Friday, October 9, 2015

A Great Start to the Day...Walk in the park!

Good Day Everyone!

Those days of being 49 are almost coming to a close.  The big 50 is coming next month...It's like this half century number was something I would never see.  I was always going to be young. Well people...Things have shifted and moved and time keeps moving forward however hard I try to hold it back...

When in Houston's Bush airport on Monday, this certain person, who shall go unnamed...uhhh, Cesar... said we needed to get to gate C45.  We landed in Terminal E and walked for what seemed like miles to the Terminalink Tram thing and then took it to Terminal C.  The plane was already boarding at this very moment so we rushed to get there.  Finally got to the gate to find it was going to Washington- Dulles...I decided to look at the board and it was Gate 43!  Totally at the other end of the hall and around the corner.  We walked so fast and finally made it there as they were calling our group.  When I "landed" in my airplane seat and attached the seat belt I thought to myself...MAN I'M SOOO OUT OF SHAPE!!!  I've got to do something about this!

So here's to a start...This morning I thought I would treat my poor body to a little walk in the park.  It really was so refreshing!  However, my legs and feet are saying,  "What in God's name did you do to us!"...Doesn't matter!  I had my Fitbit on and could finally beat Cesar's amazing step count for the day!  Hahahaha!  Totally worth it!  Somehow he can magically sit at his desk at Dell and come home with a whopping 13,000 steps!  I don't get it.  How many times do I run down the hall to use the men's room each day after 5 cups of coffee! A Zillion!  And I still come up with 6,000 steps!

So glad I got out and moved my body...Here are a few pictures of Berry Springs Park..I love it as it is set in an old Pecan orchard. Or would that be Pecan grove?  LOL  A little history note...Mr. Berry's Great-Grandson was Audie Murphy...  Cool!  Oh, and if you haven't guessed already...Texas state tree is the pecan...In Texas Talk that's...Pah-Cahn not Pea-can...LOL!

Y'all have a great weekend!  Get out and move your tail feathers...You'll feel great!

The Gentleman Crafter


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