Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Vacation Contest Winner Announced!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Just a word of thanks for allowing me to post pictures of our vacation and share them with you!  We had so much fun and it's one of those things where I truly wished everyone were there to experience the sights and sounds of all the different countries.

As a way of showing my appreciation to you for following us along our journey, I decided to do a giveaway contest...The answers were due by 2:00 p.m. today.

I have received a ton of emails and want to thank each and everyone for your kind words and answers...I have counted the emails that were correctly answered and then ran a random number generator on the total amount of said emails...

The number picked was 14...

Here are the questions and answers for the giveaway:

1.  How many countries did we visit since we left Texas?

Answer:  Seven

2.  What were the names of the countries?

Answer:  England, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Belgium.

3.  What did I find in my bed in the hotel in London?

Answer:  A Waterbug (Spider or what we call them in Texas....A Roach!)

4.  What country did I expressly say I loved and wanted to put on my bucket list to go back to?

Answer:  Bruges. 

5.  Where were we or to make it a bit simpler, what city were we in that there so many people that we couldn't enjoy the venue we were visiting?

Answer:  The Hermitage or St. Petersburg, Russia 

And Number 14 is........BRENDA PRICE

CONGRATULATIONS BRENDA!  YOU WON!!! I will contact you via the email you sent me.  If you would please respond with the address you would like me to send your prizes to, I would be grateful....Congratulations Again!  

Again everyone, I so wish I could give you all a little something for following us along and playing in the contest...Just know how much I appreciate you all!  Thanks so much for playing!
Thanks to the Graphic 45 Team and to Xyron for your generous donations for the giveaway!  I'm so appreciative!  Two GREAT companies!  I am blessed and honored!

Have an awesome day!  You Rock!

The Gentleman Crafter


  1. Congratulations Brenda! Thank you Jim - it was fun to take part.

  2. It was so much fun to play ... Thank you again ! I so enjoyed the trip :)
    Congrats to Brenda !

  3. Congrats to Brenda! Jim I'm confused (an almost constant state for me). What country is Bruges in? I've never heard of it. Well I followed along when the triip was almost over, so I'm sure I missed a bunch. Thanks, Jess

  4. Congrats to Brenda--but Bruges is not a country--it"s Brussels in Belgium.

  5. Oh my, sorry you missed Sweden on your nice trip.


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