Sunday, October 12, 2014

Almost Ready for Chicago!

Good Morning Everyone!

So sorry for the lack of blog post lately! It's been busy around here lately!  LOL!  Really busy!!

I am teaching 3 classes at Creative Cards and Crafts in Chicago this Friday!  Gosh, just typing that gives me a twinge of anxiety.  Why?  Because we have been kitting madly for these classes for two weeks now and I need to get back in there and begin again...Four days left!  Hahaha.  Hence, my lack of blog posts.  Hopefully by today it will be done!.  Almost there..Sometimes I just need to shut down and get 'er down and focus...So I apologize again for the lack of the written word on the blog.

When we kit around here and folks see that I am cutting (100) 1/4-inch x 2-inch pieces, their eyes roll back in their heads.  It's like really Jim!  I know, I know, but if that's what it takes to make it perfect, then so it is!  LOL! 

I cannot thank my kitting crew enough!  Thanks you Cesar, Barb, Kay and Kim for all your tireless work to always help me get these projects together.  YOU ROCK!!!

I also want to take the opportunity to thank Tim Holtz for sending me the configuration box inserts I needed to do the roll top desk.  He had just enough and a few spares... just in case! He was truly a godsend!  And THANK YOU Mario for packing them up and getting them to me!  You Both Rock!  Yahooo!

Just for fun, here are a few pictures of the craziness happening around the farm...

Well, better get back to it!  Have an amazing Sunday Everyone!
The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Your students are in for a treat! Safe travels and enjoy!

  2. I had wondered if you had gone to ground! Kitting is the pits! Lucky you got great friends in to help. We all need 10 Mario's to get it all done. Can't wait to see your classes...don't forget to take photos like me! Lucky, Lucky peeps who are going to take your classes. Enjoy!

  3. Thank goodness you're back I thought a group of wild zombie basset hounds carried you and Cesar away

  4. Well done to Cesar, Barb, Kay & Kim for coming to the rescue again! Enjoy your classes!

  5. I'm always ready to help when ever you need me, Jim!!! And HUGE thanks to Cesar for keeping us fed to keep our energy up...LOL!!

  6. Wow!! that's a whole production line you got going there!! is there a part time job opening?? lol awesome crew you got there!!!! have fun in Chicago!!!

  7. Don't envy that cutting! 100! WOW! But I know the class will be wonderful! Wish I was IN it!

  8. What did the kits end up creating? It looks... boxy... but hard to tell exactly haha. Also, exciting to find another gentleman crafter!


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