Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Good Old Sport Trophy Tutorial Is Done!

Good Morning Everyone!

I have been in the tutorial writing business this weekend.  Well, KINDA!  I get sooo distracted by each and every thing... Be it the wind blowing outside or a noise from the other room...I'm up and off looking and doing instead of writing and concentrating.  I haven't decided whether it's just my ADD or a good old case of procrastination!  Hmmmm... so, it's always a pleasure to announce that I actually have a tutorial up and ready to go! 

I am so EXCITED to announce that the project I did for Graphic 45's CHA booth, The Good Old Sport Trophy tutorial is DONE!   I have it up in my Etsy store here:


And for the first time, I'm also selling a VERY limited quantity of the laser cut chipboard trophy pieces if you didn't want the hassle of cutting them out.  They can be found here:


The Good Old Sport Trophy

The Good Old Sport Trophy with Mini. Size: 7-1/2 x 13-1/2-inches.

The tutorial includes the template in both .PDF for printing the trophy pattern, as well as a .SVG file for cutting the trophy shape with an accepting digital cutter.

The Good Old Sport Trophy makes an excellent gift for the Sportsperson in your life!  The base has a drawer for holding Blue Ribbons and Gold Medals and a the little mini at the top is an awesome place to preserve the moments and memories of the win! A great decorative piece to add to your Champion's room!

OH Yeah!  You may want to see what it looks like!  Sorry!  Here ya go...


Hope you give it a try!  It's a fun project to make!  I promise!
Have an Awesome Day!
The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Thanks! So appreciate you taking the time to write the tutorial as I know it's not your favorite thing to do. I saw this piece in person and it rocks! You rock Jimbug!

  2. Thanks tons Sharon! So excited its done. Yahooo! CHECK! On to finishing up the lighthouse. Yay! Have an awesome day my friend. Hugs. J.

  3. WOW, Jim you have done it again. I thought the mini album was in the draw & then BAM you have it come from the top of the trophy. I just wish I had some of your talent. My grandson (who's turning 16 soon) doesn't want to come & craft anymore cause the guys may find out. So, the last time he was here I pulled up your blog & showed him all the things that you have made & told him that your a designer with Graphis45. I think some of it got through. I'll have to wait & see the next time we do some group crafting. He has a great imagination and I just want him to keep using it.
    TFS!! LInda ;0)

  4. This is lovely Jim, but no-one in our family is a sports person, so I'm just going to wait for the lighthouse tutorial (so excited for that)!

  5. Congratulations for getting the tutorial finished and put in your store! I know how hard you work getting it all put together!!

  6. my gosh, this is just unbelievable. how do you come up with this? Not only the idea, but the execution? I might get lucky someday and think up something like this, but I would have no idea how to actually make it! Amazing work Jim.

  7. Hey Jim, I was on Pinterest and saw these and thought of you! Enjoy! Maybe you could make some out of chipboard! lol

    1. Oh My Gosh! It's the PERFECT boot! I love them. So laughing right now! Thanks for finding that! Made my day!


  8. https://scontent-a-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/t1.0-9/s526x395/1958241_638310402890677_637299633_n.jpg

    Here is the picture

  9. one more time!!!!


  10. You changed the lower knob after I left (again). Excellent choice. This one is perfect!


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