Friday, April 26, 2013

Rapture At Ranger...

Good Evening Everybody!

I'm finally back to my room and I actually have both feet up on the coffee table sipping a latte while blogging!  I'm  in heaven!  My creative craftiness has cracked from creating continual cool creations!  Got that?  Let me define...I'm pooped!  But, BOY what a fun day today!!  I Love Love Love to learn new things and folks...I did! 

Here's how the day played out...The morning started out with a tour of the Ranger Factory.  I have no idea why this was one of the many highlights for me, but it was!  I don't know whether just being around all the product gave me itchy hives of happiness or if it was the fascination with the amazing equipment that bottles, straps, labels, and packs!  Too cool!  Just too cool!  Can I say that twice? 

Then it was time to roll up our sleeves and get the love on...It was Perfect Pearls, Stickles, Liquid Pearls, Ultra Thick Embossing Powder or enamel (more on this awesome product later), Super Fine Detail Powder...Y'all RANGER HEAVEN...Trust Me Heaven! So many cool techniques and amazing ways to use these incredible products!...Can't wait to get home and try them all over again.

Next up, Vintaj... with the ever so cool and amazing Patinas and Glazes!  I actually made jewelry and wore it proudly throughout the day...Yes, I really did except for the earrings!  However, I did wrap them around my shirt buttons!  Why not!

Lunch came and it was awesome!  No, not the infamous square pizza's just yet...I hear that comes tomorrow!  Yahoooo!  But a wonderful lunch with great people!  Can't beat that!

Then it was back to work!  We finished up with Vintaj jewelry which my take on this would be some really cool and amazing embellishments for books and paper crafts!  Thanks Vintaj for all the goodies!

Next, we were back with Tim doing probably my very favorite thing of the day...The Melting Pot.  Y'all I had a total knock out blast with this!  The techniques and the things you can do with this amazing little machine are endless.  I always loved UTEE...Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel and knew you could do amazing things with it, but dude!  This just Rocks!  Molding embellies, mosaics, amazing agates (swirled with the cool colorants!), and something I completely missed in my shopping excursions...Texture Treads!  I'm in love with these!  So cool! I'm going after these when I get home too!  I may order them tonight even! Probably my favorite part to the day!  To neat!

Last but not least, an amazing barbecue dinner once again with some amazing new friends!  Thanks Tim, Mario, Dyan, and Ranger for such an amazing day!  Can't wait for day two!

Here's some snaps of today....Note...Tons Of Pictures Here!


See, don't I look happy with my melting pot???

Annette actually trying to take a picture of herself...Thought I would help....

The Vintaj Ladies giving us the scoop!

And I thought my desk at home was full of stuff!  LOL!

Dyan, Monica and Marjie
Tim The Amazing Teacher!

I had to steal a kiss from my VERY favorite red head!

OK, I couldn't keep my hands off Dyan!  Bahahaha!

The Maestro Himself!  Man, I wish I had his teeth!  You know, Tim just Rocks!!

My New Pal...Annette Green

Dyan in the background and Claudine in the foreground.

Fellow Ranger U Students chowing down!

More new fiends!

Just because I didn't get a chance yesterday...Here are some pictures Zandra took yesterday!  It was so good to finally meet the sweetest lady around Zandra!  Got to love her!

At The Scrappers Cove!

Zandra and I at the Scrappers Cove..

Ellen Vargos and I

Zandra, Jim, Ellen, Marjie and Annette

The Sweet Zandra and Jimbo

Thanks Zandra for the pics!

Thanks for coming by! Better Get to bed for Day Two!  Yahoooo!

Night All!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. awesome!! thanks for keeping us up to date on your going ons!!

  2. Looks like you're having a blast! Thanks for sharing and an awesome day!
    Hugz, Z

  3. Thank you for keeping us up to date. Wish I could be there.

  4. I am sooooooooo jealous!!!! Sounds like you're learning a lot, enjoying the company of old and new friends and over all having the BEST time!!!! Can't wait to see what all you've learned...know you will share...and that's only one of the reasons we LOVE YOU!!!

