secure them together.  I then glued it to a handle/plate I found at Michaels for something just like this.
I then screwed the handles to each side of the box.
I think this altered box came out pretty cool.  It's also something I will really use in the studio....
Here is the finished Altered Organization Box....


See are you getting thoughts of Raiders of the Lost Ark?  It could  just be me.  It could be the wings.  It could be the square shape with the stacked top!
Thank you all for following this box to it's completion.  So much fun to do.  Hope you all find some sort of inspiration from it.
Have an Awesome Weekend Gang!
The Gentleman Crafter

January 7, 2012
Supply List For Altered Box

Sorry Gang, I never remember to tell y'all what I've use...Here are the goodies I used to alter the box:
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Paper Stash- Crowded Attic - Paper to cover boxes
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Hinge Clips - Clips to hold a tag or nameplate.  As I change the drawers contents I can simply change the tag.
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Timepieces - Decoration for the tray top
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Regal Adornments - Decoration for the tray top
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Corners - Supports for tray and decorative corners for top of box
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Sprocket Gears - Decoration for the tray top
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Ornate Plates - Handles for tray
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Game Spinners - Decoration for tray top
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Numerals - For drawers
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Foundations Metal Box Feet - Feet for box
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Configuration Boxes 6.75" x 8.75" - The tray
  • Tim Holtz/Ranger Vintage Photo Distress Ink - Inking paper edges
  • Ranger Adirondack Pitch Black Dabber - Painting the edges of the box
  • Glossy Accents - Awesome for gluing anything!  Works incredibly well on joining metals together!
  • Graphic 45 Metal Flower Staples - Decoration for side handles
  • Michaels Plate/Handle - The side handle.  I found this in the Scrap storage section at Michaels.
  • Metal Rimmed Tags from Office Depot - Used as the box labels.  I used instant coffee to age these and let dry.

    Thanks Again For Looking!
    The Gentleman Crafter

    January 9, 2012
    Grab a Pencil!  New Project!

    First, Thank you all for your wonderful comments on the Altered Box.  WOW!  You all are FANTASTIC and your comments are truly inspiring to me!  Thank You ...Thank You!
    Getting Crafty!
    I'm feeling crafty!  When am I not?  But when it hits hard,  ya gotta roll with it huh?  So, I'm rolling up my sleeves and starting a new project tonight...Hope you will follow along...
    Continuing with the organization theme .... to be honest, finding new places to hide stuff  theme, still on my mind I wanted to make a stack of drawer-ed books to keep odds and ends in...
    So here we go...Probably just blog about the spine tonight as it's pretty intense!  But dont let that scare you!....
    I want to make a stack of three books. I will do this step for all three books.
    For the first (top) drawer I cut a piece of chipboard and  I dipped in in a bowl of hot water.  Pretty wet but not too wet!
    Wetting chip

     Then I grabbed a bottle (Topo Chico, My Favorite Mineral Water!) and molded the chip over the length of the bottle.
    Molding Bottle
    I then tightly wrapped the bottle/s  with paper and taped it to secure the hold.
    Wrapping Bottle
    Now you can do either to things here.  (I've done them both on many projects that I hope to show y'all one day.) You can either let it sit for a day and let it dry COMPLETELY, or you can do the dangerous thing that I did...ADD HEAT BABY!
    But, disclaimer here....Do I need a disclaimer?  Here it is anyway, because I don't want any fires or anyone getting hurt!!!  LOL!...BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN FOLLOWING ANY OF THE NEXT STEPS!  STAY WITH YOUR PROJECT PLEASE!
    To speed up the process, take your empty bottle with the chip on top, place it on a cookie sheet and "bake" on 200 for about 10 to 20 minutes, checking often to make sure your not burning the house down!  Folks, when I get in the kitchen, things BURN!  Seriously!  :)
    Now,  when you pull it out you may think it's dry, but paper and moisture can fool you!  It's not dry!  It will continue to curl or flatten for hours! Just make sure you keep it on he bottle to "preserve the curve."  Now, that's one way to add heat.
    Here's my favorite way... Because I'm always in a rush.
    Take the wet chipboard, mold it over the bottle, get you heat tool and begin drawing the moisture out. Flip it, dry it, flip it, it dry it. Remember to maintaining the curve.

