Saturday, March 16, 2019

Spring Is In The Air! This Month's New Spring/Garden Inspired Projects!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I don't know about you guys, but I have SPRING FEVER...I am a gardener wanna be.  I love to grow anything!  I guess I get it from my parents who got it from their parents.  I have heard that my grandmother won several ribbons for her beautiful roses that she grew in and around Kilgore and Tyler, Texas.  What amazing memories I had of going to my Grandfather's riding on the tractor and planting potatoes.  I truly lust after the plants and seeds from Burpee's, Jackson and Perkins and Antique Rose Emporium's catalogs!  Making copious lists of things I want to try this year.

Well, all I have to say is that this month's projects are totally inspired by these Spring whims of mine...

Adding to the collection of Thin House Mini's I've created the sixth in the series...

Mrs. Bernice Bunny's House

Take off the lid and the base to open the house.  Inside is a fun mini to capture your Spring memories.  (Mini not shown.)

To try this project or for more information please click below:

The Perfect Potting Bench with Seed Packet Mini

This Potting Bench project comes as a complete kit or a kit without paper and accessories.

Complete Potting Bench Kit

To try this project or for more information please click below:

The Perfect Potting Bench Kit - No Paper or Accessories

To try this project or for more information please click below:

And last but not least one of my favorites...We have a family group text thing on our phones.  It's amazing to chat/text with my sister, nephew's and niece's almost everyday. We all share things that are happening in our lives.  When I finished this project and sent them some pictures to see what they thought, they all said, "I want one!"  I totally have been loving mine and watching it grow...I call it...

The Terrific Terrarium

This kit is made of wood and is totally easy to assemble.  The kit is for the base ONLY.  You add your own jar that you want to recycle and some tiny plants, rocks and anything else you want to make your terrarium POP! I used an old pickle jar for the glass dome and added fun things to the top to finish it off.

To try this project or for more information please click below:

I hope you all have an amazing Spring.  I know that it may come a bit later for some, but the cool thing is...It always comes...and what a joy it is while it's here!

Thanks for stopping by!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. You are so talented in many things. I just stumbled upon your old YouTube channel where you did some paper crafting. You were doing the tutorial for the WRMK'S mini 8 punches. A few people were wondering what happened to you because you haven't posted there for 2 years. I really appreciated that tutorial because I was given those punches from a friend and did not have a clue about how to use them. At least I can go back and watch the old tutorials you did. I was hoping you didn't die because you just seemed to have disappeared. I'm glad you are alive and well. Happy gardening!

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