  5. Looks like you had an awesome first day!!! Hope tomorrow is just as much fun!

  6. Oh, I wish I was there! You must give me some pointers on how to get picked to attend this fantasy island of awesomeness! I really want to go!

  7. Wow, looks like a great first day! Thanks so much for taking the time to share. That picture of you kissing Dyan is so sweet! Have an even better day two!

  8. Love the pictures Jim! Thanks for sharing.
    Gail in Oklahoma

  9. Thanks for sharing your awesome day Jim! I love my melting pot so much I have 2! One for Beeswax and one for UTEE, so better grab 2 : ) ! Have a goodnights sleep and I am sure your dreams will be filled with creative goodness! P.S. grab some of the crafting sheets that fit the melting pot too they are so handy.

  10. Oh Jim, it is obvious to see that you are having an awesome time and i am so glad you got rid of that kidney stone before you got there and am hoping you are better. It has got to be the height of goodness to learn about all of these products.. can we expect to see some of these in our tuesday night ustreams?? have lots of fun and be safe, and try not to miss your plane on the way home.. lol... jk.. big hugz Ruth

  11. Thanks Jim! I just got to go to Day 1 at Ranger U. Here's to Day 2 and square pizza.

  12. Looks like y'all were having a wonderful day and more tomorrow . . . how great is that!!!!

  13. Looks like you're having fun and will, no doubt, be super charged with creative ideas. Enjoy David

  14. Whooohooo look at that smile!! Looks like you are having a great time!! Keep the posts coming we want to see more!! Lots of love

    Kaz x
    P.s tell dy, If she needs to re-home that green dress I can help!! It's gorgeous!!

  15. Your day sounds and looks amazing thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to the next episode

  16. Wonderful everything! You are a lucky gentleman crafter.
    A big hug from Italy... Hug T!m for me.

  17. No wonder you're having a BLAST . . . who wouldn't be!!! Thanks for taking the time to share your amazing day and photos. Looking forward to tomorrows installment. Get a goodnights rest ready for day 2.

  18. You (and everyone else) are obviously having the time of your lives, what a terrific training experience. Enjoy every moment and I look forward to hearing and seeing more.

  19. Hope square pizza is enjoyable! Sorry to ask Jim..what time are your Secret Sunday u streams your time? Tuesday is middle of night for me in UK but better chance live on a Sunday. Have a good learning imaginative weekend. David

  20. Then again I suppose if you told me the time it wouldn't be secret.LOL

  21. Firstly Jim - I really appreciate you taking the time to blog about your adventures at Ranger when you are so tired. I hoped you would and have been checking out your blog every couple of hours - your excitement is infectious!
    Secondly - I don't think I've ever seen so many happy smiles on EVERYONE in a bunch of photos before! I guess that for everyone there it's a dream come true and the combination of inky playtimes with amazing products, new friends and good food must induce a level of euphoria that I can only dream about!
    Thirdly - It's nice to "meet" Zandra - it's great to be able to put names to faces and so good that you get to meet some of your blog followers in person. I love your stripey shirt too!
    Lastly - I hope that day two is even more awesome than day one and that you have the time of your life! I sooooo wish I was a fly on the wall there today! Looking forward to reading all about it later.

  22. You are living my dream. Thanks Jim.

  23. Looks like SOOOO much fun. I wanna go! I definitely want to hear more about the melting pot and molding embellies??!?! I have one of those and have never used it...think I'll be changing that. Way to go Jim!


  24. Glad to hear you are having a blast (though that is a no brainer that you would!!) wish I had been there! I have never been but the best part of it for those of us who are not attending is when all of the participants get back and start up with tutorials and sharing projects! Can't wait to see your jewelery and UTEE pieces!
    Have fun today :D

  25. sounds like you are having fun! Enjoy the rest of the journey!

