Friday, August 3, 2012

Need A Lift!

Y'all I have had the most AMAZING day!  Well, work was like totally over the top!  When will these people realize that I don't see emails at 8:00p.m. at night!  Frustrating!  LOL!  So, the day was off to a rocky start.  Then I received this email from my friend Kim.  I asked her if I could share and she said yes!....If you recall, I mentioned Tim was discontinuing the Hitch Posts I so love!  I had gone out to Tuesday Morning on vacation and purchased all they had!

 Here's Kim's email to me......

Ok, some days I really really hate you.   LOL.   Not for the peeing story... I have plenty of those (and it was funny BTW), but for the hitch fastener conversation you started a few days ago.  I have never had a desire to have a hitch fastener until you mentioned you wiped out Tuesday Morning.  Now I am obsessed and see what an awesome little item this is.  Why the heck is Tim discontinuing this?   Can you email him and tell him to stop it please, or not stop them as the case may be.  

So I have hit up the TM on Anderson Mill (none), and the TM on S. Lamar and scored 2 packs.  I will hit one or two more this afternoon on the way home... so be forewarned... I am on the roads and on a mission and I will beat you at your little game.  Bwahahahahaha  -- oh, was that out loud?   I have emailed my sisters in Montana, North Dakota and California to go look, and also a friend in Midland.  I will have hitch fasteners!

See, it happens!  Who knew we would be a bunch of wild eyed maniacs roaming up and down the freeway to get the things we need to make our projects perfect!

On another note...Fiona of Jennings644 Freestyle Crafts on YouTube and I had been emailing back and forth these past few days.  If you recall from my old blog, I had mentioned her videos and how she can make me laugh until I have to grab the Depends!  Just Sayin'!  She's amazingly talented, does like four videos a day and is truly the highlight of my whole YouTube experience.  Well, I had thought I had seen every one of her videos.  She emailed me today with one and I laughed SO hard.  If you need to take a break and get happy for a second, you gotta watch this.  Scroll to about 12 minutes in and start watching!  It is SOOOO something I would do!

Wasn't that hysterical!  If you get a chance check this sweet woman out at Jennings644 Freestyle Crafts!  I love her!

Speaking of Videos....I have done a 3 part video on the making of Carol's Caddy!  You may have seen it already if you subscribe to my YouTube Channel, If so never mind!  LOL!  Whether you purchased the pattern or not, I hope it helps!  I so appreciate everyone and their support with that!  

Well, I'm off to get busy!  Hope to have some new things up soon....It's the weekend!  It's bound to happen!!  

OH YEAH!!!!.... The Ladies Diary Roll Top Desk that I made for CHA for Graphic 45 will be posted on Graphic 45's blog on Monday!  They will be giving it away!  So I hope you check both of our blogs out for the details!  See Ya Soon!

Happy Weekend!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. HOLY MOLY BATMAN! Boy were those amazing videos!I rally learned a lot. There's no comparison to your work and the cheap little paper mache boxes I buy! You'll go...geez...are these 9 yr. olds sloppy! (not really funny)
    TFS, you are an uber talented and patient engineer of the ARTS!


    1. Bahahaha Linda! I love paper mache boxes too! They are so handy and so many cool shapes! So glad you liked the videos my sweet! Thanks for taking the time to watch!


  2. OMG!!! I have done what Jennnings644 has done!!! Only I didn't think it was funny when I did it. I almost peed my pants laughing....then here laugh made me laugh more!!!!

    I'll be checking out your Carol's caddy vids tomorrow....getting too late tonight.

    Thanks once more for making me laugh!!!!!

  3. Oh my, Fiona's vid is so funny! Thank You for the laugh. She is great. Thank you for the carols caddy tutorials. These are very helpful with the basics. And you had a little moment yourself at the beginning with the fly. I thought you were going to lose it, tee hee. Really enjoy you!

  4. Jim, Thanks for the video's on the making of Carol's box. Fiona's video was so funny, I love how she couldn't stop laughing and kept filming. I couldn't stop laughing either! I forgot Laura was on vacation and there wouldn't be a show tonight, your tutorial on the box was a nice fill in. I hope you have a productive crafty weekend. Shari (cricutrookie)

  5. I really needed that laugh....what a funny lady! I bet she is still cleaning that powder up....she'll shine for days.

  6. That video was hilarious! Love it! It gave me the laugh I needed this afternoon lol. It is something any of us could do lol.
    Have you emailed Tim about the fasteners?? I think we all should email him! Power in numbers I say lol.

