Sunday, October 20, 2013

Italy: Pisa

Buona Sera!

Blogging from my it's tough.  Can't seem to get my photos to my I pad for some reason....same for the international calling plan that I have tried to do...purchased the plan, but no luck...oh well....I figure it out..LOL

So just want to say I'm having a total blast and share some pics..Tim's Class this morning and then on to Pisa.

Well, that was really slow...I guess I will share my pictures via check them out there.

Have an excellent night...

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Italy looks like such an amazing place to be! I'm so glad that you are all having a good time there. Thank you for sharing your photos with us all - we are so nosey!

  2. So excited to see that you and your planes made it. Isn't Italy amazing? Thanks for taking the time (frustration) to post the photos. I love traveling along. Have a ball tomorrow and eat lots.

  3. Enjoy the adventure! (Have some pasta and wine for me!!)

  4. Oh my... enjoy yourselves and be sure to come back! I will keep watching FB, I am loving all of these fabulous pictures! You are making some wonderful memories! Take Care and Hugs to both of you!!!


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