Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kathy's Heart

Good Morning Everybody!

Well, it's another cold morning.  Hopes of warmer weather by this afternoon and even higher temps in the 80's predicted for the coming week.  Crazy weather this year huh? 

Keeping with the Valentine theme today, I wanted to share a heart I made for my sweet sister Kathy a few years back  OK, longer than I think...The years fly by don't they?  At one point in my life I was so into making these primitive figures...I couldn't get enough...What was so cool to me is that primitive is just that primitive... didn't have to be perfect.  Whatever you ended up with was what you had.  Coffee stained muslin, rusty jingle bells, paint and thread...

Yes, the whitish looking things on each side are wings...Glad you asked...LOL!  The bells were rusted by taking silver bells and using a recipe that If I recall needed to be done outside with Vinegar and something else...but I do remember being fascinated by this stuff foaming up when it came into contact with the metal...
Well, life did what it does best and shook things up.  The heart came back to me and now hangs over my door. When I leave the house, I see the heart and it not only reminds me of my sweet sister, but also reminds me how each day needs to be Valentine's Day...Full of Love!
Thanks for coming by!  Have an Awesome Love Filled Day!
The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Perfect example of true folkart....I love her!!!!

  2. It is beautiful. Imperfections and all. You are right! Every day needs to be valentines day. There are no promises what tomorrow will bring.

  3. I love it! I'd like to try rusting stuff. If you remember the recipe, please share it later.

  4. Absolutely Beautiful and I love the memories that go with it! What an awesome way to keep her spirit alive in your heart! It is also a wonderful reminder to treasure each and everyone you meet daily! Hugs!!!

  5. Cute! I liked doing primitives and it was so much fun. I wish I had time to do "it all!!!!"

  6. I just lost my mom last month, unexpected and still a shock. Some of her decor is coming to me. I'll have to remember you sweet addage when I place mine around. I did primative years ago too. Boxed most of it up and stored it in the attic. Maybe I should get a little cabin in the mountains to display it again. Thanks for sharing your many talents!!! HUGS

  7. Great reminder to spread the love every day! Hugs!

  8. Kathy's heart is lovely. Thank you for sharing her story and for reminding us all to make sure each day is full of love. Sending you a long distance hug!

  9. Your imagination is so cool. She's stunning & I love it. Thanks so much for sharing your great talent with all of us. Like I have told Jennings644, I am just in awe of the both of you. You both have such talent & I watch every video that you post. Thanks again for sharing!!
    Linda xx