Monday, April 18, 2016

Ustream Take Out Tuesday Project: Quick Mother's Day Gift Card Card

Hello My Friends!

I was just thinking while cutting kits that Mother's Day is just around the corner and I won't be home.  I will be away teaching...I called my sister in a panic and the familiar back and forth banter of, "What are you going to get Mom... I don't know what were you thinking?"  "She has everything..."  "She doesn't want anything..."  "If you think of anything call me..."

It's tough trying to think what my Mother would want for a gift.  I straight out ask her anymore...The same reply as the above comment between my sister and I..."I just don't need anything...Don't spend your it!"  Frustrating me thinks!  I truly believe we all want a little treat to open on any special occasion, whether we say we do or not..

So, even though she will read this blog post, and even though she will watch the Take Out Tuesday Ustream...I thought of something!  She loves gift cards...Sophora, QVC, and various restaurants to name a few.  She seems to use them on things she wouldn't buy normally, but uses them for a little treat...a little pampering item for example..

Sounds good to me, so I was off to design a gift card holder for her and thought...You know, this might be something to share on UStream!

So for Take Out Tuesday we are going to make a quick and easy gift card...card!!

To help, I am adding a link to all the cut files either as a .PDF or a .SVG file.  If you have a digital cutter like Cricut, Silhouette, etc. this will make the process even faster.

Please check out the links and download the appropriate files and be prepared for tomorrow nights class by having the pieces pre-cut...

For anyone who will be tracing and cutting...Use This Template ...Click LINK HERE!

or copy and paste this link into your browser's address bar:

For anyone using a digital cutter...Click this LINK HERE!

or copy and paste this link into your browser's address bar:

Things you will need:

(2) Sheets of 12 x 12 Patterned Paper
(1) 1 x 12-inch long Scrap of Coordinating Paper to make a Structure Strip
(1) 12 x 12 Medium Weight Chipboard
(1) Set of thin Magnetic Discs such as BasicGrey
You favorite adhesive to adhere paper to chipboard
Assorted Embellishments if you Choose
AND of Course (1) Gift Card

Come on over to The Gentleman Crafter's Take Out Tuesday tomorrow night (4-19-2016) and let's make the Mother's Day Gift Card Card at 7:00 p.m. CST.

Here's a link to get you there pronto...Click Here!

or copy and paste this link into your browser's address bar:

See you then...


The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Love that Take Out Tuesday's are back! See you tonight.

  2. This is the first time I'll be able to join the fun. Thank you

  3. It was a great time! Thanks so much!


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