Sunday, July 3, 2016

Back Home and Time For the GIVEAWAY Quiz!

God Morning!

Arrived Home Last Night Yahoo!.  After clearing customs, grabbing the luggage and driving home,  we got in around 6:15ish!  I can honesty say I was a bit woozy from my airplane drugs.   I think I literally went through a panic attack 3 hours from home...i wanted OFFFFFF   THE PLANEEEE!  10 and 1/2 hours in economy slammed in between two other people on the row, I wanted OUT!  LOL!  I finally got up and went to the back of the plane just to stand in my own space..Speaking of own space, it was so good to get home!

There truly is nothing like room..Room to sleep, room to create, room to walk and look at your garden, room to just turn around in your bathroom without knocking everything down.  When traveling, I come back home thinking about how blessed I have for the room to grow and stretch in the country!  I LOVE IT!

Last night, I passed out around 9:00 p.m.  I was so trying to stay up for a bit longer, but honestly, I cannot remember anything from last night...I called my sister and my mom ate REAL MEXICAN FOOD and then I was gone! Like OUT!  This morning, I woke at 5:45 a.m., had a cup of coffee, caught up on some of my favorite YouTubers, Zoe and Alfie and had another cup of coffee...Zoe had cleaned out her closet and was talking about how freeing it was...Well folks, I brewed a second cup and tore into my closet!  Four 30 gallon trash bags and one other full of trash, old socks, undies and ties for goodness sake!  They are all off to Goodwill and done!  How's that for a first day back at home!

There are only a couple of other pressing issues for the day before I can start back in the studio...One, I need to call about my broken phone!  I've been totally lost without it, but am soon grateful to Cesar for him allowing me to share his phone!  NEED ONE NOW!!!  The second is The GIVEAWAY!  Time for a few question...Are you ready?  Let me refresh you on some of the details before I start....

Here's a few details...Today, I will do a post on this site with questions of things that I have mentioned  or  have shown pictures of on Facebook and/or my website of our travel adventures.  If you answer them all correctly, you will be put in with a group of others that have also answered the questions correctly and a random number draw will be generated and a winner chosen on July 5th by 2:00 p.m. CST.  There will be just one winner chosen and I will notify that person via email on July 5th.  Please Note: Those taking the trip with us will be ineligible for the giveaway.

What's up for grabs?  Well, let me tell you it's going to be a nice HAUL!...

Graphic 45 has generously donated these goodies which include (1 of each) 8 X 8 pads in Children's Hour Paper Collection and the Children's Hour Calendar pad.  (2) Metal sets of Brads, (1) Washi Tape Set, a Children's Hour Chipboard Die Cut and a Red Numbers Square Tag and Pocket Album in the 5.5 x 5.5 size...Thank You so much Graphic 45!

Xyron was so kind to donate a Creative Station Light that comes preloaded with the adhesive and a 3-inch refill to go along...Did y'all know that the Creative Station's can take dual sizes of their films?  That is so cool!  Thank you so MUCH Xyron!  You Guys Rock!

And... I wanted to give away some of my favorite things to add to the mix...

(1) Graphic 45 12 x 12 Pad of Botanicabella, (1) Graphic 45 12 x 12 Pad of Cityscapes, (1) Graphic 45 12 x 12 Pad of By The Sea, (1) Tele-Photo Kit, (3) of my Just Bits and a Zutter Spinner Album Kit...

The Questions:

1.  How many countries did we visit since we left Texas?
2.  What were the names of the countries?
3.  What did I find in my bed in the hotel in London?
4.  What country did I expressly say I loved and wanted to put on my bucket list to go back to?
5.  Where were we or to make it a bit simpler, what city were we in that there so many people that we couldn't enjoy the venue we were visiting?

OK!  Please, Please answer your questions by emailing me at this address ONLY:


If you email your answers to   or 
they will not be counted...

That's it!  Good Luck Everyone!  See you back here on the 5th!  Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!  Be safe and pop some fireworks!

Thanks Tons!

TheGentleman Crafter


  1. Thank you to your sponsors and thank you guys for a trip lived vicariously through you. Wonderful pictures and what a trip!!! xxx

  2. Awesome vacation & awesome give-a-way!

  3. Awesome giveaway!Now to answer the questions...

  4. Awesome giveaway!Now to answer the questions...

  5. Awesome trip Thank you so much ! Welcome home ( Hope you enjoyed your first night home in your own bed ) !!


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