Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Week! It's In The Bag!

Good Morning Everybody!

Wow!  What a busy week last week was!  I think every spare minute was filled with something.  Now that I look back on it and have a second to blog it, It reminds me of  how wonderful it really was!

You may not know the whole scoop and I may not be able to tell you everything, but here are some of the things that happened all at once.  The fun filled weekend learning so many AMAZING new techniques in Dyan Reaveley's class at the Crafty Scrapper...I had a brand new store to open where I work.  A complete blank space that needed to have furniture, fixtures, merchandise and equipment installed.  The grand opening was Thursday.  Dyan came to visit us, which sends bits of thrilled panic into the mix.  I wanted it to be a great place for her to come and relax....Was the house clean enough? Are the sheets clean?  Studio picked up?  Do we have Oatmeal?  Those kinds of things.... and then the Epic Adventure Kathy, Kathryn and I announced Thursday with a three step video tutorial.  Epic Paper Art's, Steampunk Soiree.

It's been a whirl wind of excitement...I have loved every minute of it.  To me it was an adventure and I thank God that Cesar cleaned the house, Dyan enjoyed herself, the store opening was a success, and we have had so many people sign up for the Steampunk Soiree....Kathryn's announcement with makeup and a steampunk green screen still gives me chills... She's amazing!

So now, I am literally taking a deep breath and going back through some of the pictures I have taken to enjoy...I thought I would share them with you all.  Then, I need to get up and get to think ITALY! We leave Thursday for New York and my suitcases are still empty....

My Week...

First it was off to the Meet and Greet and classes with Dyan at the Crafty Scrapper...

Next it was time to pack up!
With the packing done and the tubs taken to UPS... I was ready to spend time with my lovely friend Dy!
I had to take her to West for Kolaches!  It's just one of those things you do right!
Once we were home, we went shopping...So Much Fun!
The Halloween Store.  We laughed so hard at this animated attacked dog that jumped out at you.  We totally did not expect that.  I think Dyan had to pick me up from the floor....Wussss!

Then over to Hobby Lobby.....

Then back home for some rest and relaxation....

The next day, I popped into work to check on things and I am so grateful for everyone who helped me get the new store together....Then we were off for a bit more shopping....

Then sadly, it was time for Dy to leave and we met Carolyn from the Crafty Scrapper in Waco at Collin Street Bakery to deliver the Queen...
I don't think I laughed so hard in my life these three days!  Thank You Dyan for bringing life and fun into the house! You are such an inspiration to all of us!  Love you!  J.

Then it was time to drive from Waco to Austin to get the store ready for it's debut.....

and last but not leas,t the Youtube Launch Party for the Steampunk Soiree in Washington, D.C.  If you haven't signed up, do it now....Space is limited!
Go Here to Check It Out....
Well Off to do some ATC's and Pack!  See y'all before I leave....
The Gentleman Crafter


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  2. Busy, busy, busy! You do live life to the full though - good for you! You have earned a rest when you get to Italy:)

  3. Wow... You were extremely busy! But it looks like everything came together and was a blast! I am so glad that I got to chat with Dyan on your Ustream! That meant a great deal to me! Thank You for that Jim!!! I hope you get all of your ATC's done! I would have helped fussy cutting things for y'all! I hope you have a fabulous night! Hugs!!!

  4. Looks like a fun time was had by all!!!!

  5. Whew!!! I'm tired just reading about your week! I'm so glad you got to spend some extra special time with Lady Dy and that the gift shop opening has finally come and it was a success! Now...breathe!! Time to get your Italy on.

  6. You certainly have been very busy, but what a marvellous time you have had! Good luck with the packing :)
    P.S The ATC's are looking fantastic!

  7. Hi Jim!! I'm a follower of your blog and guess where I'm from? Yes, Italy (Milan)!! I hope you'll have great fun here in my country. Food is to die for, wine is superb, landscapes and monuments are breathtaking ... enjoy!! Looking forward to reading everything about your trip and watch the photos here on your blog, of course! I admire your undisputed talent and creativity, it's of inspiration for us all! :D Hugs

  8. Looks like a splendid time was had by all.

  9. Wow! You had quite a week. Blessings on your new venturews.


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