Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dog Gone It! Thank You!

Hello All!

Going to take a moment and say Hello and Thanks!  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the AH-MAY-ZING...Amazing comments and well wishes!  I truly feel blessed and honestly overwhelmed by such kindness!  From my heart...My most sincere THANKS!  So sweet of you all!

I am really not trying to go down the "poor pitiful me" road.  All is well here and all will soon be even better.  It is a trying time, but there is ALWAYS light around the corner.  ALWAYS!  So cool!  For example the house is empty now and I can trike away until my heart is content!  The boxes have been removed so I am totally happy! 

I will give you an update later for those you who may be interested...Just scroll down.  If not here is some creativity that happened today....

I was feeling really awesome when I got up.  The packers were packing, the movers moving and I was banished to my bedroom-cum-studio....

Today, it was another thank you card for my friend Kim who blessed us with a bounty of food last weekend...I finally was in the mood to create and had a great time doing it! 

Here we go....A Dog Inspired Card for one who loves Dachshunds....

A card for my friend Kim, to in a very small way, say Thanks for her kindness to us!
The card base of course was made from chipboard.  It wouldn't be from me if it didn't have a little of that on it!  LOL!  Then I added a selection of Graphic 45 papers to the background.  I then cut out the little dachshund with my digi cutter and glued it together leaving room for a pocket.  I cut a tag down to fit and embellished.  The sentiment tag is attached by a chain that goes from the collar to the pocket.  I added my signature Top Hat and called her a day....Hope you like...and Hope Kim does too.  I cut a chipboard easel from Tim Holtz/Sizzix die for it to sit on...


Today's adventures in The Gentleman Crafter's CRAZY household...

All seems to be moving along pretty fast.  The packers came and packed all day. I tried to hide in the bedroom but couldn't stand it any longer and had to go out and at least look like I wanted to give instructions.  Which I really did!  I would be all up in this if I could...

I'm still sitting here wishing we could take the opportunity and paint, clean blinds, shutters, windows and maybe rethink where we could put the big French Armoire in the living room and how to redo the studio.  I mentioned this to Cesar and all he could do is roll up his eyes like I was totally off my rocker!  We could try right?  A  nice Vintage Photo color on the walls....No?

The packers worked all afternoon in my studio.  I just had to not look.  First, I pity the poor ladies who have this duty.  I can't imagine packing up trillions of pieces of paper, inks, tools, projects, embellishments and God knows what else in there.  Bless them.  I prayed they were still sane when they left!  Then, I looked down the hallway at what they were packing and yelled out a couple of times..."Can I keep that out?"   They weren't too thrilled at these outbursts of panic, so I just put my tail in between my legs and walked back to the bedroom to replace the ice packs on the old guy.

The movers came and moved all the furniture out and I guess it now resides in a LOCKED pod out in the circular drive.

I actually did get to help for a second and hold one of the armoire doors and finally felt useful.  It's so tough not being in there to help out.  But such is life at the mo.  I just have to deal and think about getting healed up so I can go to Italy!

The good news is that they are gone for the day.  I finally have room to run anywhere I want in the house and I cannot tell you how freeing this is. Yahoooo! 

Well, The Trail Boss Arrived!  My big bad blue ALL TERRAIN Mega Trike is in the house! This baby can plow through the yard, take stones and gravel in a single leap and even get me down to mail box at the street!  I couldn't be happier with it.  Not really a good indoor trike, but an excellent outdoor off road knee stroller!  Now I think I could use Trail Boss and grab a push mower and try to do the lawn.  Maybe my neighbor has a push mower and would let me borrow it!  LOL! 

Well, that's it from Camp Craziness....All is well here!  Hope you have an AWESOME Weekend!

Thanks again for your kind words, and thanks for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. One day you will look back on this and just laugh and laugh and laugh! I'm so glad your chronicling it in your good as a scrapbook. Enjoy your trikes, but please be careful.