  7. I can always count on your blog for a big chuckle!!!!!Fiona's video was a hoot! And yes, I too have so done that! Your videos of carols box will be a big help...thanks for doing them.....the fly, the was such a fun time......ya made my day once again!

  8. Oh forgot....the war with Kim will be fun to follow and see who wins!!!!!! Please write to your fried Tim and tell him to bring em back!!!

  9. Oh Boy my friend, I really can't thank you enough, there heaps of other video's where I say or do things that make laugh until I can't stop. There is a video I put up where all I do is laugh from the first minute to end. Its an old one and goes on for 15 mins of me just laughing trying to show how to do something. If you've not seen that one, let me know and you will need a BOX of tissues handy lol lol. Thank you Jim, your a real sweetie and wonderful GENTLEMAN :) Hugs Fi xx

  10. OMG! Her laugh is contagious! So, funny, but not still laughing.
    Hugz, Z

  11. OK I guess that's one way to demonstrate a finely powdered product! lol! Thanks for your demos of the caddy build Jim, now I am even more convinced I need to get my behind over to Etsy and get your tutorial.

  12. If Kim has a sister in my state - Montana - have Kim's sister check Memory Lane scrapbooking store in Missoula, Montana for hitch fasteners! Debbie and Staci will ship them if they have any! Their number is (406)523-3957 (700 SW Higgins in Missoula). I have some hitch fasteners but I won't say how many packages! Good luck on your quest!

  13. Hey Jim, I found you through Fiona. She always makes me laugh. I watch her vids before any other. Thanks again for the tutorial. When I can buy the pattern, I will. Do you have a pattern for the light house? TFS Jess

  14. Oh, that purple powder! She could not stop,laughing, and that made me laugh even harder! Love her, need to meet her!

  15. Had to look up which one the hitch fastener was, and I'm very sad to see it's my lovely door knob ( - why do they always get rid of the good stuff? Off to check out Fiona's youtube channel, thanks for the tip!
    Alison x

  16. Jim, thanks so much for sharing Fiona, have had a chance to watch several videos and really enjoyed them. Laughter was a big part of my day thanks to you!

  17. I had a good laugh at Fiona's purple powder mishap! Thanks for your Carol's Caddy videos too. I shall be hotfooting it over to the G45 blog on Monday - are they really going to give away your beautiful roll-top desk? I could find a good home for it!


  18. Great videos! She was hilarious! And talented ! Spent some time checking out some of her videos! I will never get anything done outside of my craft room if I keep discovering all of you great talented crafters!

  19. I am still laughing with Fiona. Your videos on Carol's Caddy where great Jim. Loved that you included the fact that it was the same base as the roll top desk you made for CHA. That was fabulous. Definitely be checking it out on Monday. Wouldn't that be wonderful to be the lucky one picked for that gem. You are just amazingly talented my friend!!!!!

  20. LOL Jim, I'm still laughing. I love Fiona...she's a hoot and very talented! Have you seen her video about a whale? You will pee your pants for sure! TFS her video and your tutorial. Maggie

  21. Loved Fiona's video. She has a great laugh. Always good to see someone who can laugh at themselves. Hope she knows we are laughing WITH her and not at her.
    Thanks for starting my Monday morning off with a laugh.

  22. Loved seeing the construction of Carole's Caddy. I learned so many tips that I can apply to this and other projects. Thank you so much.

  23. For everyone who is in a panic over the hitch fastener being discontinued I stumbled on this wonderful web site.

  24. Well Jim Have to agree with all the above... when ya feelin bit out of sorts or bit blue all ya got to do is watch one of Fi`s fantastic vids lol .. She really is a soul lifter xx Also sat here not being able to sleep and have a 12 hr shift to face in about 3 hrs.. the early hours dont seem to bad ( 3:30am ) Love the Vids you have posted and as always you left me inspired Thank you :o)


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