    Ok, now when you think it's dry, turn it over with the curve up.  Opposite of the picture above, and heat it moving your heat tool up and down the length of the chip not stopping in one place too long.  You will start to see that the curl continues to...well..curl.  Cool huh?
    Now, grab a paper plate or a plate with paper toweling on it and lay the piece curve side up.  Place the plate in the microwave.  For my microwave, I heated it  for 1 minute (Once again, BE CAREFUL! I just know this worked for me and my microwave but have no idea how this works for others.)
    This completely draws out the moisture from inside the core of the paper and "sets" it!
    Hard as nails and ready for patterned paper!   Ok, enough with the drying!  Let's get to the fun stuff!
    I marked off several points equally along the spine.
    Spine Marked

    Next, I cut thin strips of grungeboard the width of the spine and glued them on with Glossy Accents.
    Grungeboard Adde
    Grunge applied

    The next step, I added tape to the top and bottom on the back side and cut my spine paper.
    Adding paper
    I turned the piece over and applied tape to the top, each side of the ribs and the rib piece itself.
    Spine taped
    OK...I was in the zone when I was doing these next steps and completely forgot to take pictures!  So Sorry!  I will try and explain....
    I scored my spine paper a 1/2 from the top, pulled the backing from one end on the back side and folded the paper over to the front. I then pulled all the tape backing from the front side.  I slowly worked my paper down on the first tape, then to each of the other tapes  A bone folder is essential to really work the paper onto the tape and into the folds forming the decorative ribs on the spine.
    Next, I added tape to the backside edges and folded the paper over and onto the back, mitering the corners.  Once that was done I cut another piece of patterned paper a 1/4 inch smaller that the spine piece added tape around the edges and down the center and adhered it to the back.
    Cover paper
    Cover Applied
    Yay!  One spine down!  Here's what it looks like!
    Complete Spine Piece
    That's it for tonight!  Tomorrow the Book Box!
    Thanks for Looking!
    The Gentleman Crafter

    January 10, 2012
    Book Drawers - Part 2

    Hello Everybody!  Right to business.... :) 
    Here is Part 2 of the Book Drawers Project...
    I cut the chip for the box.  Two pieces for the top and bottom.  Two pieces for the sides and one last piece for the back panel.
    Chip for box
    Next, I glued black card stock to the top and bottom pieces and mitered the corners.
    Covered chip
    I taped the edges and folded the paper over just as you would for making book covers.
    Taped chip
    I cut strips of paper and scored down the center.  I added tape to each side of the score mark.  I used these as my binding strips to put the box together.  Here is the box with all the sides on using the binding strips.
    Put together

    Next I added the top panel of the box using the same binding strips.
    Top added

    I taped all around the top and bottom edge so that I could add a decorative paper strip around the edge.  NOTE: Any crafter out there ever seen a work surface looked this organized?  Hahaha!  It's pretty much the way it is isn't it?  :)
    Taping the edge
    Adding the paper strip.  I scored 1/2 inch in from the strip, pre-folded the paper and added tape to the flap.  I started from the inside working around the box with the paper.
    Adding the paper
    Adding paper 2
    For the paper strip that I taped around the outside of the box, I was going for the look of old pages.  To do this I grabbed some parchment colored paper.  I then took my Distress tool and Vintage Photo Distress ink and lightly dragged the applicator down the length of the page.  I then went back and used a little rubber comb tool from a distress kit I had and dabbed it in the ink a drug that over the surface as well creating "pages."  For the life of me I could not get a good shot of this.  But it really looks cool!  Here's an attempt to show you...
    Striated Paper
    Next, I traced the curve of the spine to start making the drawer.  I cut the curve with scissors.
    Tracing the curve
    These are the pieces for the drawer.
    Drawer pieces
    I used the binding strips again and glued the drawer together.  The picture below shows the curved front drawer pieces coming together.
    Curved front
    Oh, here ya go...from this pic you can see the striation from the Distress Tool and the comb.
    After the box was put together I lined the box and added the spine with Glossy Accents.