    1. I forgot to say...I LOVE the card you made for Kim!! I know she's gonna love it, too! So clever and so appropriate for Miss Kim...sweet doggie!!

  2. If I can't have "my space" I go bonkers so I can just imagine how you feel. Chin (and leg) up, it will all come together soon!

  3. Are you going to explain why everything was packed and moved??? Are they replacing ALL the floors??? I would be excited about new floors, but not all my stuff being packed away. I hope those containers in the drive don't leak!!! You are doing better than me. I woouldn't be a happy camper about now. LOL

  4. You sit with that leg up and let it heal, MR!!! I hate to say, when I was on my knee walker, one time, I slipped off and about cut off the end of my big toe on the foot IN the cast! No kidding. AND, another time, I broke a toe on the other foot (be careful of doorways and toes while on the knee walker, ahem) SO BE CAREFUL. IT HAPPENS!
    I'm here to say!!

    I say, hire a painter and take advantage of the emptiness!! You'll be glad you did!


  5. I think it would be an ideal time to change the colour scheme indoors if you want to... how long will the floors take to put right? Don't fall off your knee walker!

  6. That is dog gone cute! Looks like things are getting better. I hope it can all be put right soon.

  7. ((Jim))... I cannot imagine having someone pack up all my craft supplies... I would have been such a control freak, I'm afraid. It is probably better that you didn't look.

  8. Super cute card! Heck ya! I'm with you. While everything is packed away and torn up get some painters in there too and freshen things up. Admire your wonderful attitude. Focus on getting better and your trip to Italy! Enjoy your Sunday.

  9. Such a cute card glad you are feeling better...I think you did a fantastic job staying out of the movers way...I would be in their your knee walker...:)

  10. Hello Jim,
    I am more of a blog "stalker" than a blog "commentor." However, that card is amazing! The subject matter is cute and the attention to detail you have put into every element of the card is perfect! I am enjoying your blog immensely.

    I have finally the time to donate to my papercrafting (after raising 3 kids and getting two undergraduate degrees, a masters degree, and owning our own cost reduction company) and your blog is invaluable to my weekly reading!

    Stay calm, keep the peace, and soon you will have an almost new floor to come home to!

    BTW . . . paint the walls - have someone do it for your! - You will regret it if you don't. . . just sayin'! ;0
    Kindest regards,

  11. Great card and fantastic outlook.

    I think you are on the right track as you look around, it's probably the artist in you that is looking at those blank spaces and seeing opportunities. I bet normally you wouldn't have been considering such changes in wall colors, furniture locations, maybe even your studio setup BUT you now have a clean slate and you can't help but consider it.

    I think you guys should make those conscience decisions before putting it all back together. Could still all end up right where you had it as you'd already identified the best locations. It would be really bad if in 6 months you were wishing you made a change, regretting it, deciding you couldn't stand that thought, and tear it all apart again but without the items out of the way and no movers to do heavy work!

    Of course, I'm not there doing it so it's easy for me to have this attitude. If I were in your shoes, I must admit I might be so sick of not having my stuff that it would go all back the way it was as fast as possible when the opportunity is there. Rearranging be danged.

    Best of luck with a fast healing process, don't do anything that you are not supposed to as you don't want to slow this down. Thanks for sharing your very positive outlook with us!

  12. That card is so doggone cute! and love the red ribbon....;o) Yes, I would get some painters in there, too. Great time to reorganize if you weren't quite happy with it before. But, do what is best for you and take care of yourself. Don't push to hard. Hugz, Z

  13. Your tag is so thoughful and I love the darling dachshund with the top hat! If I was in your shoes....errr shoe......I'd sit for hours trying to think up any idea at all. Sorry, I couldn't resist! ;) I would be driven mad with everything off kilter, so you must be applauded for finding such humor in this whole episode! I'm so glad the insurance company is doing this the correct way so you don't have to deal with toxic, yucky mold, but what a pain!!! Your ankle is on the mend, you can zip around with that spiffy scooter and concentrate on being in great shape for your trip. AND this is one of those times you'll never forget and you'll look back on with laughter. Thanks for sharing your story and keep on scootin' on! Kris

  14. What a fantastic doggy card for Kim! She's going to love it!

    I do admire your positive attitude and sense of humour - you cheer me up and put my own problems into perspective. I think you coped well with having your beloved studio dismantled - I would have been a nervous wreck!

