Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Clipper Street in Canada... Here We Come!

God Morning Everyone!

It's been so nice having the Red Queen and Andy Challis here with us these past two weeks... Going to be sad to say goodbye to two wonderful friends tomorrow.  But, we've made some awesome memories and took lots of pictures to look back on.  It's time to pull out the white sheets and store the red sheets and towels for a later date. LOL!

Now, we are all off going our separate ways...Dyan and Andy to Illinois and Cesar and I are off for a wonderful week checking out the Vancouver area for a bit before teaching at the AMAZING Clipper Street Scrapbook Company in Langley, B.C. this weekend!  So excited!

If you haven't already signed up for classes, there are, I think, a few spots left.  So come on by and let's get CRAFTY!

Clipper Street Scrapbook Company
Phone: 604-514-2229
Email:  langley@clipperstreet.com

Whilst in Canada, I must try those fries with gravy on them this trip....Oh wait!  What's the name....stop and Google the name Jim... I always forget...hold on a sec...Ahhhhh...POUTINE!  That's it!  Gotta try Poutine...

See Y'all in Canada! Poutine Time Baby!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. While McDonald's does have the Poutine fries right now I think...Poutine is more of an east coast specialty Jim. However ...when here you must try to find a Nainamo bar! :D
    If you have spare time and want to see a bit of the city try... the Capilano suspension bridge
    http://www.capbridge.com/ or Queen Elizabeth park which is in the city and has a zip-line over the gardens (it's not a scary zip-line either)
    and of course you cannot come to Vancouver without a visit to Stanley park! There is an Aquarium in the park, and there are horse and buggy rides and several beaches.
    Enjoy your time here, Wish I were able to meet you in Langley Jim!!

    1. Dolly-

      Thank you so much for the information! That sounds awesome! THE ZIP LINE! SONDS LIKE A BLAST!!!! Yahoo!

      Thanks tons again! Jim

  2. Oh and you'll want Tim Horton's for coffee....and a box of Tim bits to go :D

  3. Living in the moment! Glad you had a wonderful visit with Lady Dy and Andy. Loved the pics you shared. What a fun group to go on a road trip with. You and Cesar have a great time in Canada. Hugs to ya!

  4. I heard there's a hotel on Vancouver Island that serves real High Tea....might wanna check that out, too. Have a blast!!! Safe travels my friends!!!

  5. Have a lovely time you two! I must say that I am missing your Tuesday Takeouts. Are there any plans to start them again soon? Hugs x

  6. Looking Forward to meeting you and doing the classes. I have signed up for 2 Would have done 3 but one is at night and I don't drive well in the dark. Going to be fun weekend, hope our weather holds out for you.

    1. Can't wait Sugarlane! If the weather is bad and rainy...I love that weather too...so all will be good and happy in Canadaland....see ya soon! J.


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