Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Graphic 45 Self Portrait Introduction Project: Pendulum Clock

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today, I'm excited to be introduced by Graphic 45 as one of this year's Brand Ambassadors.  It is an amazing honor to be a part of this awesome family run business and to be able to design projects for them again.

This month, we were asked to do a self-portrait project.  Something that represents who we are and what mediums we like to design with all folded into a project.  To be honest, there were several projects made and then I narrowed it down to the pendulum clock.  I used one of my favorite collections, A Proper Gentleman.  I was so glad to see it come back into print.   Not only do I love to make clocks, I love things that are functional. To me, a project needs to do something to be able to take up valuable space in my house.

Personally, I am not a big flowery, embellishment kinda guy.  I love the paper to stand for itself and show off the design.   Sometimes, I think plain and simple is better...however, contradicting myself, if the project calls for flowers I'm totally into flowering it up.  No fear there.  LOL!  My main thing is being all about the details.  I think the more details you give a project the more interesting it is.

The Self-Portrait project on Graphic 45's site is the more masculine version of the Pendulum Clock.  A simple but elegant clock.

I have also done a more feminine version which is made the same way.  I made it with Graphic 45's Bloom Collection. For the feminine version you just cut a chipboard clock face instead of adding the acrylic to the front.

The Pendulum Clock is really easy to make.  You are simply making a box, adding the paper collection of your choice and placing a pendulum clock movement found in the wood section of your favorite craft store to the interior center.  You may also chose to add a regular clock movement without the pendulum.  It looks great either way.  Makes an awesome, functional gift.

If you would like to give the clock project a try, please follow the links below for the tutorial, .SVG files and .PDF files.

Use the .SVG files if you would like to cut the pieces with your digital cutter.  Or, if you don't have a digital cutter, use the .PDF files and print them on your home printer at actual size.  Take the printouts and use them as templates to trace around and then cut the chipboard with your scissors.

For the .SVG and .PDF files click below:

For the tutorial click the link below:

I hope you enjoy making the project.  Please check out Graphic 45's Blog for more pictures and information.  Also, please head back here Saturday for my second project, The Gazebo...Talk about flowers, this project is loaded with them.  For the Gazebo project you will have all the files you need to make it as well as an instructional video to go along...

Thanks for coming by my site today and Thank you so much Graphic 45 for this incredible honor.  It's going to be an awesome year!


The Gentleman Crafter

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