    Side view of drawer
     We will repeat the steps for this book two more times for a stack of three books.  I made my sizes about 1 inch larger than the last so I could have a tiered stack of books.
    That's it.  I placed the drawer in the box and I think it looks like a book.  What do you think?
    Here is the completed book drawer:
    Part 3  very soon....
    Thanks For Looking!
    The Gentleman Crafter

    January 11, 2012
    Some Details

    What a beautiful day it was here in Central Texas!  Just like Spring.  Tomorrow we get cold again.  Just when I received my Burpee's seed catalog!  Oh well, I'll set that aside and give you some details on the top Book Drawer instead.
    I received an email from a friend who said she had seen a similar idea as a table at Hobby Lobby.  On the way home I drove over to see and become inspired...I didn't find the table but I did find a stack of books that had drawers.  Very pretty home decor piece.  Lined up straight and perfect.  What I took away from that was...TOO PERFECT.  Let's set them askew...Like books in my house would be.  Like life.  Not so perfect, but beautiful just the same.  So going forward on this project... that's what I'm going for.
    OK...I wanted to give you all some details.  After looking at the book, It needed something where the spine met the box.  (No, I'm not going for perfect!) The drawer is obviously smaller than the box so that the drawer can slide into the box.  This recess was bugging me!  So I raised it up or filled it in with a piece of chip I covered in the same paper and inked.

    I inked the edge adding a shadow line.  (Thanks Barb)
    OK so my fingers don't look like the hand models on QVC!  Can we say cuticle oil!  Nails stained with Vintage Ink!  Who cares!  :)
    Here the extra piece added to the side...
    Next, if you look at a book, there is this (I'm sure there is a word for it) fabric strip around the very edge next to the spine.  To make this I used some Black and Ecru DMC floss and twisted it and glued 'er on.  Here's what that looks like...
    I cut the ends and glued it so that it wouldn't ravel.

    Next, I added strips of paper to the front and back of the book where the spine paper would have come around to the front cover.  This also does something really cool.  Try as you may, there will always be some kind of tiny gap between the spine and the box.  This strip does double duty and provides a "gap hider" and makes the book front look more finished.
    Front strips

    Details done...

    Here is the before picture so you can see the picture without the "gap-filler"....To me, the above picture shows what a difference small details can make.

    Thanks Again and keep warm!
    The Gentleman Crafter

    January 14, 2012
    Stacking Book Drawers Done!

    It's so nice to sit down and relax for a second.  I have decided that I didn't like the way I have things organized in my studio and now I'm re-redoing! LOL!  When I get on a roll, I somehow seem to want to pull the furniture away from the walls, clean the baseboards, sweep, dust, move furniture around...Then I look over at what I originally started on, which is now incomplete, and I'm pooped!  LOL! is the Stacking Book Drawers done.  I hope that you like it.  I'm going to keep all my receipts, and small things that clutter up my desk in the drawers.  There seems to always be those little pieces of paper lying around!  You need to keep receipts right...kinda...well...maybe not the ones from the craft stores....They wouldn't fit anyway!!!
    Here we go....

    I added some embellishments to the top.  A Gentleman's Monocle so that he can read his books and a set of keys that open his Library door.  Ok, so I'm stretching!  LOL!