  26. AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!! I am enjoying Ranger U vicariously through you. I cannot imagine all of the incredible learning that you are getting here and from what I 'know' of you from your videos and your blog, you will make the most of this incredible education and will be having artistic and creative joy for many years to come applying all of this and putting your own spin on everything. I want to be able to apply to Ranger U so bad so I'll have to start thinking about what I have to do to even be eligible to apply.....acceptance is a whole other thing !! Can't wait for your next post about Ranger U! Thanks for sharing :)

  27. So happy to see you're in Ranger U heaven! Big hugs!


  28. I couldn't believe you did all that in a day! Just the tour and the embossing powders, Perfect Pearls, Stickles, Liquid Pearls, UTEE, enamel overviews would be enough to fill a day. Somehow they crammed in even more with the Vintaj and Tim segments and two meals! Your notebook doesn't look big enough to hold all the info. Thanks for keeping us updated. Ranger U is obviously not for sissies. ;-)

  29. I'm a little bit jealous that you get to hang with Marjie Kemper...she's one of my favorite people...and you can tell her I said so! LOL So happy that you are getting to do are so deserving! Drink it all in!

  30. I am doing the Snoopy Dance here for you, Jim! Yippee and yay that you're having such a wonderful time and learning so much. So cool that you get to mess around with Vintaj techniques, too. And...the melt pot...again, all sorts of cool new stuff since I was at Ranger U. You'll have to "tutor" all of us when you get back. There is nothing like a good ol' fashioned cook out to get acquainted, is there? Looks like you guys were all having fun. Give Dyan a big hug from me. I think she's just a pretty supercalifragilisticexpealidocious lady. And give Ellen a squeeze, too. :) I bet by the end of tonight, you'll feel like your brain is about to EXPLODE with all of the techniques and product information you'll be taking in. haha Much love and thanks for the updates! <3 Candy

  31. You are having too much fun! Can't wait to see all the goodies you come up with after Ranger U!!!

  32. I am so happy that you are having such fun Jim!! What a wonderful place to go to, wish we had something like that here in Australia! Thanks for the photos as it was great to be able to feel like we were sharing the fun with you :-). Looking forward to seeing what you will create after you get home!!

  33. Jim, I know you are just in hog heaven and I am so happy for you. I would be to if I had the chance. Give Zandra a big hug for me. She is just the sweetest. Learn lot's so you can come back and teach all of us. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pics. Kinda feels like we are right there with you. I love it.

  34. Thanks for sharing your Ranger U experiences. I will be refreshing in the early hours to see if you've posted Day 2!! :)

  35. Isn't it great to play at a party that Is really under the catagory of Work.... After all One Man's Work is another Man's Play Time!!!!!

  36. Wow... You are all having a fabulous time! I so have to try out for Ranger U next year!!! Thanks for sharing all of the cool things going on! Have a wonderful night!!! Will be watching for your next post!!!

  37. So happy for you. Can't wait for the next recap and show and tell.

  38. Looks like youre having a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing the experiene

  39. What a brilliant post, I can feel how thrilled you are! I read Ellen's blog post last night & I've been following the excitement on FB & yes, I'm a little jealous. :) Continue having a blast, can't wait to read about the rest of your adventure.

  40. Great post. I love they way you write - I think that is how I got addicted to your Art in the first place.

  41. Hi Jim, great to read about your time at Ranger U, thank you so much! You really deserve this. Maddy x

  42. Your so Owlmazing Jim! I love going back through your re-caps. What FUN & of course I'm with you on stealing hugs from Dy! Annette is pretty coolio too. & Utee, I own a melting pot but haven't used it yet (OvO) know reawy, tis true...not sure if it is just nervousness or time, either way I'm looking forward to seeing you create with it too!
    HUGS xoxoxo


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