    That's a fancy knee trike! Please be careful though. Hugs, Lynn.

  15. Don't try to go to far on that new trike! You don't want to get exhausted or stuck anywhere! But if I know you at all, you will push the limits! Forget mowing the lawn--hire someone, if the lawn MUST be mowed! Ya hear?
    So--how much of your studio were you able to cram into the bedroom?

  16. AWWWW...the Card is soooo cute...this will all be over before you know it and you'll look back and laugh... (I hope LOL). keep the faith as they say, it will all be OK....

  17. Your life just goes from one adventure to the other...but you are coping with it exceedingly well...i am very impressed, and tend to agree with you that the best method is to role with it and soon these will be things we will reminisce about and possibly laugh could always be worse. I sure hope that you heal quickly and well and that the restoration work on your house gets done in a timely manner and that you get the chance to create somewhere..using that you don't go completely off your i love your all-terrain trike.

  18. Definitely - paint!!! Maybe if you presented Cesar with the colors all picked out and organized, he would go for it. I was forced into unexpected painting at the beginning of the year - kicking and screaming. I've been enjoying it ever since. Can it be blamed on the leak by any chance? I can't believe anyone allowed you to have an outdoor trike. Brother. The card is fantastic - no clue of the missing studio.

  19. That card is doggone cute! The mustache totally cracks me up! And, can I just say in my most authoritative voice, "Jim...back away from the push mower." Who knew they even made ATV knee scooters. Hilarious!

  20. Having just moved myself, I can totally understand the rising panic at having nothing to work on or with. Hope your space gets back to working condition soon. Love your stories. thanks as always for sharing.

  21. The card is way cute! WOW...don't know if I could have handles ALL of that... Hope all gets done soon and everything is back to normal for you!

  22. First, That is a GORGEOUS card! Second, LOVE you ! You make me laugh in the early, and it's early, to boot! Not an easy task, let me tell you, or just ask hubby! lol
    Take care!

  23. I can't imagine going through what you are! You definitely are a trooper and keep that sense of humour, it will get you through it. I guess this is one way to re-organize everything and I know your little peabrain is a spinning with ideas. Your card is darling....nothing keeps us crafters down! Take care buddy, we are all rooting for your speedy recovery with you and your home. At least you can still;p

  24. Uh, yes, paint those walls!! Rolled eyes or no rolled eyes... now is the time and the need is apparent! Love the dog-gone tag!!

  25. You poor thing...does it never end? I agree with Charlotte, paint those walls. Cesar, are you listening? Hope and pray your healing and the home repairs go fast and well. You will just have to go into Design Mode and dream up and plan all those projects you can do when you are able again.

  26. You party animal you! You just keep on having fun.....NOT. But since somebody has packed all your stuff up and you will have to unpack it and put it back....why not paint and spruce up a bit? I just went through the new flooring dance.....without a bum leg and a water damage it was stress city. Hang in there! :)

  27. Love that Doggy! The card is awesome. Glad things are getting better for you!

  28. have had to endure a lot lately~ Sorry. I hope your leg heals quickly. They say everything happens for a reason! So I would be just like you, wanting to paint, move furniture and wall hangings around. Make things feel like new again! I drive my husband crazy with all my switching drawers around in the kitchen and moving furniture! He gets over it~! I LOVE it! Best of luck to you. Have fun tootling around on the new blue scooter! :))

  29. When I saw this card, I had to stop in and tell you how much I love it!! I am a Doxie person of course. And Graphic 45. Sure hope everything goes well for you. Just live life and enjoy each day. :) Hugs Mary ( Abbygirl at )


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