Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fun With Superheroes!

Good Evening!

For the last couple of days, I have been attending a Leadership Development Institute (LDI) for my job with Seton Family of Hospitals.  It's been two full days of information... a lot to learn.   Now we are challenged with taking this information and putting it to work.  What's so cool is that the Manager's will be able to report front line issues to Director's and up to Senior Leadership through "rounding" and "scout" reports that the Studer Group developed.  A posted plan or a goal will be formulated on how to successfully find resolutions.  By following this monthly reporting we can all be better aligned as a group.  I think that's right...Anyway...

OK, enough of the work stuff...Why am I mentioning this?...Well, this time, crafts were involved!  BAHAHAHA!  This quarter's meeting was themed on Superheroes.  We are all superheroes....

On each table we were to decorate our superhero and enter it for a prize for your table.  Well...This was right up my alley!  I grabbed the goodies they gave us to decorate it and headed home after the meeting last night to fun bliss... I came home and pushed up my sleeves and went to work!  Thought I would share my three hours of fun last night I had in embellishing my Superman!  By the way, we didn't win!  Shucks!  But, I understand that we came in one ticket shy...Or at least that's what they are telling me...Probably to make me feel better!  Bahaha!

Here's the way it played out...


Well, I hope you all have an excellent day!  Thanks for coming by!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. How could that have not won?!?! It's fabulous!!

  2. You should have won!!! (The right people were not judges.) hahaha hugs, Patty

  3. I am dying to see the one that won.

  4. must have been some payoffs involved!....I'd have them u had fun

  5. Your Superhero should have one, you should demand...-recount-recount-. I would definitely want your Superhero protecting me!. Another great job, your imagination is endless.

  6. I'm thinking they disqualified you because some "snitch" told the judges you were a " SUPER CRAFTSMAN!"
    who shouldn't be in the judging... (NOT FAIR!)

    Mary in Oregon

  7. You may not have won, but definitely a fun design!

    Noreen at

  8. Work was never that much fun for me!

  9. can't imagine what could have beat that!


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