    For a decorative element, I added a bookmark to each side of the middle book drawer.
    The Drawers Open...
    For the middle and bottom books, I glued the spine to the drawer instead of having the drawer extend out and onto the spine as I did the top book.  I stamped the spine with embossing ink, then added Pirate Gold embossing powder and set it by heat embossing.  I also added a few brads to give it a little pop.  For the top and bottom book I added the awesome new Graphic 45 Tropical Travelogue paper to the book covers.
    For the drawers to open properly, I added a piece of chipboard to the bottom of the two top boxes.  I glued the chip to the bottom of the top book and then glued the top book to the middle book, repeating the process for the middle book to the bottom book.  The extra depth from the chip gave the drawers the perfect space to open and shut with ease.
    Well, that's it!  Hope you like it! Back to cleaning the baseboards!
    The Gentleman Crafter

    January 24, 2012

    Key To My Heart...

    Here's a Valentine's Day frame that would be good as a gift.  It is quick and easy and I think looks kinda cool.
    Grab a piece of chipboard that is 6 1/2 x 8.  On the 6 1/2 inch side take a mug from the kitchen and lay it on the top edge of the chip and trace around the top.  Do this twice forming the archs or half circle of the heart.
    Next, mark the center of the bottom.  Should be 4 inches.  Grab your ruler and mark up from the center point to each side of the half circles.  Cut on the marked lined with a craft knife or scissors.
    Now to add a place for a photo.  I made my cut out for the frame around 2.5 x 3.  I marked this and cut out the rectangle with my craft knife.
    Next, I used my heart frame as a template to cut out the patterned paper.  One for the front and one for the back.  I cut this with scissors and then glued the front and back papers to the chipboard heart.  I then sanded the edges and distressed them with Frayed Burlap Distress Ink.


    I then took a piece of acetate and cut it down to fit over the baskside of the opening and glued in place.  The blue film was pulled off the front of the actetate and I left it on the back as long as I could to prevent scratches, etc.


    I took three strips of 1/4 inch chip and glued these onto a piece a chip that was the same size as my frame opening.


    Glue the frame piece to the back of the heart.


    Here's the opening for your picture.....


    Next, you can use anything you would like to cover the front of the frame.  I chose to use Tim Holtz Movers and Shapers Mini Heart Set Die.  I took a piece of 12x12 chipboard and glued a sheet of Tim's valentine paper from his Season Stash.  To make things easier, I cut 6 strips and then cut each strip into 2 inch squares.  I used the smaller of the two hearts and placed each square of patterned paper squares on the die and cut.



    You can see from the picture above that I embossed a few extra hearts with embossing powder and heat tool.  Just for an added pop of something.
    Now here's the fun.  Just dab some glue on the back of a mini heart and glue to the frame.  Continue until you can't place another heart on the frame.  This is your first layer of hearts.


    Continue with a second and third layer until you use all the die cut hearts.  DON'T be perfect!!  I think it's more fun to place them at all angles.


    The Stand...
    I took a scrap piece of chipboard and cut it down to fit behind the fame.  I then measured off and marked an inch across the top.  I ran my craft knife over the mark, being careful NOT to go all the way through.  Just a score.  Then I bent it open.  Next I took some of Tim's Tissue Tape and wrapped the stand completely because I wanted to keep this easy.



    Glue the 1 inch folded side of the stand to the frame.

    The Stand

    Added a piece of ribbon between the stand and the frame.  This will hold the frame up.


    That's it!  See easy huh?  Here is the completed frame....


    Thanks For Looking Y'all!
    The Gentleman Crafter

    January 25, 2012

    Expanding File Folder Project!

    Hello All!
    It's rainy and cold here in Texas tonight.  Boy, we got the rain last night and this morning!  It's such a blessing.  The flooding not so much.  It's a great night to craft!
    Speaking of crafting, here is a project made with expanding files.  I use this Traveling Expand-a-File everyday and it comes in and out of my satchel continuously and has held up beautifully.  I thought I would share it with you!  It keeps me organized and hope that it will do the same for you...
    Click here to Download Traveling Expanding File.


    Hope you give it a shot!  Have a GREAT evening!
    The Gentleman Crafter

    January 28, 2012

    Soar on Silver Wings, Valentines Frame Done!

    To Soar on Silver Wings!  How wonderful that would be!

