Wednesday, December 6, 2017

New Kits: Obelisk, Stacked Books and Reindeer

Good Afternoon Everyone!

It's rainy, cold and dark here in Georgetown, Texas!  And...I LOVE IT!  I know I may be a freak of nature, but when days come along like this, I feel crafty and cozy...I just get in my studio and make stuff!  LOL!  Today is great because I have some new craft projects I hope you will like.

The Putz Houses have been doing amazing!  Thank You!  I have added more of the Winter Windmill and the Holiday Barn as they sold out...As you may know these are the small houses that are about 4 to 6-inches by around 4 to 6-inches... I just added a new Putz House to the shop...

The Cozy Lodge

Also, I am able to sell the the three projects we did in classes this Fall.  If you are interested they are now available.

The Absolute Obelisk

or Here:

Stacked Books

or Here:

The Winter Reindeer

or Here:

Thanks so much and hope the holidays are awesome for you so far!

Thanks so much!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Love them all! You have a real talent for these 3-D goodies!

  2. What scale are the house and do they open in the back?



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