Tuesday, May 2, 2023

New Kits! Frames, Hanging Plant Holder and Santos Cabinet

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

I'm in maker mode...Well, I'm always in maker mode.  This month I have a few projects to share with you. Inspired by an old small shrine I did years ago, I wanted to enlarge it and add a door.  So I came up with the Santos Cabinet.  Inspired by the beach, I made a seashell santos.  Would be so cool to steampunk her up, so many ideas...

For more information or to purchase the Santos Kit click the link below:

Hanging Plant Holder

Next up, The Hanging Plant Holder...This three tiered hanging plant holder has (9) 2-inch pots.  Perfect for succulents, plant cuttings that need to be rooted, starting seeds, or grabbing some fairy garden sized plants to show off.  Hangs from a wooden hook.

For more information or to purchase the kit click the link below:


Shadow Frames

Frames, Frames, Frames and more Frames...These are so fun to make and finish off!  The frames hold the popular 4 x 6 photo on a raised background.  You can place a smaller picture onto the raised background by simply cutting the chipboard backing to desired picture size. 

For more information or to purchase the kit click the link below:


Thanks so much for coming by...


The Gentleman Crafter

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