    Hey Gang!  I took a blog breather for a few days!  It is strange how you can become so addicted to blogging and really miss it!
    Obviously, I love to make things!  I mean have a passion to create!  It's in my blood!  My Dad was the same way!  Dad was a Civil Engineer, so I was raised with graph paper diagrams and hour long lectures on how things worked.  He could do anything!  He made silver jewelry, furniture and even solar collectors just to name a very few... you name it he could make it!  I will never be my Dad, but how awesome is it to try to emulate him!
    Yep, I was going somewhere with the paragraph above, not exactly the segway I was intending but, when I was working on this frame project, I completely lost time and was so in the zone.  Which basically translates to, I really enjoyed making this.  I think it turned out pretty cool.
    It is simple, not expensive to make and I feel very effective when it was completed.  But once again,  In the eye of the maker may be completely different to others! LOL!  The idea, totally lifted from the frames I saw at market in Dallas.  I believe the awesome winged frames were by Kelly Rae Roberts.  See my Market photos for the inspiration pieces.
    OK, OK, enough rattlin' on and on!  Here is the Soar On Silver Wings Valentines Frame for your perusal.  I will put the tutorial up tonight if you are interested!
    From this...


    To this....





    Thanks for looking and check back later for the tut.
    The Gentleman Crafter

    January 28, 2012

    Silver Wings Tutorial

    I'm Back!

    Ok, let's get crackin'....
    Here is the tutorial as promised.  My most awesome friend Barb, always keeps me in check when I say it's inexpensive...She laughed and said there was about $20.00 in  Tim Holtz Jewelry on this frame.  Thanks Barb!  LOL! Let me do the break down for ya...
    • The Wangs (as we say in Texas)- 1 package Regal Adornments.  I used 2 large and 2 small.  I got them at Joann's on sale at 30% off, as all paper goods were on sale this week.  So that was $6.99 (reg. 9.99)
    • I did use the Sizzix Angel Wing die.  But hello... coupon folks! :) around $15.99
    • Chipboard scraps for the wangs
    • 1- small Round 4" base- 2 for .99 cents
    • 1- large 5" Round -.99 cents
    • 1- 5/16 x36" Dowel- .59 cents
    • Chipboard scraps for the wangs
    • 3 Vials -Tim Holtz Idea-ology Corked vials $5.99 pkg. 
    • 1- Clock Face - Tim Holtz Idea-ology Timepieces -$4.99 pkg.
    • 1- #2 -Tim Holtz Idea-ology Numerals $5.99
    • 1- Soaring Bird - Tim Holtz Idea-ology Charms 8.99
    • 1- "S", "O", "A", "R" -Tim Holtz Alpha Parts- Ransom - $7.99
    • 1 - #14 Tim Holtz Idea-ology - Plaquettes
     See, if you had these in your stash... Inexpensive to make!  LOL!
    WARNING!!!  Lots of pictures folks!  But it's my understanding you like them....

    The wood pieces were found at Hobby Lobby.


    Paint all the pieces with Adirondack's Pitch Black Dabber.


    I call this candleing but I;m sure it has a formal name.  I use a candle and go over all the edges.  The wax sits on top of the paint and when another coat of paint is applied, you sand it off and the bottom coat shows through.



    Now paint your pieces with Adirondack Snow Cap.


    Sand the pieces with a fine grit sand paper.  I used Tim's sanding block.


    You can see in the picture above how the wax keeps the white paint from adhering to the undercoat.
    Distress all pieces with your choice of Distress ink.  I used Brushed Corduroy.


    Now the pieces are aged...



    Drill a whole underneath the frame to accept the dowel.  Use a ruler to center the hole.


    Insert the dowel.

    Finished with the frame prep....

    Take some leftover chipboard and cut the wings from the Angel Wing Die.  Paint with Pitch Black just as you did the wood pieces. (Can you tell I'm a messy painter!  HAHAHA!)


    Candle the wings.


    Next, paint the wings white with Adirondack Snow Cap.


    Sand off the paint to distress and age the wings.


    You are done with that step....


