Sunday, January 10, 2016

CHA Project Reveals Day 2: Graphic 45 CityScapes

Good Morning Everyone!

Just wanted to share the second set of projects I did for the CHA Graphic 45 booth..This was one of my truly favorite collections!  It's totally amazing!  I love the graphics and colors! ...CityScapes...

Hope you like these...

The Big Ben Lamp

Need a bit of Britain to light up your dwelling?  Well, The Big Ben Lamp might just do the trick.  Made with cut out pieces of heavy weight chipboard, and then backed with a light tracing paper; the lamp will glow through all the windows of this historic treasure. 

The Double Decker Bus and Mini

The Beautiful city of London comes to the forefront with another iconic project…The famous Double Decker Buses have always been enchanting to me…of course I always clamored to the top for a more majestic view of the city.  In my version of the double decker, you lift up the back piece and pull out a thin but long mini that can be filled with traveling quotes, travel pictures and souvenirs picked up along the way.

That's it for Today...Please check back tomorrow for a Communique project.

Have an awesome day!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Oh Jim, you have definitely outdone yourself with the Big Ben lamp! I am absolutely in love with it and have the perfect place for it, on top of my piano! Add it to my order list!

  2. Are you going to have kits later on? You must stop tempting me! No, better not stop

  3. Wonderful projects Jim! You just never stop being awesome!!

  4. How wonderful! It's hard to pick a favourite, but I think the bus might just win! Being British, you know that I will need to buy these if you sell them as kits. Once again you have excelled yourself my friend!

  5. Jim! These are awesome! I need this for my London photos!

    1. Oh my! You are amazing! I need both of these. My pictures from England need a home!

  6. Love them both! I am surprised you didn't put a clock movement in Big Ben.
    Would you consider making an Eiffel Tower? My 17 year would love it.

  7. Ooooh sir Jim gotta do those two have you done a red pillar box yet

  8. These projects are over the top! Awesome!

  9. I can't think of a more perfect album for my London pictures! I have to get this tutorial! I also love the idea that Margaret Ann Moffat had for the red pillar box!

  10. Hi Jim, been a while. I am in awe!!!!! Both of these projects are just fabulous. Hoping you will be selling kits or patterns for both of these. Count me in if you are.

  11. Jim, I hope you know how insanely talented you are! If you don't then I'm here to affirm it. Each year you get more and more creative. Keep it up!! And, like the others above I hope you do make up some kits and/or tutorials. Love the Double Decker Bus and your take on Jules Verne!! Thanks for blowing our minds away, Laura

  12. Jim, this beyond wonderful. It's fantastical.......!!!!!

  13. Jim, this beyond wonderful. It's fantastical.......!!!!!

  14. So creative! I love your take on things.

    Crafty Journal

  15. Jim...your projects were all amazingly over the top awesome!!! You are beyond amazing!!!


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