Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 - It's a WHIRLWIND!

Happy January Y'all!!

It's been a whirlwind of craziness 'round here lately!  But things are getting done and New Years resolutions are made!  It's going to be an awesome 2015!  I hope for all of us!

Off to Anaheim this Friday for CHA.  I think I will be more excited about it when I'm there.  All I can think about is that stupid plane flight!  HAHAHA!  But one of my resolutions is to get over that and GROW UP!  Noise reducing head phones and my art journal have pretty much helped with well as trying to fly in the mornings while there is less turbulence than afternoon and evenings!  If this is not true...NEVER TELL ME!!!  As far as project go, they are done and already on the way to California via Oregon and also New Jersey...Funny when you think about it...I hope to get a little Disney in while we are there.  Thanks to Mom for that.  It was my Christmas present from her.  Thanks MOM!

Cool news is that Graphic 45 will have sneak peeks all week on their AMAZING new collections!  In fact talking about sneak peeks...they will be showing one of my CHA projects using Home Sweet Home on the 7th.  Let's see that's Wednesday.  I finished this project on CHRISTMAS DAY night in fact!  Funny how we remember things by dates or events....or maybe that;s just me!  Home Sweet Home is a terrific collection!  For some reason I think of my Grandmother and Norman Rockwell when I see it.  Which is where the inspiration for my project came from.  So, I hope you check back here and on Graphic 45's blog Wednesday to see it.  Home... on the ground...Not in a plane....STOP JIM STOP!!!! FOCUS!

OK, Apologies for last Tuesday's Take Out Tuesday Ustream Show..I had to take the night off as I was feeling horrible!  Actually, it's been going around everywhere here.  Nose and chest...I'm in the coughing stage now so, I think it's clearing up.  Which, brings me back to the plane!  I'm so trying to be faithful with the cough medicine as I can see me on the plane coughing and they make an emergency landing because they think I have Ebola!  God Help me...OK Jim...STOP THINKING ABOUT THE PLANE...Three deep breaths...Where were we...Yes, Ustream....

We will start the Organizer...I think we should be able to get some pages done right?  We shall see...So meet me over on my Ustream channel at 7:00 p.m. CST for Take Out Tuesday...Can't wait to get started on this

Happy New Year Again...Let's start it right!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. You make me laugh so hard. STOP THINKING ABOUT THE PLANE! Looking forward to take out Tuesday tomorrow! Donna aka alaskacrafter

  2. "See" ya on Tuesday!! Have a safe and comfortable flight and a blast in Cali!!!

  3. Have fun at CHA!!! can't wait to see your creation!!!

  4. Jim it will be alright! You can do this. I will miss Takeout Tuesday as I will already be in Anaheim tonight. Leaving in a few hours. Looking forward to seeing your samples and you at CHA.

  5. Looking forward to Takeout Tuesday. I just got back to Connecticut after spending 22 days in Texas in the Dallas area with family for the holidays.

    Just think of flying like I do. I don't like it, but it is the fastest way to get there.


  6. You'll be fine Jim - just think about seeing all your friends at CHA and all those lovely new craft products! Don't forget to post lots of photos and tell us all about it please.

  7. This was quite funny! Jim..FOCUS ....the flight will be fine ....think the good thoughts!!! :). Can hardly wait to see the doubt fabulousness !!!

  8. I am glad that you are on the mend! So excited about seeing all of your projects for CHA. You will do fine on the plane... I say that with my fingers crossed for you! I received my stamp set... Thank so much! Will be joining you tonight! Hugs!!!

  9. You reminded me of a friend who used to drink two glass of any liquor because she invariable fell asleep though the duration of the plane lol.

    Looking forward to all the awesomeness!!


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