Monday, August 19, 2013

A Few Things...

Good Evening Everybody!

I have a mixed bag of things to share tonight.  So let me get started before I forget what in blazes I was going to say....

First up, Yes, Take Out Tuesday's Ustream Class is on.  We will be working on The Leisa Traveling Wine Box.  If I can get the box built tomorrow, I will doing good!  Still not back into the swing of things in the studio and no real good way to keep my foot up!  Who knew that keeping your foot elevated was so important!  So if you come by, please be patient with me....We will try it out.

Here's the details:

The Gentleman Crafter - Take Out Tuesday Ustream Show


7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time -US

Next up, drama strikes this household once again!  The A/C unit backed up and leaked (flooded) into the house and under the wood parquet floors in the dining room, studio and hallway!  GREAT ME THINKS!  WHAT ELSE!?!  Better not ask that question, as I'm sure there are many things that could be worse.  It is what it is and that's why we have insurance right!  My natural thought would be to pull them up and just replace them.  I love to do stuff like that!  Then, I remembered that I'm a peg leg...what was I thinking!  God knows I'd give it a try!

And then we come to the bats...See I told you it was a mixed bag tonight!  Last night, on the way back from Barnes and Noble, the Mexican free-tailed bats came out from underneath the bridges in Round Rock, Texas.  I was able to grab my phone and capture a few shots.  No, I was not driving LOL!.... The dark drifts are tons of the bats out for their evening flight for insects...Fascinating....


Well, That's it!  I will see you tomorrow night!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. bummer about your floor... what a pain to have to deal with it along with your ankle. Let the insurance pay for workmen to come in. Just be careful on that uneven flooring... you don't want a matching set of casts for pete's sake!

  2. Wow... that is awful about your floors! The bats are so cool! I have to work so not sure if Michael and I will make it tomorrow night! Take it easy and just do what you can! Have a fabulous night and day!!!

  3. Hang in there Jim, hopefully things will get better! See you tomorrow night.
    Gail in Oklahoma

  4. When it rains it pours, I know! As for the floor, you need to replace with a Pergo-type flooring that won't swell if it gets wet, b/c if it gets wet again you will have the same problem and will have to replace the floor again... this happened to a friend of mine 3 times before the leak was fixed properly...

  5. Oh dear... I've been there with the buckled floors... hope you can get it fixed with insurance. As for the bats... OMG... no worries, all is well, tres cool... FROM A DISTANCE! If I was anywhere near that I'd be a *mess*. YIKES! But... as I said... VERY cool from a distance! Hope your ankle is healing well. Take care. "C". xxx

  6. Sorry about your floor, hopefully insurance will cover it. As for the bats, egads I miss central TX. I love it out there!

  7. OMG! The bats are unbelievable. That's a lot of bats - glad I'm just seeing them in pictures. What a shame about your floor, Too bad you're not up in Seattle - my husband owns a flooring business. Having broken the same leg twice, he would have felt your pain and helped you out.
    I told you last week that you have to keep that foot up; you have to help your circulation. See you tomorrow night.

  8. Jim: you should have saved those pictures for a halloween post LOL!

  9. Looking forward to class. Whatever you can get done is good. Just chatting would be fun too. Awww, sorry to hear about the floors-always something with a house isn't it? Cool pics of the bats. That's a whole mess of them. Keep that leg up-it will feel much better. See you tonight.

  10. Wow! Kick you when you're down! If you have flood insurance, let them take care of it - though you are responsible for finding someone to do the work and handling those details. You will need to have the tiles removed and the floor sealed underneath before replacing the tiles. We've been there.. and there's a lot more involved than just replacing a few tiles! Good luck!

    Crafty Journal

  11. Holy Canoli Batman! That sure is a lot of bats! But we have to think how they are actually beneficial...they eat mosquitoes! Just like the small black snakes here in Fl. are everywhere and they eat the small bugs and pests that ruin flowers and buds for, take awe at Mother Nature...and stay in while 'they're' busy! Wishing you well with your 'peg leg' and also that floor! Sheesh!

  12. Be careful about your house insurance...they will cancel you if you make too many claims and you will be out entirely. Especially in Texas. It's been in the news lately, and I would hate to see it happen to you.

    I usually watch the ustream recordings later.

    The bats are way cool! No skeeters around there I bet! lol I wish we had a colony here...the mosquitoes are TERRIBLE this year!

  13. I've been under that bridge in RR before the bats fly and...oh can smell those guys...yew! Bats are good as others have said...spend every night getting rid of pesky bugs. We saw them coming out of Carlsbad Caverns...quite a sight as they emerge for the night.

    As for tonight's what you can if you feel the need. I'm sure we'll all understand if you need to take the night off and just take care of YOU!

    The floors look like they've gotten worse since I saw them last week...get the insurance guys on don't want things to start molding.

  14. Good gracious, Jim! When it rains it pours! I am so sorry this happened on top of everything else you've been dealing with. I guess the good news is that you are house bound so we don't have to worry about snake bite or poison ivy, right? Please let someone else do the work.....that is a huge job. The bat photos are very cool....thanks for sharing. Praying for a stretch of ordinary days for you!

  15. OMG Jim, when it rains it poors. You are having a time of it. With your ankle the way it is, just let the insurance handle the flooring. You do not need to break your neck as well dearie!!!! LOL. Wow Jim, that is alot of bats. We get a few in the early eavenings flying around, but I have never seen so many all at once. Yuck, not a big bat fan. I always think of that movie Cujo when I see a bat.

  16. Holy bejeezus batman! What fascinating pictures of the bats - resemble the starlings rounding up before roosting. They fly around in thousands like that looking like undulating waves of black in the sky.
    So sorry about your flooring - really did a good job didn't it?
    Looking forward to class - if I can make it!
    Have a great- well - better week!
    Hugs Julie

  17. Jim--Love posts of your life. Cuz stuff happens. And then you have the wonderous, beautiful BATS. Just at the moment you were passing! You are sooo blessed!

  18. O M G !!! Our a/c units are in our attic. I have a buckled ceiling upstairs because ours got stopped up. Luckly hubby has learned to pour bleach thru the lines a few times a year. This year he had to suck ot the line with the shop vac.

    Hubby was in Austin the weekend you were at Ranger U. He called me one night all amazed about those bats!!! He went on and on about how many there were and how they could all fit under that bridge. LOL I know he watched at least 20 mins.

    I always try to catch your show. Some days I forget it's Tues, because hubby is off on some Mondays and Tues just feels like Monday to me. Other times, the time slips up on me and I have missed half the class.

    You keep that foot up and help that ankle heal!!! You have an Italy trip that you need to be good for. HUGS

  19. Such a shame about the floors - never a dull moment! But they will be repaired & in the meantime, please be careful!!
    The photos of the bats are very cool, I'd love to experience an event like that.

  20. If it weren't for bad luck...What an ordeal! I hope things start to turn around. xxx

  21. Stuff sure keeps happening to you! Hope it slows down a bit and you get your "feet" underneath you again. And yes elevation is so very important to keep the swelling down. Very cool bats too. thanks as always for sharing.

  22. Lordy mercy, that floor looks more like waves on the ocean!! Guys with a bum ankle need to steer clear of that floor... special little cart or not. Wish I had some bat swarms like that instead of all the danged mosquitoes in our yard. Can't go out without getting eaten up. Even the dog runs out to do her business and runs right back in... unless, of course, she spots a squirrel while she's out there! She can endure anything if there is a squirrel in her sights.


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