Saturday, January 17, 2015

Genie Trotter's Chicken, Pig and Boot Coffee Pod Holder Kits Done!

Good Morning Everyone!

When I saw the new Graphic 45 paper release of Home Sweet Home I knew what I wanted to make!  Something I needed desperately in my kitchen.  I drink LOTS of coffee ehhh?  Yes, indeed!  More than my fair share!  I am known for leaving cups of coffee from room to room and many a document, letter and paper all have coffee stamp of approval!  Anyway...To make this beloved concoction of loveliness in the "GOTTA HAVE IT NOW" way of things, I brew it it my Keurig!  Yes, there are so many different kinds of pod brewers, this is the one that I love!  It's amazingly fast, just throw in a pod, place your cup under the machine and press brew!  A nice fresh cup of java or tea!

So, without further ado, I went to work on a couple of designs. I came up with chicken and a pig....Why?  The paper reminds me of my Grandmother...affectionately known in my family as Genie!  Why?  I have no idea!  It's just what we called her!  I'm sure one of my sister's had something to do with that!  LOL! Genie was such a lovely lady and the woman could cook!  Like really COOK!  No, I'm serious!  SHE COULD COOK!!!!  She had a beautiful white and yellow kitchen  that was always filled with sunlight, ceramic roosters and always smelled of fresh baked rolls, citrus and chicken and dumplings!  Always a treat for the senses.  So, inspiration and design in hand...I made a Chicken and Pig Pod Holder.  They hold 8 pods of you favorite podded beverage on one side and swivel around on a hidden lazy Susan for the remaining 8 pods....A total of 16 divine beverage pods!  Heart of Texas Studio took the idea and ran with it and created a Texas Boot Pod holder!  So amazing!

Today, I would like to offer kits of these three fun designs in my shop.  If you are interested, the kit comes with a little tutorial, (6) laser cut shapes (You glue two together to make one totally rigid piece.), (8) dowels, the pre-cut 2X heavy chipboard base pieces, plastic lazy Susan and (2) .SVG and (2) .PDF files to digitally cut or trace the shape to adhere to the laser cut pieces.  All you need is a little glue, paint and some patterned paper!

Here are some pictures of the completed kits...

The Chicken Pod Holder

The Pig Pod Holder

The Texas Boot Pod Holder

 Hope you give it a try!  So handy, if I do say so myself!  Please check out my online store above by clicking on the "SHOP" tab to purchase the kits for these three cool projects...

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. These look fun Jim! Shame I don't have a coffee machine! It's just a jar of instant coffee or a teabag in our house.

  2. Oh my word...the pig is just to cute!

  3. OMG, my kitchen is roosters and chickens and I just bought my hubby a keurig for Christmas! I'm off to order! You are amazing JIM!!!

  4. Brilliant! You have a way with telling a story...very enjoyable to read your posts. I have a Keurig AND a Starbucks Verisimo so I too am a lover of coffee and tea. Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea!

  5. Love'n them. Jim these are just too stinking cute. ....!!!!!!

  6. Wow!! these are fabulous!!! and boy have you been busy......and that's great for us

  7. Love this!!! Missed the kit such a great Idea

  8. These are great, Jim! And I agree, The Keurig is the best! Must have coffee!

  9. I guess I wasn't paying attention fast enough cuz they're all sold out and they should be because they are so darn cute, fabulous and great all in one! Got one of the Nespresso machines for christmas (awesome machine and coffee!!!) and this would have been so great to have as it's accessory... Love them! :)

  10. Any chance you will have more kits available?


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