Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gifts and Mats!

Mornin' Everybody!

Quick post....

Ran over to the FedEx Office last night to pick up a package from Fiona Jennings!  OH MY GOSH Y'all!  You wont believe it!  I taped it last night but hadn't had a chance to upload it.  Will do that tonight!  There was literally a mountain of goodies in there!  Thank You Fi!  I so appreciate your kindness!  So Video on that is coming tonight.....

I've loaded more old posts over under the tutorials tab of this blog.  I'm up to January!  Yahoo!  LOL!  I can't believe it's been so easy to move it over!  Like, why in tarnation have I waited this long!  :) 

I also ordered some more Dylusions stuff!  I couldn't stand it!  I cannot believe that no one sells it here in Austin Town!  When I went to the FedEx office last night in Temple, Texas..(Wouldn't you know that my FedEx Office is Temple!  45 minutes away ...But Worth It!!!)..I drove though Salado, Texas on the off chance that Stamp Salado might be open...Nada, made it too late...Yesterday, I did manage to snag the last Big Ol' PINK mind you...and I don't do PINK!...Tattered Angels Spray mat that is like 2 foot by 3 foot!  That ought to cover somethin'!  Back to PINK!  I truly wish it were another color, but a portion of the proceeds go to a good cause so I will deal and feel good that I helped in a very very small way! :)  Can you dye mats?  :)

Anyway, see you tonight with the video...

Have an awesome day!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Your enthusiasm is contagious! :o)) Hope you're having a good day!

  2. I agree with Caroline...what you have is terribly contagious! Thank you for that Jim!

  3. PMSL Ow Jim! Get in touch with your feminine side and enjoy the pink mat! I had a pink wedding dress you know, pink rocks lol!

  4. Goodmorning to you too, i just wanted to share what i use for playing with alcohol inks or distress inks and spraying mists etc...a roll of freezer paper works really know...for when you are having an emergency situation and can't locate your craft mat...that you know you your craft room...hmmm.
    LOL, are you wearing a white shirt today?

  5. Looking forward to the video. If you can't get the Dylusions stuff you need over there, I can always get it for you from Dyan at Art from the Heart and send it over - just let me know what you need.


  6. So happy that your parcel turned up safe and sound, when I heard from customs that they were holding it I wondered if you'd get to see it at all lol lol Glad you liked the goodies Kim have fun playing with them :) Hugs Fi xx

  7. Dearest Jim, If your pink matt takes dye.... well you wasted your money. LOL You can always use wax paper or a roll of butcher paper from Costco works fab. I don't know about you though. I pictured a room that Dexter has prepared might help you though.

  8. Hi Jim, Here in the UK there seems to be a crafty obsession with pink! I spend ages looking for tools in other colours. Though I have had to deal with pink pergamano tools as they have a much better grip than the old blue ones. It would be great if you could dye or tint the mat. That would be a fun video to watch. It's good that your surfaces will be protected though & you did help a good cause.

  9. Jim, I feel your pain! My LSS, as it turns out, is challenging its customers to make something using Dylusions (which is new in their store) and we in turn get 20% off one item. Why not?, I said. Why not? Because now I want them all! I thoroughly enjoyed the process of spraying myself with a rainbow of colors! It was a liberating rules, no comfort zone. I've now decided I need a Dylusions Creative Journal! Of well, who needs to eat anyway? lol

  10. Jim, put a flower in your hair (hat?) and enjoy the pink splat mat! I have a HUGE tan one that my LSS cut for me, for free, 'cause they loves me. I am not into pink my own self. My giant cutting mat is green and yellow, thankfully!

  11. Hey Jim...

    Grab yourself a few cans of Liquitex spray paint, while you're at it. You have now entered the new age of art crack...LOL! I can't wait to see all that you will be creating.

    Jill <----in california


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