Monday, October 28, 2019

The Fashion Forward Calendar Armoire

Good Morning Everyone-

I wanted to share a new project made with Graphic 45's amazing new Fashion Forward Paper Collection, Chipboard and Claw Feet.  I call it The Fashion Forward Calendar Armoire...

Please visit Graphic 45's Site Here to see all the papers in the Fashion Forward Collection!  Amazing colors and prints...

The Fashion Forward Armoire is a fashionable way to keep important dates on dressy calendar cards.  Open the door of the armoire to store all 12 months. The cards are placed in the front center of the door each month to view important dates and events at a glance. The prints and graphics from this collection are just amazing!  Dress this project up with your own personal style.

If you would like to make this project please follow the links below for the free tutorial and .SVG files:


SVG Files-

Make sure you grab this amazing collection!

Thanks for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. This is gorgeous; I hoped there was a kit! Jim, how does one cut really smooth lines on heavy chipboard when using an Exacto? (I won’t be if your response is “carefully.” ; )

  2. Oops, I meant to type I won’t be *surprised* if your response is “carefully.” Sorry. By the way, I haven’t been able to comment on any blogs using Safari. If others have the same problem, try switching to Chrome.


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