Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Taking It Easy with Some Halloween Art Therapy!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Per the cardiologist's orders, I've been trying to find a middle ground. I have been taking it easy and finding a slower pace.  Which is kinda boring really, but I know it's what I should do.  For the last couple of days, I've been feeling a bit down.  Hate to have the blues...So, today I asked myself what makes me the happiest...Designing stuff and working with my hands...Well Hello...Jimbo, get to it!  Art Therapy is a good thing!

So, I pulled out a big sheet of Kraft paper, some paints, stencils, a canvas and of course chipboard.  I sat down in a comfy chair, grabbed a nice bottle of water instead of a Coke and had a few low sodium almonds to help with my artistic journey.

I was off...keeping with the Halloween theme, here's what I came up with...A Backlit Halloween Canvas...

I tissued the canvas for texture and then  painted the canvas background with some orange and brown.  I then dry brushed some black paint and metallic espresso onto the canvas.  I then used my swirl stencil with some black spray ink to finish it off.  Of course, I had to sling some white paint onto the canvas to wake it up a bit.

I adhered some of my chipboard Just Bits Swirls to the canvas and some stars for some dimension.

I then set the canvas outside to dry and then found Triton eating a bedroom pillow!  Oy Vey!  I started work on the skull.

I cut a spooky skull out of Kraft chipboard and sprayed it with a low odor fixative and then painted it with white Gesso.  I covered it with some Idea-ology newsprint paper and cut out the eyes, nose, teeth, and details with a craft knife.  I grunged Mr. Skull up with some brown ink and went over the edges with some black ink.  I then used one of my stencils and sprayed black ink to form the wiggles on the front.

I took a piece of tracing paper and smeared some brown ink on it and took a paint brush and blended it together.  I then cut the tracing paper to fit  on the backside of the skull.

Next, I heated up the hot glue gun and adhered a battery operated set of mini LED lights around the backside edge making sure I placed the on/off button at the top where I could reach it.  I then added some square wooden blocks to the back of the skull so that the skull would float off the canvas.

I hot glued the backside of the blocks and adhered it centered-ish onto the canvas.  


Then I listened to my MOM and sat down and rested while I wrote this blog...So there!  LOL

Hope you can find some Halloween inspiration from this!

Have an awesome week!

The Gentleman Crafter