Friday, June 19, 2015

The Butterfly Automata is Now Available!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Wow!  It sure is humid today!  If I sit inside, I get too cold from the air conditioner...If I sit outside I'm dripping!  LOL!  I'm really missing the cool breezes coming in from the Tyrolean Alps!  If I misspelled that let me know...LOL!

On my Tuesday's, Take Out Tuesday's Ustream Show, I promised I would have the Butterfly Automata tutorial available.  So here it is...The Butterfly Automata Tutorial....

This has been one of my Spring class offerings and has been a fun project to make....The Butterfly Automata sits on a sleigh.  When removed from the sleigh, you have access to a little tag book that is stored on the side.  I am also offering a little kit of the precut round circles and precut dowels if you don't want to do these yourself.  They are in my shop.  Please visit my shop HERE or by following the link here:

I hope you give it a try...

What is an AUTOMATA?

Automata [aw-tom-uh-tuh] A mechanical figure or contrivance constructed to act as if by its own motive power.  Which basically means, turn the handle and the project moves.  With the Butterfly Automata you will turn the handle and the flowers and butterflies spin and go up and down.  Looks hard?  NO, just be patient as it take a second to get everything just right to move properly.  Each one will be different and that’s the joy of automata. The Butterfly Automata has a side opening tag book for all those technique ideas that spin around in your head.

Next week, I have a new cool smaller book tutorial coming!  I'm in love with it...Hope you come by next Friday and check it out!

Thanks Tons!

The Gentleman Crafter


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