Saturday, July 20, 2019

July Projects- Mini Monticello & Royal Carriage

Good Saturday To You All!

Happy Summer!  Whew!  Hot here in Texas!  My studio has been a great place to hang out and escape the hot temps.  This month I have gone presidential in this month's Thin House Mini.  I call it Mini Monticello...My second project I have been waiting for months to show you all...I call it the Royal Carriage.   I think it's so cool.  I hope you do too.

This Month's Thin House Mini is the 10th in the collection.  I call it Mini Monticello...I was lucky enough to visit this amazing house situated atop a hill in Albemarle County, Virginia on a crazy unplanned road trip three years ago.  With my travel pictures, memories and Thomas Jefferson in mind, I sat down an tried to make a mini version of this amazing manse.  As always Monticello comes with the paper kit to make the mini that goes inside.  Hope you like it...

Thin House Mini-Mini Monticello

For more information or to purchase the kit please click on the link below:

The Royal Carriage

I'm truly proud of this one and have had so much fun trying my hand at designing a carriage.

This fantasy coach has stately wooden wheels and is dramatically decorated with painted gilt swirls all along it's carriage. The coach holds a secret 15 (30) page mini that you can access by pulling up on the decorative knob on the very top of the Carriage. The Royal Carriage really is a beautiful piece to display. Great for any King, Queen, Prince or Princess in the house or perfect to hold pictures and small memorabilia of that amazing trip to foreign lands this summer. Easy to build. Just glue the wooden pieces together, paint with your own gold metallic paint, make the chipboard coach with the precut chipboard and paper pieces and finish the mini inside. Voila!

For more information or to purchase the kit please click on the link below:

Thanks so very much for stopping by...Try to stay cool during these warm summer days...

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