Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Couple of Thoughts For The Evening!

I know the title scares you huh?  LOL!!

First, thank you so much for purchasing the Ladies Roll Top tutorial y'all!  I cannot begin to tell you how awesome that makes me feel!  It's a lot of work to write those blasted patterns or I would do it more often.  Time...Oh for more time!  Thanks again for supporting me!  Y'all rock!

Next, I wanted to share some pictures that I received from a friend, Sharka Leigh over at www.paper-capers.blogspot.com.  She did an excellent job on the Halloween Panorama!  

Last, I just received the new Mini 8 punches from We R Memory Keepers!  I love them and thought I would share them in action.  Here we go...

Thank You All Once Again!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. I really like the scallop punch. Many possibilities with these punches. Thanks for sharing, Jim!

  2. Thanks for the video of the new mini 8 punches! Thanks also for showing the quick card...would be very pretty all gussied up.

  3. Thanks for showing the new punches... you can never have too many punches, lol! And, the Halloween Panorama looks great. I'm happy with the end result and THANK YOU again for the inspiration! :-) Sharka

  4. Hi Jim, I know that you are a very busy man, but have you ever considered writing a techniques book? I was thinking similar to Tim Holtz's books but focusing on techniques with chipboard. You are the chipboard king after all. It could have an intro on equipment, basic techniques such as double layering for strength & go onto techniques like creating a roll top & skewer binding (like your lighthouse project). I for one would live one for my coffee table. Hugs, Theresa

  5. You are fast becoming quite the enabler there Mr. Jim! LOL Thank you for sharing....they look super cool. I told myself when I first saw these punches I did not need them because they are so big I don't really have the room to store them, but you are making it very difficult for me to resist. My craft space is next to my laundry/utility room....I suppose I could store them in there...cleaning supplies are really overrated anyway right!! LOL

  6. I must resist . . . I must . . . I can feel my resolve slipping away, lol. Cool punches. Thanks for sharing Sharka's panorama. Love the pumpkin theme.

  7. Hi Jim, love the punches. Dealing with hurricane right now and crafting has helped keep me calm. Love y'all! I am in south Mississippi.

  8. Great tut, love all the punches. So many toys, so little $$$. LOL
    So how do you do an oval with those punches?? I had an idea for a card but don't see how to do the oval.
    I also agree with Disco Queen, you do need to write a book on chipboard technique. Between the chipboard, foam core, & matboard peojects you have shown, I have learned a lot. Thank you.
    Ann alsmouse ~C8>

  9. Whaooo ! Genius ! I love it !
    Thank you to share !

  10. Wow, you know I love dollies! Gotta have these...you love spending my money...teehee
    Hugz, Z

  11. I am jealous of Sharka Leigh! I've been hunting for the round container. But as I type this, I wonder if I have an old oatmeal container? It might be large, but it's round! Or even a new one -- I can put the oatmeal in something else....
    As for these punches, I am very lucky nobody around here carries them yet!

  12. Thank you and I think you need to so a stream! LOL

  13. Sharka's Panorama is fabulous. Great job!!!!! As for the punches, I think I prefer the large ones that you demo'd for us in earlier blog. I loved the mini you made using them. To bad they are so hard to store, and I think they are kind of pricey.

  14. Jim I have a question. Back when you were at CHA, you showed us a picture of a beautiful silver and white wreath made entirely of snowflake dies. Do you remember which dies were used or even what company the dies were from? I'd like to give it a try if I knew which dies to buy. Thanks!


  15. Those punches look so useful! I love the large one I've got, but these would be great for cards. I need to catch up on your other videos when I get time, as it's only one week to go now until my wedding and I'm still busy with the cake, bunting etc!


  16. I love this. Halloween is my favorite time of year!!! Hugs!


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