    Now you know me, I can't just add one wing to the wing!  Does that sound crazy?  LOL!  I had to add three.  I think it looks cool!  I used Glossy Accents to adhere the pieces together.


    Now take a smaller piece of dowel and use your craft knife to notch out a flat area about 3/4 inch.  This will hold the wing when glued to the frame and dowel.

    The dowel inserted and glued into the frame.
    You will glue the wing to the flat part of the dowel.  Done!
    Now for the fun part!  Add all that Tim Goodness!
    The Wings....
    Viola!!!!  Done!  See easy huh?

    Once again, I can't tell you enough how much I  appreciate you all!  Your comments are what keeps me going!  You all ROCK!!
    Thanks for checking this out!  Con Te Partiro!

    The Gentleman Crafter

    January 29, 2012

    Monster Flowers Tutorial

    Hello Gang!
    OK, here's a question for you?  What do Monster Drinks and Alcohol Inks have in common?


    One would be the "ink"...but, I'm sure there will be a hundred clever answers,  I'm talking aluminum FLOWERS! LOL!
    I've been having the best time with alcohol inks!  I find it fascinating how these inks work.  You can get so many different variations by using different applicators or just dropping the ink onto the object.  Ok, maybe I've had too much caffeine!!
    So here's what I've been doing in the studio today.  They will be for a project I will share with you tomorrow.
    !!!CAUTION!!!  Cut Aluminum is SHARP!  Please be careful!!!
    First I cut the top and bottom off the aluminum can with a serated knife.  I then used scisoors to cut the can down the middle to form an aluminum sheet.


    I then ran the aluminum through the Vagabond using Tim Holtz's Tattered Florals die and the mini Tattered Florals Die.


    I then scored them with a few different McGill stylus.


    Next I used Alchol Inks to color the metal.


    The last step was to stack several of the petals together and pierce the flower in the center and add a brad to hold it together.  A Monster Flower Bouquet...Check back tomorrow to see the project that these go on....



    Thanks For Looking!
    The Gentleman Crafter

    January 30, 2012

    OK, Floral Stationery Box For Real!

    LOL!  So who knew that this would take exactly 4 hours and 28 minutes to post!  Good Grief!  Some may call me crazy!  That's ok!  Even if just one of you take something away from this project as helpful, to me, that's where I get my blessing!
    Below, please find Part 1 of the Floral Valentines Stationery Box.
    You may download the PDF file here. Download FLORAL VALENTINE BOX Part 1


    Thanks for your patience!!
    The Gentleman Crafter


    1. No comments!! What is that? For this great box?! Well, that allows me to be the first of something on your fabu web site... Rrraaaahhhhh!!!! I love this thing; seen it before but just don't get how to do it. Did you have a tutorial, by chance? Or am I going to have to find some technical but not nearly so fun tutorial on YouTube? Between you and Fiona my mental health has had a shot in the arm. Laughing and joy are the best medicine in the world. Is there a Nobel Prize for crafters?

    2. I really love your stacked book boxes!!! Just wondering what the dimensions were? Or would I be able to fit a journal in them?

    3. Good grief are INCREDIBLE.

      I would leave you a glowing comment, however I must go buy a new keyboard. I just ruined mine with all the drool. I was wondering if I should send you the bill...but figured I'll just cover it since someone so amazingly awesome shouldn't have to deal with trivial items like that.

      Sensationally phenomenal.

    4. Love them all. So much talent. Hugs, Linda

    5. I'm looking for the final video on Fiona's Lace Mini (?)

    6. I just visited your blog for the first time and all I can say is >>>> WOW<<<<! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with us! I wish I could just sit here for hours...

    7. I discovered you and the blog and the shop just a couple weeks ago, and I have been obsessing over the projects ever since!

      In case no one tells you this, like daily, you are so talented!

    8. used one of Tim Holtz Idea-ology D-Rings, you could run it through the holes in the ...

    9. A big WOW! I've seen the projects of women and I love your work better! You're gifted. TFS!


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