Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Time Change and Rainy Days...Blooms and Driveways

Good Morning Everyone!

Ahhhh...Got to love this time change business ehh?  My natural clock is off and this morning I literally had to FORCE myself to wind up and get going!!!   This is truly the time when I wish I was so rich that I could afford to have my coffee served to me in bed...(Yes, I know some of you have someone to do this for you...but don't tell me! LOL!)  There is just something about fumbling to the kitchen tripping over clothes, tennis shoes, cats and God knows what else to make the sacred journey to brew this oh so special gift that wakes all the senses....COFFEE!!!

I'm not a fan of this particular time change as this one hour difference in sleep means a lot to me.  I don't sleep well as it is...My body wants to sleep, but my brain likes to play games and do exercises; so falling to sleep at 3:30 or 4:30 a.m. seems to be the norm.....ahhhh and then waking two and a half hours later is torture!!  I'm sure it will be better later when the sun comes streaming through my bedroom window, but for now, it's tough trying to get up and going and what are we...three days into it!  Good Grief Gertrude!

I took my morning coffee and walked around the yard to see what was new.  I love to do this.  Especially after a good rain.  As expected, the plants are in full Spring mode despite the cold, and rain.  They know it's time don't they?  Or at least I hope they know.  Things are busting out everywhere you look.  It's amazing!!

Old Blush putting on buds...

Jerusalem sage putting on new leaves...

The kale going into bloom...

The pretty reds in the Home Run rose....

Yes, my evil beauty...the Mermaid Rose getting ready for it's Spring dance...

Purple plums flowering....

Bradford Pears blooming and leafing out....

Artichokes ready to be planted....

And then there's...The Driveway...it tries so hard to kill the beauty of the spring buds.... this newly laid crushed limestone stone driveway is...well, a bone of contention for me...a real love-hate relationship.  When wet, all the limestone comes tracking into the house and dries totally white on the wood floors...in the heat of the summer it's truly like what you would see in a movie where the Land Rover drives across the arid dunes of Africa and kicks up a plume of dust that can be seen for miles.  But, when you can't afford the yards of asphalt or cement that it would take to go completely around the circle drive...That's where the love comes in.

So, I leave you this morning with hope for Spring blooms that will one day come your way....

Have an awesome day y'all!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. I'm soooo ready for spring!!! We need the rain so badly but happy to have a day without it, too. The Bradford pear in the neighbors yard has been beautiful this year. I'm surprised that the freezing temps didn't kill the flowers like it usually does. The redbuds in the neighborhood are beautiful, too.

  2. Jim--your Spring garden looks beautiful! Regarding your driveway surface--have you considered covering it with red dog? Larry's parents' long driveway was covered in red dog for years until they paved it. Red dog is crunchy when driving a vehicle over it, but there is no dust to blow all over the place and it does not produce anything to be tracked inside on your floors.

  3. I know what you mean about the mind race! And the need for that first cup o' coffee! Maybe a baby Keurig in the bedroom, to start the day off properly? If you take cream and sugar, you can use non-fat dried milk instead of the cream (better than fake cream). What a gorgeous yard you have! Here in the North-not-so-wet-this-year all the plums and cherries and forsythia are in full bloom. A visual treat, but bad for the allergies.

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  5. Yes, Spring is headed our way... I wish I knew what was blooming now. I know it isn't Bradford Pear or Dogwood just yet in our area but something is popping out everywhere with big white blooms. Looks like snowballs up in the trees! I'd never heard of Red Dog before and have a problem driveway myself. Better check it out before you get too gung ho... Didn't sound like it was track proof and does sound like it might be hard to find these days.


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